minty fresh

There are times, at work, in which a couple of pieces of minty gum would be ideal.
But left to my own devices, alone in a room with gum in my mouth, well - let's just say I might not be the most attractive person you'd stumble upon.
I've seen a couple of women brushing their teeth in the ladies room after lunch but I can't picture myself doing this. The dim greenish light over the sinks in the loo are horribly unflattering and I just know I would end up with toothpaste on my blouse or smudge my makeup.
And, so, mints have come to my rescue.
I had thought that Altoids, in their famous red tin, would be my saviors.

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Alas, they have failed me. They seem chalky and flat tasting and, more surprisingly, they seem to leave an aftertaste in my mouth. I thought everyone LOVED Altoids. For years I've seen people with that snazzy red tin, but Altoids and I just don't seem good together.

I tried a few other brands of minty products, those Listerine strips are the devil, and although I like Altoids in the licorice variety I'm not sure they are making my breath better. Many people don't like the scent of black licorice.

Then I found Eclipse mints!


Cool! Refreshing! No aftertaste!

Could this BE a more mundane post?
I ask you.


Anonymous said…
Not to me! I am in love with eclipse mints. I carry one in my bag and have several spare tins in the pantry at all times. I know you'd smell delightful if we met and had a face to face chat!
Anonymous said…
I am a fan of the cinnamon Altoids. The Listerine strips made me gag.

And after a week of work and commuting, mundane is good!
Miz S said…
I keep a big stash of mints at work. I work head-to-head with 6 year olds, and believe me, they let you know if your breath is offensive.
alice c said…
Don't you put Eclipse mints into the snazzy red tin? Oh! I thought EVERYBODY did that.
Anonymous said…
The only good thing about Altoid mints is the tin box.

(I do like the tangerine and lemon-flavored candies they sell, though.)
Badger said…
HATE the Altoids.

LOVE the Listerine strips.

Mints containing sugar will only make your breath worse in the long run, FWIW. The sugar feeds the bacteria that's making your breath stanky in the first place.

That's your Cliff Claven trivia tip for today.
sara said…
Oh, see, I'm one of those people in the bathroom brushing their teeth after lunch. I can't get through the afternoon unless I sort of gives me my second wind.
Chris said…
I always have a tin of altoids in my purse. But I have a dark green tin, wintergreen I believe. Going againts the flow again...
islaygirl said…
i love the wintergreen altoids, but i don't think they do much for my breath. i need the gum. i just close the door to my office, pull out the box of Orbitz Bubblemint and gnaw away like a teenager. As my sister says, "we chew gum like whores."
Anonymous said…
I have to brush after lunch. I'm a total geek about my teeth.
Unknown said…
My favorite is the Altoids peppermint gum. Yes, ma'am!

It's especially good on those stressful days when I can't wait until after dark for a cigarette. It also helps combat queasiness on the bus when the traffic is bad or the bus driver is particularly erratic.
Pretty Things said…
I used to brush my teeth after lunch at the office, until toothpaste splooged on my jacket RIGHT before a meeting. Fresh breath, trash outfit.

I like Altoids Cinnamon.

But I still stash dental floss everywhere.
Suse said…
Small boys like Eclipse mints because the empty tins make excellent bombs.

Ask me how I know.
KPB said…
Flossing is the only answer for bad breath. Everything else is just clever marketing.

I love those listerine strips and how it feels like it's stripping skin from your mouth. They clear the sinuses beautifully.

I also love the eclipse mints - and the little 'snap' the lid makes as you close it. I like the cinnamon ones.

You see, I will go to many lengths to avoid flossing, such is my laziness.
Anonymous said…
I will have to try those, even though I also brush my teeth after lunch. Maybe the eclipses can come after my morning latte fogs up my breath.

Thanks for the tip. And seriously, I love it when people product test for me. Saves me the trouble.

Anonymous said…
I'm a fan of the Dentyne Fire cinnamon spicy mints. I'll tell you, they are not mundane, and I have hooked many unsuspecting non-believers. Of course, if cinnamon is not your thing, I've got nothing.


wv=myogob, I swear, wv has gotten downright witty.
Mary said…
Eclipse mints for me.

Is it a sign of aging that I so much more concerned about my breath now than I ever was when I was smoking?
Alice said…
I can't do it. Any mints whatsoever, so I'm impressed by your bold mint choices!

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