things I've learned from Anthony Bourdain

  1. Sao Paolo is a place I might want to visit.
  2. Beef!
  3. I still don't like the idea of eating organ meats.
  4. I like men who look, even vaguely, like K.
  5. I could grow to like Caiparenas.
  6. The best food, in any locale, is local. Eat where the residents eat.
  7. Ask yourself: what are you hungry for?


Anonymous said…
He's a smart guy, that Anthony Bourdain.
Jen said…
Anthony Bourdain was in my dream a couple of nights ago, we were catching train after train then walking through snowy Stratford upon Avon. I can offer no rational explanation.
KPB said…
AB is hot. Must be something to do with the initials.
RW said…
I had to google this fellow. I had no idea who he was.
Anonymous said…
Mmm, I have a big crush on Mr. Bourdain. Have you seen the nakey picture of him? Hubba hubba. I'll try to find it and send it your way.

smalltownme said…
Nakey picture of Bourdain? Now why did my eyes track to that comment first?

Changing the subject, right now I want some bacon.
i love that guy. in a weird way he reminds me of "house" who i also have a crush on, but who is fictional and therefore definitely not within reach.
Have you ever eaten at a Brazilian churrascaria that brings you huge chunks of meat on the skewers?

There is a really good one on the Cape....West end of Main St in Hyannis.
Elisa said…
I have an unhealthy crush on Anthony. I can call him that, right?!

Love your blog! Found you via Navel Gazing...
Anonymous said…
caipirhinias are not as good as mojitos.

If you come to Miami I'll show you all the good places to eat.

Anthony Bourdain eats veal, and foie gras! Not nice. Although when he ate the entire sheep head, that looked oddly good.
cary perk said…
I saw that episode and it made me want to try all the different caiparenas. But I'm not nearly as adventurous as he is when it comes to eating.

But Anthony? Oh yes, perfectly edible.