What? It's Thursday? But I have a cough. And I'm taking today off!
Okay - so, Bob made a fake immunity idol...but he showed it to Sugar. Mistake, or smart move? Time will tell.
The Survivors go to an auction. Randy (who everyone hates) buys beer and peanuts.
Kenny pays $340 for the chance to send someone or himself to Exile Island. He sends Bob and gets all his, Kenny knows Sugar has the idol. Confused yet?
Sugar buys chocolate and peanut butter for $340.
The next item is a hot bath and clean clothes. Susie buys it for $340.
A hamburger and french fries goes to Matty for $400.
Kenny lets Randy win a spaghetti dinner for $240.
A note regarding the next immunity challenge goes to Corinne for $500.
Randy buys chocolate chip cookies for the per Jeff.
Sugar won't take a cookie at first...Randy gives her his, she gives it to Matty. More confused?
Well, don't worry about it because that was when my phone rang with a call I had to take.
I did manage to glean that Randy attempted to use a fake immunity idol and that it didn't work and that he was voted out which pleases me as I had always felt he was just MISERABLE.

So, yeah. Taking today off from work. Breathing a little. Doing some housework. Spending some time with Youngest, actually.

Did I tell you that Paola is coming? Can you feel my excitement?
Stay tuned.


Eleanor said…
A day off sounds perfect.

Paola is coming? OhmygoshI'msoexcited!! I am a huge Paolacommentbox fan and have imagined an entire life for her already. I have imagined how you two originally met, what she looks like, her accent, her personality.....I bet she is even more fabulous outside of the commentbox.

How many more sleeps until she arrives in Tuvalu?
Okay. I'm just going to say it. I considered an anonymous post - I thought of just emailing you. Maybe, just maybe this should be out there for all to consider ...

I've been slacking on reading my favorite blogs lately ... in a bad place or weird place right now. Anyway, I got caught up with your blog and I couldn't stop thinking about you then on my way to work I was listening to a cd about healthy lifestyles - the reader came to the part about STRESS and how it affects your body.

PLEASE DO NOT DISMISS THIS - read on and think on it for awhile.

Constant stress increases the level of coritisol and adrenaline in the body - MAKING YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY - and you start to drop drastic weight. This will lead to heart disease, ulcers, migranes, and many many many other bad things.

You seem so happy with your new job but maybe just maybe it's too much. Too many changes, too soon. Maybe you can start looking for something else, closer to home...It's always easier to find one if you got one. You don't have to make significant changes that soon but think on it. I'm concerned, many of us are concerned.

Chronic Stress makes you gain weight the difference is you are stressed then you relax the cortisol send messages to brain to FEED ME and you engorge.

SO I don't know if Yoga and mediation techniques will work with Constant Stress - that will only relax you long enough to gain back appetite but send you right back into the stress as soon as you get back to work or on the train.

If you want you can delete this post and forget about everything I said. There is probably a lot going on right now that you are keeping to yourself so maybe it's not the job, but think about it how you can reduce the stresses in your life. K?

It's because I care!
That One said…
A day off to recuperate an spend time with Youngest - sounds wonderful. :)

And I'm so EXCITED that Paola is coming to visit you! If you can, try to talk her into starting a blog. :)
RW said…
How exciting for you! Enjoy your day off and time with youngest. Enjoy - enjoy - enjoy.

peace bb.
Dani said…
I'm proud of you for taking a sick day. Some people are too self conscious about that early on in a new job. Besides not getting the rest they need, they go in and get everyone else sick!

Enjoy your day with Youngest as best you can.

Paola is coming! Paola is coming!
Anonymous said…
Time for ye olde Jewish Penicillin, chicken soup. (Ok, K?)

Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your day off w/ Youngest.

I popped in while online shopping at Zappos. Are your feet as tiny as you are? Because all the cute shoes on sale seem to be in size 6!
Anonymous said…
Give Paola a big ol' smooch from me.
Mary said…
I'M excited about Paola coming - so happy for you.

Hope you had a lovely snuggly time with youngest.
KPB said…

Paola is coming!

Mrs. G. said…
OK, this is my first year of following Survivor so I am just going to cut to the chase and speak my mind.

I wanted to throttle that little mother fracking Kenny for sending Bob off to Exile Island. I was so pissed!

And then I was so moved by Bob's tenacity and his awe of his time in Africa that I almost made him my daily Mancake--but I worried no one would know who he was.

Can you tell I'm riled? And I was a little annoyed with Susie spending so little time in the tub. Typical mother...she should have soaked a while and enjoyed it.
Badger said…
Paola! Yay!!

It's too bad you missed the immunity challenge. You would have liked it. There were trip wires! And domino-esque block-stacking hijinks!

SO glad Randy is gone. Now if we can just get that bitch Vicky voted off The Biggest Loser, I can enjoy TV again.
Anonymous said…
We <3 Paola! That's really good news. And I hope YOU had a really good day today.

Lifeofkaylen said…
Okay - a few things about Survivor:

1. Kenny was ultra-gracious (good game-playing skills) in that he could have (and prob should have) taken the clue towards the immunity challenge. He had $160 plus all of Bob's money...but he let Corrine take it? I don't know why this wasn't pointed out anywhere.
2. Why on earth did Sandra get out of the bathtub so soon??
3. I also liked Bob's journey while in exile---BUT all I could think about was: they are taking video of Bob from a helicopter!!! This had to have been set up in advance or how did they happen to have a cameraman ready in a helicopter?? That was very irritating to me-I think it was set up and that forces me to think other things are set up and that ruins the show.
4. Randy is horrible- yes, but the trick they played on him with the idol was cruel and very much like something you would do in high school, or maybe jr high. It was actually painful for me to watch.
5. Why is Crystal so grumpy all the time??
Anonymous said…
DUDES. OH DUDES (Badger style!)
I've been hip hopping around before taking off and flying to Tuvalu next monday. You know, clean, wash, iron, what to bring? Should I take my laptop with me? Or can I do with my aunt's PC for 2 weeks, but WAIT, what about all my, it's too big and heavy. Yo, stir the pasta, is the fish cooked, those 9 people for dinner will be here by 7:30PM (they got here at 9PM, aren't our friends SPECIAL?).
This was my yesterday.
Anyway, Bb has made me a famous gal, without a blog. I feel SO excited and a bit nervous about meeting the famous COOL trio of boys (the Big Boy I've met and loved, in a proper way!, right away as you all know).
Wish I could meet all of you.
One day, maybe, don't you think?
WF hailycai (I keep on getting the weirdest)