Youngest reviews Betty Crocker's newest sugary addiction

So we've seen a few commercials for this and we saw it on Friday in person. We found it in a supermarket. Betty Crocker created a dessert that takes only a few minutes to make and is suppose to be "Delightful!" Well, I beg to differ.


This is the box.


these are the steps

Seems simple enough. I open the package and there are two ingredients - the cookie powder and the fudge topping.


First you empty the powder into the bowl it all comes in.

mix dry

hen you add 1 Tbsp of water and mix it....


so now it sorta looks like cookie dough but more like barf...
turns out its not supposed to. It's supposed to be easy to spread and NOT LIKE COOKIE DOUGH. So you add one more Tbsp of water. It should look like this ....


not that appealing. bb doesn't think so either and she feels sick looking at it.
Now you have to microwave it for 45 seconds.


It's supposd to be dry with only a few "wet spots" and mine was still watery. So 10 more seconds...

cookie not done

then you decorate it with the fudge sauce.


see its Obama! sorta...


Then the taste test: it was ok but left a strong chocolate taste in my throat and made bb nauseous and it wasn't that pretty either... so my review is that Betty Crocker is good and its nice to have a warm dessert and a cold hard cookie does not beat this but she should suggest ice cream with it.

warm delights eating

I give this dessert 7 fudge topping Obamas out of 10.


jenontheedge said…
I kind of had a feeling that this dessert would be so-so, so it's good to know for sure.
Well, that's a relief. One more thing I DON'T have to buy!
kmkat said…
It is probably made with high fructose corn syrup, too, and we all know that THAT is devil spawn.
Badger said…
Dear Youngest: I agree. I tried this crappe once (it's been available in my area for a few years, but then we are a test market so maybe that's why) and once was ENOUGH.
Poppy Buxom said…
This product exemplifies why food stylists and photographers deserve to spend eternity in the lowest level of Hell.

(Unless said food photographer is related to bb, of course.)

p.s. Hi Youngest!
Any form of dessert that involves a microwave at its first point of cooking (as opposed to the extremely rare left over desserts you're reheating for breakfast) is just wrong. W.R.O.N.G.

And can I just say for a moment I was all - why is BB talking about herself in third person? Has she morphed into Suede from PR? - but no! it's Youngest! Hello Youngest!
It makes me think that Betty Crocker had extra Easy Bake Oven mixes lying about...
Youngest. Eating bad dessert. So we don't have to.
MsCellania said…
Well, I notice that SOMEBODY has snarfed down nearly the entire mediocre lot of it.
Eleanor said…
I wish my Youngest would spend that much time in the kitchen!
Sara said…
Try the fudge cake next time. It's good.
Jen said…
I agree--one step above eating sugar right out of the bag.
Anonymous said…
I'm with Kim about desserts and microwaves.

WF yalls, as in y'alls are GREAT
The photos definitely made me feel queasy!
Anonymous said…
Brave of you, Youngest. I wouldn't have dared. And I'm surprised it got as many as 7 out of those 10. (But I dont' get the Obama reference.) Plus now I want to barf too.

Anonymous said…
Hi Youngest! I'm hoping you'll do the chocolate cake in a cup recipe for us next. With ice cream, of course.
alice c said…
Hi Youngest - I think that you are brave to even open the box and having seen what is inside I am with bb in the nauseous seats.
Anonymous said…
i don't get the obama reference, either.
blackbird said…
Youngest drew a portrait of Mr. Obama with the chocolate icing...tough to decipher, I know!
John said…
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