pants advice sought

Youngest has gotten taller.
I have gotten thinner.
I saw some pants for us at H&M and invited him shopping.
He did pretty well and wrangled a shirt and sweater out of me too.
I bought three pairs of pants. Three cheap pairs of pants. These aren't your J Crew pants, oh, no, there is a little something wrong with each pair of these pants. But we will forgive that as all three pair cost about as much as one pair of J Crew trousers.
I'd like to keep two pair. Two pairs. WHATEVER.


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At $29.00, these black pants are the cheapest, and it sort of shows. The placket on the waistband pulls a teensy bit and the fabric is thin. However, they are very ass flattering and I look like a stick. Yes, I know they need to be hemmed. They will be hemmed.
Okay, so, got it? Pulling a teeny bit, thin, cheap, nice ass part.


grandma pants

Youngest says he may slip and call me Ma when I wear these. He thinks they are old lady pants...I don't get it. These are keepers, as in: for $36.00, I'm KEEPING THEM.
Cheapness factor? They are only lined to the knee. Note to me: wear boots.
The Grandma pants don't photograph well I don't think, so I made K take a second photo of me standing on our bed because I was sure my thighs looked wide because he is so much taller than me and was shooting from an odd angle...

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strangely, it didn't seem to help.


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Twas the Button Pants that drew me to H&M in the first place. I saw them last week and vowed to try them on...but there are several problems with the button pants.

1. I am always drawn to things that are vaguely sailor-ish, I think that's why I like these pants. The problem is: vaguely sailor-ish CAN be too theme-y.

2. Cheapness factor: they aren't finished very nicely and there is a teeny bit of pulling. There are darts that extend below the line of buttons, and although my butt looks good, this dart can confuse the eye near the thigh region.


Steam Boat Willie

Dear Readers,
Your numbers are dwindling but I still seek your advice. I'd like to keep two of the pair(s) of pants(es).
What say ye?


RW said…
I think you should return the button pants.
I quite like the black ones - and I think the grey ones will be just fine once hemmed.

those are my .02 cents
kt said…
I'm voting off the black pants. They just look meh. The grey ones are a perfect foil for any blouse with zing! for work, and the button trews are way cool.

my word verification is "tentesp", what every camper wishes they had.
Laura Jane said…
I vote for the grey ones, and the button ones. Interesting pants that will go with your turtlenecks and a necklace/pendant thingy. Or a brooch. Or scarf.

The others do look pretty meh - even though the skinniness is duly emphasised (how very careless of you to lose weight like that - did you check the lost and found?)
Laura Jane said…
P.s. I have NO plans to dwindle.
Robin said…
I'm going for the button ones and the grey ones.
Annagrace said…
My vote is grey and buttoned. I LOVE sailor things (oh, heavy wool peacoats...) and I think that hemmed, with a crisp white shirt, or a slim tee and long scarves they will be very cute. But what do I know? My girls always look cute but I seem to be wearing a good deal of cargo pants these days...(baby weight is dumb)
Ali said…
Sorry to buck the trend but I'm with Youngest. Even though 2 pairs of black pants isn't exciting. I love sailor buttons and the first black pair are flattering.
Anonymous said…
I HAVE the button ones. Should I add more?
You look great in the grey ones.
Please throw the black one away. Pronto.
Anonymous said…
MAN you got skinny!
Suse said…
I say har har me hearties!

I also say, keep the grey and the buttons.

(Congrats on the new thinniness. If it was intentional and desired, that is).
Anonymous said…
I love the grey, and love the sailor pants, but they take such a measure out of your mid-section (as a height-challenged femme), that I think you MUST wear some sort of heel with them! Also, you're looking fabulously trim, but you need to get a good fitting for the girls, "bring them up to snuff".

Still looking for you on Sart Central. :) Any day now.
Anonymous said…
Me, Anon, again. Actually, NONE of them fit you well. Return the three pants and get one pair of petites that fits you to a "T"! (or "B") Something that balances your upper half (says me of the chest and broad shoulders).
You look GREAT---shop for your new body and enjoy.
Mary said…
YOu are looking so FINE bb - of all of them I prefer the black buttoned pants.

Not so thrilled with the grey and certainly not the first pair...

your loyal mate...
Anonymous said…
I love the Mickey Mouse pants and I actually quite like the first black ones too, I think they will look good when hemmed.

You're probably just more confused now aren't you?
The Coffee Lady said…
ditch the grey ones

I mean you don't know me, but trust me anyway
Jen said…
keep grey and buttoned.
Anonymous said…
Okay. I'm not going to read any previous comments before I give you my stellar opinion on the pants issue.

As a lady of immeasurable style and class, I--I mean, YOU need some clasic pieces in your wardrobe to make putting together work outfits a cinch.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and tell you to keep all three. Why not? They're not too expensive, they look good on you, you'll get lots of wear out of each of them, and it'll be nice to have a greater amount of choice when you open your closet and pick out clothes.

And so sayeth eurolush.

PS-I'm sending Frau Muller, immediately, to force-feed you some pastries. This is an emergency.
KPB said…
The grey ones rock.

The other two suck.

The end.

(from previous postings I am of the knowledge you are short. No short person should wear particularly wide-legged pants as it just makes them look shorter. or some such nonsense according to Trinnie and Susannah - who I now firmly blame for my complete inability to buy anything because of all the rules I can't remember for my body shape.)

And forget the arse, you have a great rack there lady.
Anonymous said…
Okay, now I've read the other comments...

Jayzus. Looks like everyone has their own idea of which to keep and which to let go.

I stand by my earlier comment. Keep them all. Get them hemmed. Wear them.

PS-You're a doll.
KPB said…
OK - so on reading everyone else's comments and wondering what on EARTH they were all talking about with the sailor pants - I kinda get it - except there's too many buttons - they make it look like you're a dwarf. That or you're walking on your knees.

If you took the bottom two rows of buttons off ... maybe.
KPB said…
Oh, and dwindling readership? There's tumbleweeds over my way. Maybe everyone is in one of those weird blog commenting recalcitrant phases.

But, my dear friend, I would apply this principle - it's like in a divorce or some other awful event - those who stick by you are the true friends in the end.
Smileen said…
Definitely the grey and the buttons. Both accentuate the tininess of your body!

The black ones aren't anything special.
Anonymous said…
Keep them all and ask the tailor to work out the faults.
Anonymous said…
Take off the bottom pair of buttons on the button pants, and they will be more proportional for you. The grey ones are OK, the black ones look inexpensive (and if people are admiring your behind, you won't even know it, so who cares?)
Anonymous said…
You look terrific! What is your secret?

My suggestion is to ditch the first black pants and keep the other two. As for the sailor button pants, I suggest removing the bottom row of buttons.

Now I'm off to read what everyone else suggested.
Eliane said…
I don't know, I kind of think they all look too big on you. I think you need pants with tighter legs.
Jan said…
Here's my do they feel/look when you sit in them? This often is the deciding factor for me when I'm debating.
Anonymous said…
Black pants are TOO BIG! Or look too big - and not the hems.

Gray pants are fine; buttons are ok but do you actually have to unbutton them to pee?
My initial inclination was to go with black and buttons, but then I went and read the other comments and now I'm all conflicted.
Upon further consideration I say keep em' all or return 'em all and buy 1 perfect pair of the preferred J Crew...and PLEASE don't go getting any skinnier!
That One said…
I like the grey and the buttons but am thinking something with a skinnier leg might be a good choice for your skinny self. (You look fantastic!)
unmitigated me said…
I going to go out on a completely different limb and tell you that the first or second time you have washed these pants, you are going to hate how they have worn, or pilled, or shine in spots, and are only lined to the knee??? WTF? Return all three of them, and get one REALLY WELL MADE pair, then spring for another pair in a couple months.
robiewankenobie said…
you have no idea how much i hate button pants. they're all over starlets these days and they are hideous. but on you? you have the starlets beat, m'dear. however, i absolutely unequivocally love them on you. they are trendy, though, so not lasting on the "classic" front unless you don't mind being "so last year."
RW said…
apparently the black pants are not a favourite ... so if you are going with a consensus you'd be bringing them back!
Stephanie said…
Definitely keep the button pants, they are adorable on you. I also like the black pants. I just don't like that grey fabric very much and lined only to the knee freaks me out.

Anonymous said…
I ageree that they all look too loose to get an accurate idea. Hemming isn't enough--you need to be shopping from the petite section!
mckie2 said…
Take them all back and get some skinnier legged pants - you will look thin and tall. Too many buttons on Mickey's pants and the gray cuts you off. I don't like gray anyway, so maybe that's it.
Geggie said…
I vote for the buttons and the gray tweed. Invest in a nice pair of black trousers that you can wear for years. And you ARE tiny!
Badger said…
Okay, that first black pair gives you what the Fug Girls would call a polterwang. So nix those immediately.

I LOVE the grandma pants, but they look a little bulky in the waist.

Not too sure about the sailor pants. In theory I like them, but I dunno if they are doing you any particular favors.

There! That helps, right?

Signed, Negative Nancy
Alice said…
keep them all.

i guess, i can't tell unless they're hemmed a bit.

you are SO brave trying on pants at H&M, I can't do it...
smalltownme said…
And why is it you can't keep them all?

But if I have to choose, keep the gray and the buttons.
Anonymous said…
As one for whom a plaid flannel shirt worn over a colored t-shirt with well-broken-in blue jeans and sneakers is a personal fashion statement, I probably should not comment at all.

Not that I will let that stop me :-)

The first black ones look inexpensive. You will hate them after wearing and washing them twice. Begone!

I think the gray ones make you look heavy, which you are decidedly NOT. All in all, I absolutely hate them on you. Begone!

I didn't like the buttoned ones at first, but after reading the comments I tend to agree with those who said to lose a couple rows of buttons. Those pants, less a few buttons, are the most flattering and best looking of the bunch. Although I have some qualms about the wide-leggedness of them; perhaps you really should have narrower pant legs. Perhaps they could be altered?

Having said all that, I whole-heartedly agree with Middle-Aged Woman who said you would hate all of them after a few washings because they didn't hold up. Consider buying one pair -- the button-up ones -- and saving your pennies to buy a really quality pair later on.

But whatever you do? Remember, it's only a pair of pants. You are far more than a pair of pants. You rock, amen.
MsCellania said…
Take them all back.
Because 'There is something wrong with all of them.'
The black ones up top may be the only keepers.
The gray ones have pockets in the wrong place. Sit down and you will Hate Them.
The sailor pants are too fussy. Again, sit down and you will get sick of sucking in your tummy to keep those plackets from gaping.

Go out and spend $80 on One pair of Perfect Pants.
HA! WV is experspr - even blogger knows I am the experienced person in such matters
Sarah said…
The Mickey Mouse pants look awesomely excellent. They all look good but the MM pants are my faves.
MsCellania said…
You are so skinny now that your ass will look awesome in most trousers.
And your boobs are still big so who's looking at your ass, anyway?!
Birchsprite said…
I like the black pants!

ps. there still seem to be loads of people here :)
Anonymous said…
I have a navy pair of the Mickey Mouse pants and I love them! LOVE. Keep them. And the gray ones, although, honestly? They are my least favorite.
Anonymous said…
Not that you know me or anything, and thus my advice might carry very little weight.....
But I really think that the sailor pants are cute, if you remove the bottom set of buttons. And hem them.
The other two pairs are kinda wrong. I know what its like to be shopping on a budget and hating the idea of spending a lot for one item when you could get 2 or 3 for the same price, but in the end - you deserve a pair of great fitting, great looking pants! Ones that will last you!
My advice, boiled down - keep the sailor ones (and alter them....), and return the other 2 pairs and get a nice pair of black pants that you love. Maybe more expensive, but will be worth it!
Unknown said…
Keep the gray and the sailor pants. Hem them both. I think the sailor pants might need a bit of alteration. The black pants fit terribly and don't make you look like a twig (although you are). The gray ones are the best fit and your son is crazy and we will not be calling you Maw anytime soon.

Buy yourself a pair of GOOD black pants for they are used the most and can be worn for years to come. I think I'd also advise you to avoid the very wide leg. I don't think it looks good on anyone, even Stick-Straight Paltrow.
alice c said…
I'm with Negative Nancy - I can't remember what she said but she sounded as though she knew what she was talking about.
The Coffee Lady said…
okay I'm back, I've read everything

yes everyone is right about getting the Perfect Pair of Trousers at a more expensive shop, but if you're a new shape you want to play, cheaply, till you find out what you like

I spent years (and I mean YEARS) searching for the perfect pair of trousers before finally realising I looked better in a skirt

cheap stuff doesn't have to last forever, I get very very bored of Key Investment Pieces to be honest
Liz said…
I only like the grey one. To be honest they all seem big on you.
Sinda said…
I'm for the button pants first - they look very flattering - and the grey pants. But I mostly like the button pants.

Look how you drew people out of thw woodwork - we're still here, promise!
cary perk said…
I always, *always* get the ones that flatter the most because they'll make me feel the best.

And if there were any ma or grandma comments floating around a pair of pants, I'd ditch them immediately!

I don't think there's anything wrong with adding a couple of pair of cheap pants to your wardrobe when your weight is changing - and who cares if they eventually fall apart because you will have added more quality items by then...
Jen said…
the grandma pants have got to go, blackbird! the other two can both work with some tailoring, but the cut of the grey ones isn't so flattering. a long wide leg makes you look a lot taller, diminishes any hips (tho you appear to have none) and shows off your skinny waist. do you watch What Not to Wear? you could be on that show, as a consultant for the back-to-work crowd, me thinks... ;-)
jenny said…
I agree with many here, I like the grey and the button fronts the best.

But having nice ass pants? That's a good thing too.

You could return the black pants to H&M and buy one good quality pair of black pants at JCrew. They'll probably last longer and they'll go with everything.
Emily said…
i like the first two best - the button ones are cute, but i think it's better to have plainer pants that'd go with more things.
abrowncow said…
i think the black will look fine once hemmed. the grey i think just need the correct top - though they do look a bit wide in the waist.
i think the button ones are too, buttony - i tend to go plain on bottom and fancy out my tops.
Anonymous said…
Maybe keep the button ones for the weekend? They seem casual to me. And if you buy cheap pants, they just end up being cheap pants. And don't forget about Banana Republic or Club Monaco. They are similarly priced to J Crew and wear really, really well.

You, bb, are as wee as can be. Are you loving it?

Duyvken said…
i love the button pants. i too would have bought them but i wouldn't know what top to pair them with. i would take off the bottom pair of buttons though, that would balance the leg length with the waist. although i just read the newer post and know that you took them all back. so, why am i typing this? who knows! have a good day dear blackbird.
Duyvken said…
LOL on all of Kim's comments. I see her tumbleweeks and raise her some ruseted, dusty spurs.