pants advice TAKEN

You want to know what I did, don't you?
54 comments! On a Sunday no less.
A new record...and I thank you all.

I returned them and walked next door to J Crew. I bought a pair of gray corduroy pants, which will be hemmed for free as I have a J Crew credit card (with high interest which will be paid for, in full, as soon as I get the bill).

Wide legged pants are no good on a small person, but you knew that.
Wide legs are not my friends.
You are.

I'll see you tomorrow.

PS: I already have two pairs of expensive dressy black trousers that are too big on me. I'm going to have them tailored asap.


What was that you said about dwindling numbers of readers?

I didn't weigh in on the pants issue because I suffer from Fashion Deficit Disorder. My daughter has threatened to send my pictures to What Not To Wear.
Anonymous said…
I think you did the right thing. Cheap pants are cheap pants, regardless of tailoring. More expensive pants will fit better and last much longer.
eurolush said…
I'm just so glad you followed my excellent advice.

Well done!
Scot said…
I'm about the last person anybody wants fashion advice from, my closet is comprised of mostly Levis and chinos. I do however like the way a lady looks when she's wearing a skirt and black tights....
Stop rolling your eyes!
That said, did you happen to catch Sharyn's post yesterday? Sometimes she's so profound. Thanks for posting that link. I check her every other day. Maybe someday I'll even comment.
It's 50 something degrees here today and 5 women just jogged by wearing bikinis and sneakers. WTF?!?
Julia said…
I think you did the right thing too, a good pair of work trousers is more than worth three pairs of cheap pants!
laura said…
Good choice!

Have a great rest of the day : )
Saoirse said…
Personally, I think any of them would have looked good on you. Losing weight?! Hope stress isn't getting to you too much! I've been reading faithfully but life has been a bit bumpy here so haven't commented! Hope all goes smoothly for you w/whatever life has in store!
Oh, the pain of being short-legged! Good for you to take them back and get a new pair. You'll never regret that!
barbra said…
I didn't get a chance to comment on the pants question, but looking now? You did the right thing. Did not like the wide legs.

Also, you have taught me something about the J Crew credit card. Not sure I'll use this knowledge, since I never go to J Crew - there is no parking for the one here.
Anonymous said…
Mission accomplished! Your new mission? To please post pix of your cords and your other pants after they've been altered. Fun!

RW said…
s said…
Seriously, I was going to comment with advice to take all three back and buy a pair you really love for more. I really was! Can't believe you did it. I'm petite too, and I have learned to stop trying to talk myself into pieces I know aren't right. When you wrote about how the black ones made your butt look good?! Oh, I have been there. (Focusing on one good feature of the pants, ignoring the bad, so wanting to make myself like them.)

Glad you found something you really like!

be*mused jan said…
Excellent! Now, don't you feel better?
(But, how did they look/feel when sitting? lol)
Ree said…
Yes, but I forgot to tell you that I was awestruck by your awesome figure.
might I add...? said…
I was also going to leave a comment saying your best bet would be to return them and buy some really good pants (even if they cost much more).

Really, buying cheap clothing isn't worth it if you're old enough to think that wearing clothes longer than 3 months isn't utterly passé. The cheap stuff is really meant for kids who follow the whims of the fashion industry.

Well-made clothing feels better, lasts longer, and is much more flattering.

I can't wait to see the photos of the hemmed pants. My guess is ... no contest with the H&M stuff.
Badger said…
Thank God THAT'S settled.
Eliane said…
islaygirl said…
you have done the right thing.

and as someone who lost weight last year and spent a small fortune on tailoring because it was less expensive than replacing ... BE SURE YOU ARE FINISHED LOSING WEIGHT before tailoring.

i thought i was finished and lo and behold, i wasn't, and tailoring twice wasn't really cost effective.
Amy A. said…
Your cheap pants are my expensive pants. Which is why I wear skirts to work.

I missed out on the voting, but I kind of liked the gramma pants. I'm glad you found what you wanted.
Rick said…
60 comments about pants. Next time talk about the shoes too and double your comments.
HEAVING sighs of relief over here.
Anonymous said…
As Rick said...60 comments on pants, WOW.
The Coffee Lady said…
having stuff altered is the best

I recently spent less than 20 quid on having two things altered, which I loved, but which I looked odd in

they are my favourite things now
MsCellania said…
I hear happiness and satisfaction.
And that is a very good thing.

I'm now on the search for gusseted-crotch sleep wear. bb? bb's Mama? Anyone?
haus said…
good choice! you have too much style to be caught dead in those H&M pants
Alice said…
a brilliant choice.

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