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Go Fug Yourself

Could these women be more on the money?
They slay me.
Every day. All the time.

Adelaide from Adelaide

Spare. Witty. Bright. Brilliant.

The Magpie Files

From under my wing, Alice inspires me with her sincerity.

Milk Money Or Not, Here I Come

Where will we journey with Schmutzie? Time will tell. She's so endearing, we cannot help but walk with her.

The Sartorialist

He sees the way I do - we witness the beauty of people all around us. My heart skips when I see his pictures.

Apartment Therapy

I don't live in an apartment...I don't even (really) need decor tips...and yet, I'll never buy a home decor magazine again.


Anonymous said…

I already love Schmutzie and now I'm off to visit Adelaide.

PS-My spectacles are in Schmutzie's collection.

PS-(I'm the one with a lazy eye, in giant Gloria Vanderbilt frames.)
Liz said…
I read Go Fug Yourself too. Now every time I see someone wears something ugly, I say fugly...
Anonymous said…
bb, you are so lovely
The Coffee Lady said…
Alice is lovely, just lovely. And so are those apartments...
Anonymous said…
I have expanded my blog reading from just checking out yours, so now I love a couple more:

Good stuff!

Maggie May said…
cool, i'll check em out
alice c said…
Firstly, I collapse with relief when I realise that it was not The Last Post yesterday.

And then I nearly die with gratitude at your kind words.

You are THE BEST bb.
RW said…
I always take your recommendations seriously.

You have never steered me wrong.

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