to do

  1. wrap all the stuff we've bought.
  2. be grateful that we've bought all of it.
  3. write out the cards.
  4. let go of the idea of making breads for the neighbors.
  5. practice the dessert I'm bringing to the company holiday party dessert contest.
  6. mail the parcel to Japan!
  7. determine if I've pulled a muscle or have pneumonia.
  8. decorate the tree.
  9. dig out the stockings.
  10. take a picture of the snowflakes in the dining room.
  11. post the picture of the snowflakes in the dining room.
  12. make cookies - or, at least, the dough.


Anonymous said…
Three resident young men = helpers. Right?
Anonymous said…
Are you aware of the people you can pay to come over and wrap presents for you? They come into your house. I can't imagine what they do the rest of the year...maybe help prepare bride's gifts for weddings or something.

What is the dessert?
Anonymous said…
Eek on #7!

Good luck checking your list (twice?)!

Anonymous said…
I hope it's a pulled muscle.
Gift bags are perfectly reasonable. So is no bread for neighbors. Bottles of wine are nice, too;) Or bags of sand/salt in my case...
MsCellania said…
Please allow me to assist you with your list.
1. Gift bags stuffed with tissue - even recycled bags are great. btw - Whole Foods has nice bags for $.79 and $.99 that are reusable shopping/lunch bags.
2. Gratitude is a good thing.
3. Sign your name and put XOXO, they are lucky to even be getting a card!
4. Amen
5. Just make it - no practice
6. Fill out customs thingy ahead of time and send Trusty Oldest or Middle to PO with a crisp $20 bill.
7. Pray for muscle pull.
8. Delegate to the boys.
9. Gotta do that one.
10 and 11. Your Public DEMANDS it!
12. Buy the damn cookies this year. At a Really Good Bakery.
Mary said…
mscellania has done an excellent job of commenting..

I just need to be reassured about number 7.
Wendy said…
I need to do 12 tonight.
Anonymous said…
Take number 7 and put it at number 1, then add "2. rest until better".
Anonymous said…
I love #4.
Duyvken said…
I hope it's just a pulled muscle. Although, at least if it's pneumonia you can get some meds. I look forward to the pic of the snowflakes so I think you need to move that up higher. xo
Anonymous said…
Not to seem crass or anything about your health, but what are you making for the contest?

(I'm hoping pulled muscle, too.)
I hope #7 is NOT pneumonia.

I'm sort of pretending Christmas is NOT next week. Our family is not doing gift exchange, I'm not really working and we have no parties to go to. I did decorate the tree.

What's for dessert? Is there a good prize for the winner?
Miz S said…
I am adding my vote for a pulled muscle.

OMG! I just scrolled down to check my word verification and it says "calmer" I SWEAR.
RW said…
I have cookie dough in my fridge, that needs to be baked.

I would love to see the snowflakes.
KPB said…
I have an awesome choc-caramel tart for your dessert competition - shortcrust pastry, filled with (homemade - not that stuff out of a can) caramel, then a layer of choc mousse topped with a layer of chocolate. Sensational.
Anonymous said…
Reassure us all.
Kim, I HEART YOU. Why are you so damn far away. Anyway, you might send it to her, this time. Never again, though.
Chris said…
HA! I did a to do list yesterday on my blog too. A few similiar things. GMTA :).