six reasons why Urban Outfitters and I may part company

It's not like we had a relationship before...though they are a sister company to my formerly beloved Anthropologie, but the last catalogue I received from Urban Outfitters strained my nerves a little bit.

half a sweater

I like this sweater. This half a sweater. I'd like it more if she was wearing a shirt under it.

sweater with bra

No. A bra is not enough.

sweater with panties

A bra and panties is not enough. (This is starting to sound like a James Bond movie, isn't it?)

I do realize that a deep vee neck can be very flattering...

deep <span class=

but this one may be a bit too deep. As it were.

multiples of ruffles

And these, I'm afraid, are the shoes to complete the outfit.


We're through.


And wouldn't it be great if the models looked older than the 6th graders in my class???
Poppy Buxom said…
Wait a minute. Formerly beloved Anthropologie? Did I miss something?

But Urban Outfitters, which I walk by sometimes but never enter? It's a lingerie store, right? Kind of like Victoria's Secret, except with less silicone. Right?
Dani said…
I've never bought anything from Urban Outfitters but I'll tell everyone that I'm boycotting them in your honor, k?
VerWaynia said…
That's ridiculous...who are they marketing those close to?
smalltownmom said…
The shoes are hideous.
Hrrmmmm. I have to admit that I actually LOVE those shoes. The naked 12 year olds, however, cross the line for me. Are we going to be put in jail for viewing this????
barbra said…
No big loss. That place has been annoying for a really long time.
barbra said…
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The Coffee Lady said…
well if the woman in the cardi gets cold she can always wrap herself in the rug; and the woman in the bra is standing next to a fire. They are at least TRYING to keep warm.
Chris said…
OMGosh. What happened to standards? Those boots(?), hideuos.
Mrs. G. said…
Yeah, I can totally see why you would wear a wool sweater to keep warm while your tits hang out.

I think this might be a fashion world oxymoron.
alice c said…
It is all about ensuring adequate ventilation. I am surprised that you did not realise that.
Eleanor said…
That refreshing day off was a great idea!! This post is classic, vintage and new-age blackbird all rolled into one post.

Ah, the joy!!
christinemm said…
Okay the girl on the rug looks like she is in junior high school or high school, but not age 18.

Too-sexy of minor-aged looking femals, way creepy.

The poses in the bras and panties are ridiculous too. Just trying to get you to look at them. How 'bout they show the sweaters closed like one would wear them in public? Is that asking too much to see them 'fully on' as we normal people would wear them?
Dear God you can almost see that girl's moodie in the first photo.

And those shoes are UGHly
Anonymous said…
They should name themselves Urban Disrobers instead of Urban Outfitters.

I'm definitely not their target demographic, but I like to browse their housewares (whoops, their "Apartment" stuff) every now and again.

Anne said…
I like Mrs. G and Christinemm's comments. It definately is creepy.
Scot said…
I wonder which "Urban" it is they're trying to outfit?

I'm not very good at guessing ages, can anyone give me a realistic age of these young girls?Looks like a Playboy Production.

Oh and DAMN...those are some ugly shoes!
Amanda said…
I actually stopped shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch for this very same reason. Well, that I am well past 24 years old now.

I also don't shop at Victoria's Secret, because of all their marketing strategies all over the place for men to see. If I need a bra I go to a dept store or even Fredricks. I don't see ads for Fredricks of Hollywood all over the place. I actually don't admit this to a lot of people, I am afraid that they would think I am nuts.
Anonymous said…
Those boots/shoes are seriously bad.
Annagrace said…
Duyvken said…
Well I don't know about you but I always lie half naked on a rug just to make sure my new winter woollens are comfy.

But maybe that's just me.
Anonymous said…
Obviously their simmer line because even thought it is made of wool I don't imagine it provides much warmth without at least one more layer.
that's taking things to a new level of ick. I agree.
Maggie May said…
your cracking me up.

i see where you are coming from, but i still love that sweater. although i admit i'd wear it without the sweater/breasts look going on.

i LOVE anthropologie. their housewears slay me.
Anonymous said…
I've got to say those ugly boots do go well with that ugly ruffled top. If that's the look you're going for.

Yesterday while shopping, I observed a lovely, well-put-together woman of about 62ish get accosted by a four year old princess. The princess said to the very chic woman, "You're very old, but why do you have lipstick?"
I had to turn away to wince. The woman charmed the wee princess. She bent down to chat with her, and when I composed my face to check on developments, the princess was sniffing the woman's wrist, clearly enjoying the perfume. The oblivious mum called the princess away. I winked at the woman with a smile, and told her she'd handled things beautifully. She laughed and replied, "I hope I won her over!"

SoFla Cat said…
Hahaha....your commenters kill me :) ...especially Mrs. G and alice c, too funny.
Butterfly Mama said…
Ah, yeah, modest campaign !!


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