notes from the trenches

In which I have made friends and have admirers:

The holidays made most of the people around me sentimental.
I got the nicest email from a co-worker last night. She told me that having me in the office has made going to work a million times nicer. I was chuffed. She is Important and I work hard every day to assist those who are Important do their jobs well. Plus, I like her. She has wonderful eyeglass frames and a dazzling collection of scarves and wraps and I admire the way she does her job. I think I'll take her to lunch when I go back to work.

The fellow in charge of the London branch of our business wrote to me to wish me a Merry and Happy and said he'd be in town in February and would be especially pleased to meet me as I am always cheery and helpful. I find it's easier to be cheery and am pleased he finds me helpful and look forward to meeting him too.

The German woman who sits around the corner from me can be difficult to pin down. She wrangled me into doing some work for her when I was first hired and I didn't squawk. Now she is a wonderfully interesting comrade in arms. She's invited me out for a burger in January and I'm thrilled.

The Fruit Man who works the corner of my block gifted me with a bunch of bananas on my way home for the Christmas break last night. His bananas are 35 cents a piece, but I've been telling him for months that I think they should be 50 cents and that's what I pay. He has a hard job, standing in the cold for at least eight hours a day and was very proud to tell me, one evening, that his country's elections are coming up.

A fellow assistant had a major breakthrough, career-wise yesterday and we celebrated his success together. He is just a little older than Oldest and I have long admired his tenacity and was thrilled for him and with him.

My boss has stopped asking me if I am bored and begun asking me if I am happy to be there. Just before he shooed me out, last evening, I was brave enough to tell him that there is no place I'd rather be.
I'm still reeling over my good fortune.


KPB said…
How utterly wonderful.

It's almost midnight here. Presents are under the tree and a piece of cake and a beer out for Santa.

I treasure our bizarre friendship and hope you and all the Blackbird clan have a most wonderful Christmas Day and year ahead.


and then I'll have to kill you with a tray.
alice c said…
Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas safely tucked up in the Bird Home.

Much love
Badger said…
Dude! I am happy for you. And you are almost making me want to go back to work. ALMOST.
RW said…
Those are some lovely sentiments BB = I am so very glad that the work situation has worked out so well. Is it not amazing - how are lives by touched by so many people.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Your happiness at work just made me a little teary eyed. I'm so happy for you.

Merry Christmas to you and all your interesting, fun, funny, smart men (you're all those things, too) up there in Tuvalu.
Amy A. said…
You are an easy person to admire, bb. Have a wonderful break with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas.
Saoirse said…
Your good fortune is yours company's, I am MORE than sure!
Wendy said…
You've made your own good fortune there.

I hope the whole bird family has a lovely holiday.
smalltownme said…
It's lovely to be appreciated.

Merry Christmas from Smalltown to Tuvalu.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that things are going so well for you.

Merry Christmas from Jenworld to Tuvalu!
The Coffee Lady said…
utterly agree with Wendy

have a wonderful Christmas
Anonymous said…
Those are some nice sentiments for you to hear! Merry Christmas, Blackbird!
Anonymous said…
You. Are. Wonderful.

I'm so glad that these people realize their own good fortune.
Anonymous said…
Oh to know bb in person...totally envious of your colleagues. They ARE lucky to have you, and I think it's wonderful that your people are taking the time out of the Busy Holiday Season to tell you so.

xo--and now, Merry Christmas Eve to you and the other birds. We are looking forward to Indian food tonight, a Bhat tradition. Mmm.

Pretty Things said…
How awesome that someone Important knows you are IMPORTANT, too!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Eliane said…
Amazing here too, the niceness. Everyday I find new cards, cookies, chocolates on my doorstep. And I haven't even had time to return any of these affections, because I had my last deadline on the 23rd.
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you, but really, it is all your own doing. You put thought into what you wanted to do, you sought it out, and you went into the new job with a positive attitude. I am glad that your co-workers and all enjoy you as much as we do!
Anonymous said…
I find it hard to think that someone could NOT appreciate or be impressed by you, really.
It is good though that people do recognize it and tell you. THAT coudl be harder in Tuvalu so I am happy for you. I'm sure it helps your positive attitude and self esteem.
Merry Christmas (a little late) and a Healthy, Happy, Joyous, Peaceful 2009.
Paola (with only internet acces but no email!!! And if you saw where we are ...)

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