words to come. maybe.

Itching to see our dining room?
Click here.

Curious about what I bought at the Sample Sale?
Scroll down.

Can't sleep without seeing our new, smaller Christmas tree?
Here you go.

I have so much to tell you, but the holiday crunch is on - and there's bobsledding on tv!


Anonymous said…
I love the coat and your dining room and little tree look wonderful.
Fannie said…
The snowflakes are brilliant.
RW said…
I love your tree.

It is snowing here too.
Anonymous said…
You bought two little girls at the sample sale?!?!?

Wait. You probably bought the gloves and scarf, etc.

That One said…
love the tree! Especially the word tags.
jenny said…
Those two little girls are lovely -I have one more for sale if you're interested...

We're north of you and we've got rain. sigh.
Anonymous said…
...I was JUST sitting in your dining room...how lovely those snowflakes

WF pressie
Anonymous said…
Oh man--that looks magical.
Sample sale? That looks like something magical too if the pictures are any indication. That shawl! The gloves!
Anonymous said…
The wrap! Gorgeous.

The small tree! Elegant.

The snowflakes! Christmasy.

Love it - thank you.
Anonymous said…
You place looks so warm, cozy, inviting and festive. Thanks for giving us a peek.

Allison said…
I just made snowflakes for the first time with my little man. He loved it! So, is that what your dining room will look like when I come over for a virtual Christmas Cocktail Party?
Duyvken said…
C would call that tree 'perfect right size', and I think she'd be right!
Anonymous said…
Damn, I was going to say just what kmkat did!

As an aside, the word verification is "twirchle", as in, Christmas has me all in a twirchle.

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