stumbling around

Hands. Handiwork. Hand made.

I appreciate a man who knows how to tie a Half Windsor.

Cooks Illustrated
is a wonderful resource for recipes...but they are, quite often, maddening to find. (The recipes that is.)

Helene Knoop does haunting portraits.

He decorated his basement with ten dollars worth of Sharpie. Somehow I find it hard to believe.

I feel like I've already posted about this...perhaps it's because I live it every day.

This is rated "intermediate?" God save us from Rachel Ray.

Unclaimed Baggage
makes me a little sad...but I'm guessing there are bargains to be had.

Some people spend long hours making things from Fimo clay. I don't get it.

Then again, they could be stacking cards.


Anonymous said…
I really like those subway drawings and no, you didn't post it before.
Grandma Cebe said…
I can tie a Half Windsor!! Appreciate me!

I think that the Unclaimed Baggage store is ill named. It should really be the "Hopelessly Lost and Mishandled Baggage Store thus rendering it impossible for the rightful owner to claim". That would be more accurate.
Anonymous said…
That basement is killing me. I don't want it in my house, but I think it is super clever and an amazing look. I wish I could go there. And somehow, I bet the man who drew it can tie a Half Windsor too.

Sorry to have been flip about your Cast Away post, bb.

KPB said…
that hand art thing made me almost lose my lunch. Seriously skeevy.

I want to find a five carat diamond ring in a sock in an unclaimed suitcase. Or $500 in a barbie. No seriously. I do.

Fimo is so 1982.
barbra said…
That basement is totally cool. It would be like living in a New Yorker cartoon! The basement is the perfect room for it. Also, I spied an R2D2 in there - I think it's a trashcan, maybe? Heh.

The web design for the subway drawings is great.
Anonymous said…
The hands with the eye balls put me in mind of the excellent movie, Pan's Labyrinth. That monster guy was the creepiest thing ever. Next to the human guy, that is.

The Helene Knoop works are breathtaking! And she's only 29 years old.