bored? Etsy!

I've been doing a lot of sitting around over this holiday break (my office is closed until the 5th). I've done the crossword puzzle each day, I've folded laundry, I've watched All My Children (funny how things are basically the same as they were three months ago). But yesterday I got bored. So I did some imaginary shopping at Etsy.
Here's what I bought. In my head:

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This smock - here is it closer

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My mistake. This dress/smock is from here - not Etsy.

Anyway! Next!

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From Trapper Jane. I know - I seem to be leaning toward GRAY.

The next thing I picked up (in my fantasy life) was this blouse/jacket-thing.

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I'm planning to wear something under it. You can have one too.

I don't know what organic has to do with anything - or whether being French matters, but I wear neckwarmers ALL THE TIME. Tortillagirl has many beautiful knits on her Etsy page. At $32, my favorite probably costs little more than the yarn.

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Why do you suppose I always fall in love with little girl's dresses?
Don't answer that.

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I'll be needing a canvas bag for work when the weather gets warm - my leather messenger bag just won't do when it's 90 in the city. This one is from Moop. Spread their name around, will ya? I'd like Moop to become a household word.


Anonymous said…
Moop is a marvellous word. Is grey the new black?
s said…
My mom gave me the Moop duffle bag for Christmas. It is, hands down, the best bag I have ever owned. Seriously.
s said…
And I really want the Moop kids bookbag in sand.
KPB said…
I'll take two moop bags - the market bag - in red and the organic one which is espresso.

The whole concept of a neck warmer makes my neck itch.

Me + smock = totally given up on life

Although, with all the washing and attempting to tidy around here in.the.heat. I have been dreaming of a house coat.

That blousey/jacket-thing is exactly the kind of item I would think encapsulates your style.

See how she has no muffin top on her jeans? Never. I've never not had muffin top. Sniff.
KPB said…
And while I adore Etsy, I am so intimidated by it. I never quite know where to start.
The Coffee Lady said…
I'd love to look lovely in those gorgeous kinds of things. However I'm the wrong shape, and would look like a carrier bag.
That little girl's red shoes made my uterus yearn for little girl grandbabies.Even though my uterus is now in retirement.

You must have some great Karma from raising your boys. You will be blessed with many little girl grandbabies.
Eleanor said…
Can I just say, when I read S's comment that she wants the bookbag in sand, I INSTINCTIVELY started to walk down to the beach with my camera.

I think I may be taking my blogsandcastling responsibilities just a tad too seriously.

Although, I have a feeling that if you were to request a Moop bag sandcastle I WOULD build it.

But I'm sure you know that already.
Anonymous said…
Moop. I must check it out. I have become as attached to brown as you have to gray. Those smock/dresses are so YOU. Dare I say that? We've never met, and yet...
Mary said…
My word I love Etsy!

Truly love it and daydream over it. It is my virtual equivalent to window shopping...
RW said…
I was just there checking out the Moop bags... I like the red market one too... wierd.
Anonymous said…
I'm ready for a Moop bag too. Ring in the new!

Poppy B. said…
I ... I ... I'm heading into a steep shame spiral, and they're going to take away my license to blog, but:

I just don't get etsy.
Duyvken said…
I'll have the swallowtail dress and the red capelet from that etsy seller - beautiful!
Amy A. said…
I am wishing you granddaughters, someday (in the future!) so you can outfit them properly. And also really lovely daughters-in law who will let you.
alice c said…
I have just bought a dark grey merino wool pencil skirt. I am thrilled with it and the fact that you have waved your fashion magic wand over it will enhance my enjoyment dramatically.
TortillaGirl said…
Hey! Thanks for featuring my neck wrap. I assure you that all my neck wraps are itch-free and I use only the softest of wool; I'll have it no other way [yes, kim at allconsuming, I'm looking at you ;-)]

Happy new year,
Becky at (and, and, and
might I add...? said…
My RSS feed noticed that you had updated this post, and when I looked at it, I saw that the neck thingy was missing. Hmm, wonder why. Then I read the comments, and saw the neck itching thing, and then the comment from the etsy person.

So, do you mind my asking why you took it off? (Feel free not to post this comment... I'm not related to the etsy seller or anything, just curious.)
Defunct Lisa said…
If you ever find yourself at Burning Man, you will have "MOOP" become part of your vocabulary at home... "matter out of place" is trash, and at Black Rock City, everyone is responsible for making sure there is none when the city disappears at the end of the week.

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