tag, I'm it

I do love a meme. This time, Ree has tagged me.

It’s the picture meme, and here are the rules:

* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.
* Pray that you remember the details.
* Tag 5 others.

I don't have a "picture folder" so I will go to Flickr and post a photo from the sixth page of photos I have uploaded. The sixth page of 410 pages of photos. So, let's see...I'm choosing this one:


I think I'm supposed to have to try to remember the circumstances surrounding this photo, originally posted on January 26th, 2005, but I don't have to try very hard....I remember very clearly how gifted Middle truly is.

Finally, I need to tag 5 people.
Ready, set, TAG:

I'm A Tornado ~ Proven Fact! whose email address I would appreciate
small town mom
Galina Nemirovsky

...new names? You betcha! New names. Go check them out.

(and remind me to too!)


Badger said…
Wait, how did I NOT KNOW caryperk has a blog? I have known her forever! Sheesh.
I think Middle is gifted in MANY ways.
Anonymous said…
Is he balancing that on his FACE? Suweet.
Anonymous said…
Soon I will put a real face/body to this picture.
Anonymous said…
I've heard of this small town mom. Now I shall go check her out.
smalltownme said…
Thanks for the tag -- I'll do it, then it will lead me off on a tangent somewhere!
Anonymous said…
The photo's story is hilarious. It makes me wish Middle were my pal. He's seriously a hoot.

Mary said…
I love sons.

I love their wit and humour and everything about them!
Anonymous said…
I wish I had a daughter so I could marry her off to Middle. Thanks for doing the meme!
cary perk said…
Thanks for the tag...I got to share a picture of two of my favorite friends doing what we do best... drinking wine in each others' kitchens!

Holla Badger!
Paula said…
Well. I thought it would be fun to steal. Until I looked in my sixth file and saw the sixth picture. I guess I could lie but then I'd feel guilty.
Dani said…
I just love that every day when Paola comments now she works in how she's coming to visit. I can honestly feel her excitement through her words. :)

Oh... you know how awesome I think your boys are already. Do I need to tell you again? They are the AWESOMEST.
Hi Blackbird.

I've been neglectful lately so I finally read this post.

i'm tagged and I will put up my 6th picture.

Thanks for the call out!

I'm sending my email address to you now.