live blogging the Survivor finale

The animals are mad!
Ack. No wonder. RECAP RECAP RECAP.
We ALL know there were no animals anywhere near either team at any time. (Okay, maybe some elephants in the very beginning, but you know what I mean.)
Wow. Marcus got sent home a long time ago.

There are only five players left: Susie, Matty, Kenny, Bob and Sugar.
Jeff fills us in on their personalities and history.
Four out of five of the survivors seem pretty strong to me. I'll leave it to you to guess who I think is flying under the radar, and I'll be more than a little aggravated if she wins.

During the commercials I wonder how Julia Louis Dreyfus manages to always have a bad tv show on the air. Fill me in.

On night 36 the final five return to camp. Crystal has gone home. Sugar gave her idol to Matty and is feeling powerful. Bob tells Kenny he can get his own idol next time so Kenny no longer trusts Bob. The players commend Bob on playing well.

In the morning, Sugar talks to Bob about alliances. She wants to be in the final three with Bob and Matty and is wary of Kenny.
They have a chat.
(Am I taking too many notes? Should I just get the gist of the episode and cut right to the winner?)
Kenny and Sugar bring news of a challenge.
It's the standard paint-your-face-make-a-costume-come-to-the-challenge challenge and the players work hard to express themselves and it's quite a sight.
It's a giant challenge with obstacles and a maze and huts and puzzle pieces. HUGE, I TELL YOU. As in: must be shot from space.
It's an elevated maze! Use your imagination!
There is stirring music as people find their way through a giant maze looking for puzzle pieces but it's a pretty even race...though Susie is lagging a bit.
Bob WINS. AGAIN. (Except for his outfit.)

Okay. I just got an email I had to deal with and this is the problem with the whole live-blogging thing. Also? I'm trying to figure out if I can go to Chicago for the annual January visit.
BUT AT CAMP: Sugar is telling us who's going next and who she is working with.
It sounds like they are voting Susie out.
Can you believe that Randy has a mohawk? SO ANNOYING.
Bob tells Jeff, at Tribal Council, that he feels vulnerable.
Susie feels like an outsider.
Kenny feels a strong bond with certain team members but thinks Bob will back out of their deal.
And he goes to the jury.

The next morning, it's time for the "pay your respects to your fallen comrades" portion of the show and Mom took the opportunity to put her shoes on and GO HOME. I am going up to my bed as I listen to contestants I haven't seen for WEEKS discuss their experiences playing the game.

Ah. Survivor is much better with flannel sheets.
I checked in on Youngest on my way up. He seems to be catching a cold. When do you keep them home with a cold? He's in high school - they do a lot each day (unless they are seniors). Do I ask my mom to check in on him? Do high school kids stay home alone when they are sick and their parents are working? Anyone?

Is this the final challenge? I'm always confused at the end...Yes, Jeff says it is.
200 wooden tiles must be used to build a house of cards ten feet tall. (There is a 30 minute time limit.) Sugar does pretty well at the outset. Bob has a problem with his base. Susie's house falls.
Sugar's house falls. None of them are doing especially well. Susie has a tall house and is in the lead but loses it at just over five feet tall. Sugar is in the lead again and there are only five minutes left. Susie is at eight feet and she stops. Sugar tries to build higher - but her house falls. Susie wins and is guaranteed a spot at the final tribal council.

So who's going home? The general consensus is that they will all vote for Bob. Everyone knows they could never win against him with the jury. How annoying is it that Susie won? And she won't shut up about it. Sugar tries to lobby the vote for Matty but feels like she's having to choose between her dad (Bob) and her brother (Matty). I'm busy screaming VOTE MATTY at the television. Will she hear me?

I'm a little tired of watching the jury emote. They may not be allowed to speak but we certainly know how they feel about people.

The team each take a turn talking about how they might vote. It's a tough one. Bob breaks down.
What a sad tribal council.
After a long pause we learn that there is a tie between Matty and Bob. It becomes, as Bob has hoped, a tie breaking challenge for fire-making.
Bob makes fire first and loses it.
Matty isn't especially good at making flame.
Bob gets a flame going again.
Bob's fire is going well.
Matty's got nothing.
Bob wins.
Matty leaves.
I'm very happy.

Now Bob, Susie and Sugar must state their cases to the jury.
On the last day the final three burn the camp (why? why do teams do this?) and have a good breakfast and make their way to the last tribal council.
Each of them has a chance to state their case...and I'm going to spare us all the details of their arguments...and I'm not re-capping the questions from the jury either.
Finally, it is time for the final vote...Matty votes for Susie (after Sugar gave him immunity).
Corrinne votes for Bob.
Randy is a jerk.
Kenny is confused. For a long time.
Jeff retrieves the votes and invites us to LA, where he arrives seconds later to announce the winner.
Everyone is all spiffed up - looking clean and lovely.
Holy crap - is Susie going to win?
Maybe not...Susie and Bob are tied.

I couldn't be happier.
And he looks pretty pleased too.


Anonymous said…
Survivor's over?

I'm crestfallen.

PS-I KNEW Bob would win...
Anonymous said…
I really wanted Sugar to win the "Sprint" vote, at least. I hope Bob slips her a few bucks. I actually yelled f*** off to Corrine's spew. I don't usually yell at my tv, but she was hideous beyond measure.

It's fine to leave Youngest at home, imo. He's a good lad, and there's always IM if you want to see how he's doing. Let him sleep in, and before he knows it, Middle will be home.

Anonymous said…
Youngest - yes, he can stay home by himself with a cold now that he is a freshman, but let Mom go over at lunch and check on him. Mine usually tell me if they have too much to stay home. Oh, and no staying home alone if feverish or throwing up.
Anonymous said…
Not up on Survivor...but did think of you this morning...there was the most beautiful blackbird on the kitchen window sill!
Jennifer said…
I'm very happy it was Bob who won :) Because if it wasn't the show would've sucked.

Also... to answer your ?? about your boy staying home... yes... highschool students in my opinion can stay home from school alone while parents are working. Just as long as they really truly are not feeling well and going to school would be the absolute end of their world, and they're not pulling a Ferris Bueller on you ;)
Katy said…
In agreement, high school students can stay home alone when they are sick and their parents are at work. Make sure that he knows how to turn the heat up though, if you have a programmable thermostat, because that was always the worst part, realizing that you were cold because the house was set to 62 during the day, but they are pretty easy to turn up.

How to tell when its time to stay home? If they would be disruptive in class with the coughing/sneezing/nose-blowing, can't stay awake because of feeling like crap, big fever, that sort of thing. And make sure that he calls the homework hotline or has a friend get his homework, whatever the school does. My high school would have the teachers send the work to the office, and then your mom or dad could pick it up after school and get your books from your locker, if you didn't have them at home. Middle could probably do that part too, and Youngest for Middle.
Anonymous said…
a) I hope Youngest feels better. I used to stay by myself in high school if I were sick, so don't feel badly about leaving him. He'll probably enjoy the taste of independence; warming up his own soup and all that.

b) Corinne might be the meanest person EVER. WHAT is her problem?

c) I LOVE that Sugar masterminded the game, right down to making that tie breaker necessary. She didn't have to do that, but she did. She was my favorite little player, but I am nonetheless thrilled that Bob won the game. When I picture him about 25 years younger, I have a little crush on him. What a catch.

d) I didn't make lasagna after all.

Anonymous said…
Yes, youngest can stay home from school alone if he's really sick. If he wants a hot lunch, make sure he knows what he's doing with the stove/oven/microwave.

You might ask your mom to check on him in the afternoon just in case he forgets to turn off the stove.

I hope he feels better soon.
MsCellania said…
Could your lovely mom make TWO visits to Youngest? One around lunch, then I surprise one later?
Gees, it's freezin-ass cold here last night and today.
Anonymous said…
Yes, he can stay home. You might come home early, though --

Mine are usually fine, but lonely, and perhaps wanting sizzling rice soup or something.

But yes, it's hard to catch up, too --
Amy A. said…
Yay, Bob! My son let out a roar when he won.

I'm happy. I would have been happy for Sugar, too, but I have a feeling she's going to make a ton more than a million from all of this, so I think it all turned out okay.
Badger said…
Corrinne sucks at life.

SO glad Bob won!

My TiFaux cut me off about 10 minutes after the reveal and that was just fine by me.

Wellness vibes to Youngest!
Chris said…
I am so glad Bob won. Sugar was useless up until end when she helped take crystal and kenny out. I am glad she didn't get one vote. Suzy was just plain annoying, why would anyone vote for her.