in the old days...

I'd check in on the weather.
Then I'd stop in at Nick's place.
There weren't 10 billion blogs in those days, and lots of people were on Diaryland.
I'd read people who no longer have blogs, and people who are now very well known and slew of people who used their blogs to rant and complain. That happens to me from time to time: I'll get caught up in a blog and feel compelled to read it daily only to realize that the writer is miserable. Not for me, that kind of daily reading. I've read people who have died, gotten married, had babies, withstood terrible tragedy.
And whom have I read from the very beginning? Joke, and Poppy and Badger and Susie - damn Susie for closing up shop. Tertia, Emlyn,Kim (in one form or another), Angela - always Angela.
How everyone else got mixed through is a mystery.
I've been reading for about five years now - and I'm still learning about life, death, babies being born and families withstanding tragedies. Of course I'm also laughing my ass off, trying recipes, admiring accomplishments and enjoying the occasional snark.

Thanks, internet.



From the very beginning of my blogging there was You, Joke and Badger. And every day I start my online day by checking in on each of you.
Badger said…
Dude! You were one of my first-ever commenters, and one of the first blogs I ever read that belonged to someone I didn't already know from somewhere else. Which I think makes you my first pal-acquired-through-blogging. Whee!
Sue said…
Your blog was one of the first blogs I ever read, and I read it still.
Your blog is one of the reasons I learned to hook up Google Reader -- I didn't want to miss a thing!
Maggie May said…
i love this post.
Anonymous said…
Your weather link somehow attempts to point to Gee, I wonder how you got that link ;-)

I found your blog when some long-forgotten knitblogger linked to your wine-tasting adventures. Yours was the first non-knitting blog I read, and it quickly became one of my absolute favorites. Blog on, sistah!
Amy A. said…
I know. Lovely, isn't it?

I do find it jarring sometimes to lose track of a blog and then find them a year or so later and find something HUGE has happened, like a divore or a new baby. It's a good reality check, though. Life really doesn't revolve around me. :)
And may I say that you were one of my first? I'm not as (ahem) old as you on this Internet thing, so I enjoyed this retrospective, Blackbird.
Ree said…
No. Thank you. Thank you for being bb. Always and forever.
Jennifer said…
I don't know how I came across your blog either, but I'm sure glad I did. I just had my five year blog anniversary!

Happy New year to you and yours
Miz S said…
Hmmmm. How did I find you? I think I found you through Angie at Big Red Couch. You used to do that Show and Tell thing, and I never had the nerve to play along. Then one day you visited my blog and left a comment about how you were glad to find someone else who was over 40 and didn't have small children. And I felt like a rockstar had showed up!
I'm glad I know you, honey.
Jen said…
Well, I know I started reading you through Miss Badger. And I was so blog-clueless at the time that I didn't understand how you got all those deciduous trees in your yard in Tuvalu.
Anonymous said…
It's all just about living day to day isn't it.

Thank goodness for bloggers on the internet - they remind me that I am just normal. Nothing wrong with you either!
Poppy Buxom said…
It's funny that I can't remember how I found you. Badger's was the first blog I read, and my reason for starting. So if I suck? BLAME HER.

You came along a little bit after I started. Which means that for a little while, I was blogging in pre-blackbird zone.

How did I stand it?

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