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When faced with a hole in your hosiery, what do you do?
If you travel in my circle, the answer is easy...

Picture this:
It is Saturday evening in Chicago.
You are expected at a cocktail party in half an hour.
There is, and has been for many hours, a snowstorm swirling outside.
You have a hole near the ankle area of your black tights (Angie).
What do you do?
You travel with Wendy, well-known around the internet as Martha MacGyver.
Wendy has a black Sharpie.
What, you don't travel with a black Sharpie? Meet Ms. MacGyver! (The last time we were together at Poppy's she tightened up a wobbly chair.)


The issue was presented.


Wendy went to work.
She colored Angie's leg where the hole was.

And VOILA! Problem solved.

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Okay - that IS the other leg - TRUST me. It looked FINE.


Wendy said…
This is why I visit you first thing. Thanks for making me giggle. (Can you do something about the double chin in photoshop?)
barbra said…
Pretty smart! But how long does it take to get the Sharpie off?
Karen Dietrich said…
A black Sharpie and duct tape are an intrepid girl's best friends!
Anonymous said…
I was going to say exactly what you did. Who would ever look at the tights on THOSE legs. She should wear shorter skirts too. Rock 'em.
Anonymous said…
Tide Stick--check
Tape measure--check

I like to have those things with me when I am out and about.
NorahS said…
Sounds like something I would do!
Anonymous said…
Been there, done that! Through most of grad school, I had fading black marker on my legs in various places.
Poppy Buxom said…
Susie Sunshine rocked those shoes! And the Sharpie, too.
Anonymous said…
Now I understand why you wrote "It's the Sharpie that thrills me" You're insane woman, insane! :o)

By the way, recreating, development or flat out designing logos seems to be my specialty lately. Let me know if I can help...
KPB said…
Nice pins Ang
wendy said…
Simply Brilliant!!!!!! I will add the black sharpie to my "must haves" in my purse....along with the duct tape, screw driver, matches, yarn and pepper spray.
Susie Sunshine said…
bb, you have the nicest readers!

To answer questions: permanent marker takes approximately 2 showers to scrub off.

And you should never take up a friend on their offer to loan you the perfect shoes for your dress, because all other shoes will look like trash with that outfit forevermore.
smalltownme said…
Sharpies come off with a make-up remover wipe, or even soap and water.

(I used to give myself sharpie tattoos in my belly dancing days. The exotic tribal dots around the eyes, etc. Pure Sharpie.)

Storaniu! (That word verification again..this time it sounds Greek.)