Just when we (they) thought there would be a merge, the tribes were reshuffled. There are nine players left and it's night 24.

Kenny, at Kota, has come out of his shell.
Bob thinks he's history even though he teaches science (that's a direct quote).

Fang is out of rice and having a hard time making fire.
Tree mail arrives and suggests a golf challenge - Fang are hoping for a merge but there is no sign of one.
The teams arrive and the members of Fang who were Kotas are shocked to see that Marcus has been voted out. Some of them are angry too. A debate ensues over whether he deserved it.
The golf challenge is a good one. It's sling shot golf with a giant sling shot manned by three team members.
Kota miss a vital shot - but Fang do too...then Kota miss again and on Fang, Randy, Matty and Charlie have an interlude of tension and yelling before sinking their last and winning shot.
They send Bob to Exile Island.

The winners proceed to a Japanese Village? That's what we think we heard Jeff say - but, in truth, they proceed to an African village, of course, populated by people wearing what appear to be the latest in JC Penny African-wear. Women are wearing bright red tops and kicky printed red sarongs and even the children seem to be wearing Halloween costumes designed to appear African inspired. It's a little surreal as the team is splashed with water ("bathed") and then dressed in their own JC Penny red African looks.
Charlie discusses Marcus' leaving and what it means for him.
Matty rocks out, dancing with the natives and Randy confesses that it's the first time he's danced with a girl in 20 years. Why am I not surprised?

Back at the loser's camp, Kenny has gotten his boat hopelessly stuck on a branch while bringing in fish from a net. He is very excited to be "alone with two beautiful women," but is feeling very confident about his position on the team.

At Exile, Bob chooses to follow clues instead of accepting comfort. He knows he'll be the next person voted out and needs the idol. He works steadily in his search but doesn't find the idol (because Sugar has it) and decides to make his own. With trinkets from his bag and found objects he is able to fashion a pretty good looking facsimile. It's like robbing a bank without a gun, he tells us...if they think you have a gun they will listen to you.

The last challenge of the evening is an old school fire making challenge. It is for individual immunity and the tribes are therefore merged. Bob thanks his lucky stars while Randy starts ranting about being on a team with Crystal again.
The players are given flint and steel and we are surprised when Susie and Sugar are the only people who get a fire started.
Susie wins.

They return to their new camp which has been stocked with rice and beans and coffee and though people are excited they quickly break off into groups to discuss alliances.
Sugar wants Randy out.
Randy cannot live another day with Crystal.
Ken wants Charlie out and he approaches Sugar about it - she's the swing vote.
Sugar doesn't trust anyone and we remember that she's not so stupid.

At Tribal council, the new team -who have called themselves Nobag (for Gabon backwards) meet in front of the first member of the jury, Marcus.
Crystal confronts Randy about his animosity for her and asks what she has done to make him so angry and, as it turns out, he has a long list.
They vote, Sugar in tears, and it is a close race between Crystal and Charlie and Charlie gets the axe.
While I would have loved for it to be Crystal and I'm amazed that no votes were cast for Randy, I do realize that this is what this game is all about.
It should get more interesting now as the teams have merged, right?


Karen said…
Not Japanese village. Gabonese village. I had trouble with that one, too.
Anonymous said…
I can't for the life of me figure out what Crystal is still doing there - for a former Olympian she is one of the worst at challenges that I've ever seen!
Anonymous said…
OMG. That was a REALLY good recap of a really good episode. I loved especially your parts about the JCPenney garb. I wondered about that too, but now am thinking that since outlet malls are always in remote areas, maybe there is one near Gabon, and they were able to swing by there before the visit from the Survivor cast.

Randy was crazy intense. Clearly, no wedding joy rubs off on him. He is more like a male bridezilla. Corinne is a nightmare. Why is she so mean and bitter? Bob is simply amazing. I adore him in his jaunty little bow-tie and he was outstanding in the reward challenge. He really gave it his all. Charlie is probably thrilled to be out because now he can be with his one and only Marcus again. At this point, I have no idea who to root for, because they are too full of surprises.
Grandma Cebe said…
Oh yea, that was an authentic Gabonese village all right. On a long shot shown towards the end of the visit, it looked more like a movie set. The huge fake palm tree was a dead giveaway.

Crystal should have been sent home. For all her Olympic bravado, she's been absolutely worthless in the challenges.

I'm rooting for Bob just because he seems to be under the radar so much. Love his bow tie.

Great re-cap.
Anonymous said…
Hey. Don't mind me. I'm just making myself comfortable in your comment box. Just sitting here, listening to everyone talk about that fancy "tele-vision" thing you all have.

Sounds like this Bob fellow is the one to root for. That's a solid, manly name. Bob. Definitely the name of a winner...unlike, say Dwayne or Eddie.

A quick scan of your recap, and the name Crystal appears over and over. For some reason that name always makes me think of a hooker...or an exotic dancer. Crystal.

Hope that's not YOUR name. That would be embarassing. No. I think your name is something like Helen or Ellen. I've already ruled out Edwina, Peggy, Babs and Marylou. Also Marge, Lillian, Frederique and Rhonda.

It's gonna take a little more time.

Shhh. Let's listen to what eveyone's saying about my friend, Bob.
Anonymous said…
I thought they said Japanese too LOL

Kenny and Bob are the only thing keeping me interested this season. Sugar too but to a lesser degree.
Amy A. said…
Go, Bob!!
jenny said…
Between Corrine, Crystal and Randy there's no shortage of annoying, that's for sure.

I'm really liking Sugar, Matty & Bob.