it's a Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini

bb: we didn't wake you to tell you

Middle: yea
Middle: i woke up anyway
Middle: around 7

bb: that sucks

Middle: well i got out of bed at 9
bb: funny how you can manage that.
bb: I can't do it

Middle: i think i need one of these

bb: oh LORD
Middle: thats a gyro actually

bb: I like that r2d2 thingy looking bit on the top
bb: I think you should make it your new icon
bb: avatar
bb: thing
bb: Disney could make a movie about it
bb: and in the first 15 minutes its mother dies
bb: I'm cracking myself up over here
bb: HELLO?

Middle: hi
bb: amn't I hysterical?
Middle: yes
bb: somehow I don't think you are laughing

bb: how much is the damn thing?
Middle: they don't sell them
bb: oh, god, it gets worse
bb: where do you get them, then?
Middle: you rent them
bb: then why can't you buy one? how would you get one? -
come on, this is like having dental work!
Middle: you really can only rent them, they go for $1200 a day.

bb signs off.


I love Middle.

And you am hysterical.
heh... :)

i just want snow. i think it's cheaper.
Anonymous said…
I've used that gyro. they make a cool noise.

Anonymous said…
I think mine channels middle with that whole "silence" thing.
RW said…
so funny.
Anonymous said…
Keep in mind it's 1200 a day for the little box you put the lens on. None of the bells and whistles.

Anonymous said…
I love Middle. I love you, bb. Find one of those fancy schmancy things and buy it anyway, right off the guy who is using it. If you offer him/her enough $, s/he will sell. Didn't I read in your blog that y'all just won the lottery? What better toy for Middle?
Anonymous said…
Middle? Is funny. You? Are a comic genius.
Anonymous said…
You crack me up.
And maybe you could check Ebay for that??? (yeah, right)

WF remud
Amy A. said…
These film people and their gadgets. I have one in my house, too. So hard to buy gifts for.
Anonymous said…
I think I heard him say that he NEEDS it...

What are you going to do now?
alice c said…
I think that it is such a pity when they stop enjoying Lego.
Anonymous said…
That Middle is wicked smaht.

Unknown said…
i WORKED ON THE SAME CAMERA IN "SLUMDOG" now i wan 2 buy it.

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