it's fine

Just because I choose to post on the weekends doesn't mean anyone else has to.
It's fine.


I would have posted today but Sorority Girl came home. We went shopping, watched a movie (Sydney White-because parts of it were filmed on her campus), made brownies, and now we're watching Dogs 101 on Animal Planet.
Mary said…
I chose to post today - so you are not alone darling!
Anonymous said…
no posting for me but I'll keep you company. Let's dust off the picnic basket, fill it with wine and cheese and bread and go watch Eurolush and Eleanor run themselves silly. It will be great fun. Promise.
Anonymous said…
I hear ya.
My weekends are SO slow with much people takign time off. So thank you for keeping me busy reading.
Yours faithfully
Duyvken said…
Honey, I can't post until I DO SOME QUILTING.

Sadly, I have to admit that I have spent the weekend eating baklava and raking leaves.

It might be a while before you hear from me.
Anonymous said…
I posted too, but I lost my bloglines. I might have missed out on lots of important stuff and no one will see my post...
Eleanor said…
I see.
Well then.
The last time I caught a blackbird in my comment box was October 6 10:22pm (Sydney time).

It is now November 16 10:22pm.

Not that I'm counting, or anything.
It's fine.

P.S. I'm planning to move my blog to the fifth floor.
Anonymous said…
Are you neglecting wittle Eleanor?

Nobody puts baby in the corner!

You really should go visit. She has written perhaps the best smack-down post ever written.
Miz S said…
I posted the shocking true story of my juvenile life of crime.
Badger said…
Um, what part of Song Lyric SATURDAY do you not understand?

OMG, my WVW is sushish. Now I'm hungry.
Stephanie said…
har har har

Anonymous said…
Good one.