the things that slid

I've been working for about six weeks now. Outside my home. That's the way housewives say it. Outside my home, which means someone is paying me.
And, while someone pays me to commute and manage things miles away from my couch and kitchen, things near my couch and kitchen have suffered.
How, you wonder...what, you ask?
Well, I'll tell you.

There are microscopic rings of dirt around the handles of the downstairs bathroom faucet. You might not see them, but I do.

Middle wore dirty jeans to school one day last week. He would wear dirty jeans every day without caring - and I still won't let anyone else do laundry. So.

There are leaves on the kitchen floor.

All My Children has marched on without me.

I actually sent my husband a recipe for a casserole, of sorts, that included Velveeta and crushed tortilla chips.

One day, about two weeks ago, I gave each of the boys some cash and told them to buy lunch.

Everyone is still alive. Everyone is as happy as they were before, except for me. I'm happy too but
I am learning that I can love my job and be accepting of the fact that the bathrooms aren't as clean as they used to be.
It's all about the balance.


Tutta la Storia said…
I posted a while back about a similar revelation while learning to balance working from home full time and raising two children--that my house didn't have to be "visitor perfect" at any second, and that loving my family and living in the moment were more important than a spotless sink. But it was a hard pill for me to swallow . . .
I've been so lax about updating you on's the short story.
Emma fake kidnapping by crazy Annie. BIG Lesbian Love Story line with Bianca(her partner's family has rejected her, also lots of bedroom scenes, tastefully done). Mystery Soldier in town, badly scarred by burns (Taylor's husband previously thought dead?) Angie devastated about Jesse's "other family" showing up (the Mom is dying)
Amanda drinking like a fish. Will JR (ex-drunk) help her?
That's all I saw this week.
eurolush said…
I think it's the loss of All My Children that really gets me all teary, when I think of you and your new job.

Life can be so cruel.
jenontheedge said…
Balance is hard to achieve, but you will. It just takes a little time and an open mind.
The Coffee Lady said…
I remember going on holiday as a child and realising that my grandmother was never going to be able to properly update me about what had happened in Dynasty.

I do feel your pain.

but not about the faucets
RW said…
I am still trying to find the balance.
I am hoping with my extra hours saved in commute time I will be able to manage my laundry better.
kmkat said…
Let me give you a little housekeeping tip that may come in handy next summer. Cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling help keep down the mosquito population. You're welcome.
Rebecca said…
I saw that same casserole recipe on Suburban Bliss and I actually made it. First time I've bought Velveeta in a long time. I give it a "so-so" rating. My husband liked it. Only problem is that now I have a 1.5 lb hunk of velveeta left.
Miz S said…
I need balance.

I wish soooooo much I could be caught up at work AND at home. Even if it were just for one day.

Good luck with those faucet rings.
barbra said…
I guess I might as well go get a job (outside the home), because I SO don't have the house under control anyway.

Oh, wait, there's no one to watch my young babes, two of whom are home at noon every day, and one of those is only at school MWF 9-11:30. No job (outside the home) for me. Not yet, anyway.
alice c said…
That last thing...
that bit about "I am learning that I can love my job and be accepting of the fact that the bathrooms aren't as clean as they used to be"
Can you do a tutorial.
Amy A. said…
We should all post on the weekends. But we're all over here visiting you. :)

Here's my new laundry motto. If it doesn't look dirty, and it doesn't smell bad, then it's clean. Wear it again.
Suse said…
I'm not sure I should ask what Velveeta is, because it sounds like something one would wash one's delicates in.
You can only do what you can do.

This mantra works well for me.

Your balance of life sounds perfectly normal - ie my taps have rings too...
Dani said…
I read this on the wrong day.

I start my new job tomorrow.

Wendy said…
Velveeta and tortilla chips.
I adore you.
Anonymous said…
My mom used to IRON my jeans before she started working outside the home. No one, including her, missed the effort that involved after it stopped.

God, I miss Days. And GH.

readersguide said…
It's true you can live with leaves, and having a job is a good thing, and being out in the world is a good thing, too, and the idea of balance is also good. What wears me out, after 18 years of work AND family, is that there's never time to hang out in a clean house. I can either clean or I can hang out, but there isn't time for both. Also, there's a sort of build-up of exhaustion over time. But, it is what it is, and when I retire, after I spend 6 months eating bonbons while I watch movies on tv day after day after day, I will finally clean out the closets and really scrub the bathroom faucets.
laura said…
I haven't found that balance yet either. It irks me to see the laudry bag always full. I've finally gotten used to the house not being all sparkly and vacuumed but this laundry thing pisses me off. I try to do it a load at night but it's still impossible to catch up when I'm used to doing 2 or 3 a day. Sigh...

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