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My constant commenter and dear email friend jbhat, came across this "Christmas Series" on Swish and Swanky and thought I might be interested in joining in - and I am!
Here's the deal:

Describe what goes on for you and your house and your family for Christmas:

My typical Christmas morning begins when Oldest wakes us. It would seem that no matter how old he IS, he is the most excited about Christmas. Someone phones my mom to tell her we are up and the guys wait, almost patiently, while K sets up a camera somewhere. We never look at the video of us opening our presents but we have over twenty years worth - just in case. After the opening, and the picking up of paper, we have coffee, greet Mom, who arrives sleepy looking and start clearing up and getting ready for the arrival of my brother L and his family. Brother B has moved far away and we usually iChat with him at some point. L arrives and gifts are given and we start eating.

The best thing about Christmas is being with the boys and giving them presents. My guys don't ask for things during the year and it's a treat to grant some wishes.

The worst thing has got to be prepping for it all...

My Gift-giving philosophy is to give things I'd like people to have. I don't worry that they may not like the gift or if it costs too little or too much - I give gifts from my heart. End of story.

Shopping destinations - the internet. I cannot imagine what I did before it.

Budget - there is always a budget and we always go over it. A little.

Receiving gifts is not my favorite thing. I tend to feel that I'm too old for people to give me presents. Is that a funny thing?

Decorations are slightly different this year. 2008 has been a little rough round here and in an effort to simplify our lives the five of us agreed to take a low-key approach to Christmas this year. We bought a small tree and have some things around the house but have not dragged the 8 boxes of decorations up from the basement. It's still festive looking.

Theme - most of the stuff around here is red and white.

The tree is small, as I said, and we picked up red and silver ornaments last weekend.

My decorating wish was answered when the boys suggested going minimal - especially as I'm working this year and Christmas crept up on me while I was busy.

The menu - I think we are having waffles, fruit and pastries in the morning and filet mignon at night.

The vibe - um, exhausted? fried? Loving.

Your best timesaver tips - DO LESS.

The wow factor could be provided by Mother Nature. I'm hoping for snow.

Preparing for guests would entail making sure the dishes are clean and the sink is empty.

On the day after Christmas I'll be...a little glad it's all over and thrilled to have a week off.


Duyvken said…
My little ones don't ask for things during the year either so it is nice to make sure they each get something they really want at Christmas and their birthdays. Enjoy your week off, you're nearly there!
Pretty Things said…
As far as my older stepsons are concerned, the morning menu is THE most important thing! I think this year it will be some cheesy/sausagely/eggy casserole thing. Can't you hear the arteries slamming shut?
Anonymous said…
Your day sounds so lovely. Filled with family and good times.
Anonymous said…
Filet mignon is always our Christmas dinner, and it's always perfect. I love your tree, and the snowflakes gave me a little lump of nostalgia in my throat, they are so dear. It's been snowing steadily since last night, and there's more to come at Christmas. I'm taking a week and a day off! It's a miracle!

Miz S said…
I'm glad you are getting the week off. Breathing space is good.

I'm with you on the receiving gifts thing. I really don't want anything for Christmas.
barbra said…
I might steal this. If I ever manage to go back to my blog...

It was my son's birthday on the 14th and I haven't acknowledged it on the blog yet!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm so glad you did a post about this, bb. I loved reading what you had to say, and I think my favorite part would be learning that Oldest is the Youngest at Heart. So sweet.

Amanda said…
Oh, your Christmas sounds just wonderful. I'm so glad you joined in the series, it's lovely to hear how others celebrate this special time of year. Merry Christmas!

Amanda xx