Survivor, what I did instead of watching it

It was a heckofaday. A heckuva day.
For some reason, the temperature in my little section of the office hovered around 90 degrees. We made jokes, all day, about how hot it was:
Hello, and welcome to our sauna!
It's so hot in here my skin is starting to wrinkle!
It's so hot in here I have to take off my watch!

Ah, yes, comments that would never be funny at home are a riot at the office.
When I went downstairs to buy lunch the cold air was refreshing! And yes, I ate breakfast AND lunch. Thrilling, I know.
My train-ride home was not very pleasant. I found myself sitting in front of two people who discussed every possible injustice in life. It was a pitiful conversation to overhear and swung from neighborhood break-ins (in my neighborhood) to physical abuse of the handicapped. I'm not sure why I didn't plug into my iPod, but I didn't and was worse for it. Lesson learned.
K and I were on trains an hour apart so I took the car home, threw together a terrible dinner for the boys and then went back out to get him and run to the library and drugstore.
I still have a cough and finally filled a prescription for antibiotics (against my better judgement) and find that it makes my skin crawl. I am three days in to a seven day course and change my mind every other hour about continuing it.
After that set of runs I sat and had a spirited internet convo with K. The company I'm working for has very limited internet involvement and I believe it is worth their time to have a more visible presence and am going to present a case for it. Much to do.
At about 8:15 I went upstairs, with the intention of watching Survivor, but folded a load of socks and tee shirts and put them away instead. It was the least I could do as nothing in my house has been touched since last week. (Oldest did the grocery shopping this week and he did a fairly competent job of it - he called me at work to ask permission to purchase stuffed olives!)
I consulted on an essay that Youngest was writing soon after the laundry was done, I answered 43 emails, and, the next thing I knew, it was 9:03.
Who went home?
Was there any nasty business I should be aware of?
I was thrilled to see that The Bourne Ultimatum was on when I finally got to the tv at 9:47.
You know how I love the Bourne movies.

Sometimes this work/commute/re-balancing my life thing is hard.


jenny said…
I always miss survivor now that I know I can watch it On Demand. It's a day late or so but for a few weeks I was falling asleep around eight p.m. and just got into the habit of watching it whenever I want.

Now, Thursdays at 8 p.m. feels like too much of a commitment.
Anonymous said…
Laundry is the bane of my existence because I refuse to do all the folding of everyone else's clothes, but I always meet much resistance when I tell everyone we're having a marathon folding session after dinner.
RW said…
And a happy Friday to you! You will present a fantastic case for increasing Internet presence - I know it!

Now that my commute has been shortened you would think that my house would have more order.


I have the grade 8 science project sitting in pieces throughout my kitchen / eating area.
I have a TV in the bedroom. I fold clothes on the bed while watching.

Folding all those look-alike tee shirts and socks for all those men in your house must be hard.

Good for Oldest on the grocery shopping!

My word verif is duatio. Sounds Italian.
MsCellania said…
Oh, how funny that I caught the END of Survivor.
Corrinne (Corianne?) went home. I forget the other guy's name who got 3 votes to her 4. But they all proclaimed "All alliances are off" or words to that effect.
And may I just say I am PROUD of Oldest for stepping up to the plate. I think all the children should have jobs now. Even the vacuuming should be farmed out. And *ahem* you might pay for a job well done as you would pay a housekeeper to shop/clean/launder bedding and towels. Half-assed job? No payment!
and DARN IT! I hoped you might not have to suffer the job re-entry hand-wringing blues. But alas, you have been smote.
Anonymous said…
Geez louise, that WAS a heckuva day. So much for "I wish it was Thursday." But it sounds like it had some good moments too.

You are going to revolutionize Company A, methinks.

robiewankenobie said…
i wonder if mr7 could handle the grocery shopping? i'm not that much taller than he is...'course he wouldn't ask about the olives. it'd be chocolate, sushi, and asparagus at our house.
Anonymous said…
This season of Survivor has been a good one with lots of surprises and some pretty touching moments. And the little scrawny guys are doing a number on the big buff guys. Sorry you are missing it. and I miss your recaps. I miss your sense of humor.
Jennifer said…
Sounds like you had a busy and tiring day. I hope that today was better for you. Hugs
Badger said…
Dude, you missed FAMILY DAY on Survivor! Bob's wife looks all no-nonsense but is secretly adorable! Matty proposed to his girlfriend in front of a yak, or something! There was yet another fake idol! And gears! And slider puzzles! And Kenny is becoming repulsive!

But other than that, nothing happened.
Anonymous said…
What a mixed bag of a day--I'm glad you got to end it with Matt Damon.
Sarah said…

Just so you know, as much as I love it, you needn't email me when I comment. Your time is precious and the last thing you need are bloggy chores. I mean that in a good way!
Mary said…
Incredibly tiring day for you.... of course it is hard to juggle all of that.

I adore the Bourne movies - I seem to be able to watch them again and again..
Anonymous said…
I'm incapable of following Bourne movies. I've seen two, but have no idea what I saw.
Anonymous said…
Me and hubby watched Bourne Ultimatum (on DVD, we don't have cable) last night, too. Come to think of it, we started the movie just before 10pm! How interesting...perhaps we have matching brainwaves. :)
Mrs. G. said…
Bob triumphed.
barbra said…
Bourne movies are a good way to end a day like that.

I agree with Sarah O. I will not mind if you don't email in response to comments... even though I like hearing from you!
Amy A. said…
I hope Bob wins. But he won't. They should have kept Corinne for the final three because I don't think anyone would have voted for her.
Poppy Buxom said…
What? We're supposed to email replies to comments?

What is this, the 21st century version of thank-you notes? Because just so you know, I was never all that good about them, either.
Anonymous said…
I haven't read any blogs for a long time because for a while there, both of our computers were broken, but today I caught up and read everything and most of all what I wish is that I could come over and do all of your housework for you and put some comfy socks right onto your feet. And then we could play a boardgame or something.

But I guess what I'll do instead is go and do my dishes. It's 10:30 here, nighttime, bedtime, but I know I'll cry if they're waiting for me in the morning, so maybe we are similar in a way, now, except that I'm still in the house. And my bathroom floors are ALWAYS dirty.

Love to you, dear one.

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