the 5th

Back to work and school for us.
It seems like it was an awfully long break - I've been off since Christmas eve, K's been off since the 20th and the kids got out on December 23rd.
I did a lot of the things I had planned to do over the vacation save one. I intended to write a report kind of thing for work and just could not get my head there. I didn't have a specific deadline but I thought this would have been a good time to crank it out. I couldn't have been more wrong.
In much the same way that I am pretty much completely detached from what's going on at home when I'm at work I had no aptitude for thinking about work while I was home. Not to worry though (not that you would) as I suspect it will take me a very short time to type it up when I'm back in town.
I feel rested and relaxed and ready to return, pleased to return even.
I'll work for four days and then I'm off to Chicago, which I'm pretty damn excited about.
I've been invited to this party again and another party which promises to be unbelievably exciting and I'm going on a free ticket and STAYING AT POPPY'S.
It's cold there, right? In Chicago I mean.
Good thing I have the puffy coat!


RW said…
That is one of the best feelings - being "ready to go back". And your weekend promises to be fabulous.
Will you see Wendy? And get to play with the delicious Ellie and Trixie? Her son seems like a neat little guy, too.

I started reading her when you went last year.
Harriet said…
Yes, it's cold. The weather has had an annoying habit this winter of dropping into single digits every couple of days. Currently it is 23 and windy. Pack lots of socks.
Anonymous said…
Wear the puffy coat--and a sweater because it IS wicked cold. Leave your puffy shirt home, though.
Chicago is FREAKIN freezin.

But it's a great town.

Such great food...such beautiful things to do and see.

You'll have to go back sometime in the summer - it's a seriously fun town when you are out and about.

Have a safe and fun trip.
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, have soo much fun, bb! And your work tale is inspiring me to finish the stupid report that I have been putting off working's waaaay beyond overdue, and the stress of it is eating at me. But I will get to it. Once I'm done catching up on your blog, that is...

Allison said…
I agree, we had a long break here and it was refreshing, but I was super happy to sit down and put my nose to the grindstone this morning! Hae fun and party like a rockstar! LOL
Sinda said…
Life sounds pretty wonderful for you right now - you had a great holiday, you all spent good time together, your job seems perfect, you have a fun trip in the offing - here's to a joyful 2009 for you and yours.
Wendy said…
The kids are back in school and I have friends visiting in just a few days. All is right with the world!!!!
Mary said…
Oh enjoy that weekend!