Poppy made me do it

...and thank god she did. I have nothing to tell you and have been loafing around. LOAFING.

Herewith: 17 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me.

1. I don't even have any posts in draft.

2. My husband is standing next to me with a giant video camera. It is on loan and everyone is drooling over it. Wait - that's not about me, is it?

3. I have no idea how many Christmas cards we got this year. I sent out 24 and I'm very pleased with myself. I usually mail about 60.

4. I'm also happy we scaled back the decorations this year. Less to put away.

5. While I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, I do like to have some kind of goal for the new year.

6. I lost a ton of weight over the fall and I've either gained a little back or have become used to me at this size. Can't figure it out. Would prefer not to gain all of it back.

7. I'm definitely able to eat now.

8. I'm going to Chicago on the 9th. I'll be attending two parties and sleeping in the Deluxe Apartment.

9. I'm going to wear my TJ Maxx dress to one party and my nightgown to the other (it's a pajama party, can I wear a nightgown?).

10. I called Poppy the other day. I just needed to hear her happy voice.

11. It's a great thing, having internet friends who have turned out to be good RL friends too.

12. I was just reminiscing on July. We laughed pretty hard in July.

13. I wonder if Poppy can arrange for her brother to drop by in January too. He's a swell guy.

14. Yesterday I had a small moment of panic. I couldn't figure out if my office is open on the 2nd or the 5th. Fortunately, my boss emailed me and mentioned seeing me on the 5th. WHEW.

15. The crossword puzzle is next to me. I'd like to finish this up and get to THAT.

16. I'd like to have just a teeny glass of scotch. Not right now, mind you, but I've had a craving for a while now. We don't have any scotch.

17. I have pulled/torn/injured a tiny muscle/tendon/ligament in my side. I did it coughing a few weeks ago and every time it seems close to healing I sneeze/cough/lift something and yank it just a little more. I'm anxious for it to feel better as I tend to obsess and have decided that it must be something MUCH WORSE. Though I know it isn't.


Mary Beth said…
Dr's orders - sit quietly in comfortable chair with crossword puzzle, good book, and maybe a movie ready to start. Have everyone wait on you for next few days. Get lots of sleep and your side will be good as new when you go back to work.

I've been lurking on your blog for a little while and thought this was a perfect opportunity to comment. Happy New Year:)
RW said…
I have yet to finish a crossword. Maybe I need to work on that. Our snow is melting and we are off to visit good friends after Liturgy. I am sure there will be food involved.

Enjoy your afternoon.
Anonymous said…
You'll be fine in '09. But here's hoping the last few days of '08 are happy and healthy too. And it's great that you get to go to Chicago. Good times!

tut-tut said…
If it's the NYT puzzle, it's fun and I found very doable today.
Amy A. said…
I think I'll steal this.

I never have any posts pre-written, and that may be why I don't post everyday. Maybe that should be a goal of mine, to put stuff in drafts.
Anonymous said…
I have some snippets written and in draft - of course, none of them make any sense to me at all anymore.

Of course you can wear a nightgown to a pajama party!

I'm hoping for a Chicago fix soon myself. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Is the video cam K is holding the $17,000 Red camera, the one that duplicates film quality? #2 son was just telling me all about them last night. Yeah, I amaze myself with the trivia I can pick up.

You don't go back to work until the 5th? Yay for you -- live it up, or take lots of naps, whatever is best.
Anonymous said…
The rolling shutter on the Red One is just garbage under my Kino flows. I only rent.

Poppy Buxom said…
I really like how I show up in a lot of these items. It makes me feel important. I mean, sure it's a slow news week, but I'll take it.

Oh, and I just saw HENRY tonight. I wish I had seen this--I would have gotten such a kick out of showing it to him! But I was too busy showing him Mormon Temple Garments on my new iPhone.
Anonymous said…
Three cheers for appetites and good friends--and crossword puzzles, too.