stumbled upon

I make a mean pb and J.

I have very mixed feelings about this. Nice looking though.

Is it my imagination, or are there about four million sites like this one?

On the other hand, I am in lurve with this one.

Is this really everything? I'm not so sure.

Everything she touches, makes, creates is just adorable.

Vodka. You can drink it too.


This stuff kills me.

Nikons are red inside.

Here, have a little Dinah Washington. On me.


Anonymous said…
The no-contact coat is a bit unnerving, but I love the vodka hints and the camera cake.
Amy A. said…
I could not eat those lunches. I wouldn't know where to begin.
MsCellania said…
Lunches are lovely - but do the recipients eat them?!
Always love coming here, bb; you make my day!
Anonymous said…
How can that be a picture of everything if there are sequels? Clearly, they missed a few things the first time around.
Eleanor said…
Next year, remind me to post about my mother's famous school lunches.

"Everything she touches, makes, creates is just adorable".....I completely agree. (You could also link to Eurolush with that sentence and it would be equally true!).

I am laughing hysterically imagining Journeymama's reaction to the Hello Kitty birthing room.

My Russian husband will have a good snicker at the vodka one.

A very merry Christmas to you and all the blackbirds in your nest dear bb!

All my love,

Eleanor xxxx
Anonymous said…
Happy Christmas Eve Eve, bb. Thanks for the good stuff.

Anonymous said…
Where does she get those wonderful links?! Have a joyous holiday with your family!
Anonymous said…
That's a pretty fashion forward killer jacket. I wonder if it comes without the voltage? Those kitchen tips, explanation marks included! Bonus!

Anonymous said…
The jacket scares me--but I always enjoy a list of household tips--and Holly Hobbie!
Anonymous said…
I was a little scared by those lunch boxes - especially that pink hammy pig. Who wants to eat a sweet looking pig made of ham.
So cruel...

NO! My word verification is calplate - another food reference.
Anonymous said…
Wait. Are those bunnies holding plungers??
Happy Christmas Eve!
I mix my meatloaf with a potato masher!
Anonymous said…
Yes. Indeed. Vodka.