I would advise against the Pottery Barn Sausalito dishes

I bought dishes five years ago - when we renovated the kitchen.
Plain white, heavy and large, I bought dinner plates, sandwich plates, cereal bowls, pasta bowls and mugs. Eight of each.
The glaze on the mugs crazed after about a month. I told myself it was vintage-looking and that I'd probably pay money for it at Anthropologie.
Our flatware scratched the plates leaving long gray streaks all over them. I tried not to look at them without food. No amount of baking soda scrub removed the marks.
Four of the dinner plates cracked. I know not why, or how.
Even though they are labeled microwave safe, and even though we rarely microwave, we've noticed that the mugs get far too hot in the microwave.
The plates don't fit in the microwave.
Are you sensing the pattern here?
It was the first time I had ever gone and bought a matching set of dishes. I was so pleased with myself and now it seems I bought the wrong dishes. (Oh, and, they didn't fit in our cabinets - stay away from 12 inch dinner plates.)

Youngest and I were researching new plates on my laptop when we decided that new dishes would be a good Christmas present for K to give me - because I'm practical like that.

K took me shopping.


We bought dishes.


White dishes...and soup bowls and cereal bowls and mugs.

It wasn't easy choosing them. One set had bowls that were too small and one set had bowls that were too big. There were lots of mug choices, and lots of great stuff to look at...

Can I send a set of Heroes Of The Torah glassware to anyone?

heroes of the <span class=


After our dishes were all packed up we went across the street.

peace and branches

We saw buddhas -

<span class=

and wonderful woolens -

slippers and mittens

and, um, crystals in sand in fish tanks.

crystals in sand

I'd love to have crystals in sand in fish tanks but I'm thinking the execution of the crystals in sand in fish tanks is trickier than it looks. First of all, it's probably an antique fish tank or some damn thing and secondly, can you imagine it in my home? I mean, would it be like: look at my pet crystals! They do look well behaved though, don't they?

bird feet and acorns

I love Jeanine Payer jewelry...and look! Bird feet!

Outside it was windy and the cold was creeping in.


We stopped to admire the windows and Christmas started to seep into me.



KPB said…
I love those little court jester boots - oh so delightful.

And I like those big mugs on the shelf in your first picture.

That is all.
Eliane said…
Another reason to buy second hand. If they're second hand and still not scratched, they must be good quality. I have six or so lovely blue-greenish dinner plates, for almost no money. I'll walk to the kitchen right now to check which brand they are. Back. Biltons Staffordshire England. there you go.
I, too, am loving the Jeanine Payer! There is a ring in that very case at ABC inscribed with this...
"As I dig for wild orchids in the Autumn fields,
it is the deeply-bedded root that I desire,
not the flower."
- Izumi Shikibu.
I am enthralled...and if I ever marry again I want this for my wedding band!

Thanks for the photos - I am always sad to be so far away from the city at Christmas time, and your taste of ABC windows has filled my heart!

Happy Saturday -
One of the last things I learned before I became a PB Refugee was that sometime this winter Sausalito is going to be NEW! IMPROVED! BETTER!
I won't be there to jump up and down in excitement.

My set of PB Sophia dinnerware has exactly the same set of issues as the Sausalito.
Anonymous said…
We have the Sausalito as well, some have chips on the side form the in and out of the dishwasher and many have the scratches you mention. I suppose I will live with them for now since I haven't seen an option I like yet. We are, however, going to replace our other set of dishes that came from a cheap and cheerful place here called China fair. As you would imagine everything came from China and is cheap, cheap CHEAP. They get so hot in the microwave you can't tough them so I imagine they are full of lovely things like lead and heavy metals in the slip or clay. I've also broken 2 martini glasses and 4 wine glasses in the past month. HELLO! Time for a little re-stock. That did look like such a nice day out. I have always lusted after ads for ABC and wished we had one nearby.
Anonymous said…
We've had our white dishes for 17 years and counting and love them. If you hadn't already picked out a new set, I'd recommend Williams Sonoma.

Can you PLEASE tell me which store carried those woolens? I know a little girl who'd love those slippers/booties with the pom-pom decorations.
Anonymous said…
Fish's Eddie or is it Eddie's is one of my all time favorite stores! So is the one across the street! Thanks for the pictures!
Fannie said…
I've been disappointed in several of my PB purshases.

PS - Hee, my word verification is "drats"
Anonymous said…
Please explain the hands to me. They're kinda skeeving me out a bit.
smalltownme said…
Yes, the creepy white hands reaching up to grab me....I do. not. like.
MsCellania said…
We now stay the Hell away from all things PB. Also Renovation Hardware, who not only refuses, REFUSES, I tell you, to take us off mailing list--they added our names to all their unholy offspring catalogs.
I have had the best luck with Williams Sonoma purchases. Except for the French dishes I snagged at 75% off - they are so heavy. But Oh So lovely...*sigh*
Isn't finding a set with the correct size everything darn near impossible? What in the heck happened to practical cereal bowl size? Flattish dinner plates - not glorified bowls? Luncheon plates larger diameter than your hand?
Amy A. said…
I love going shopping with you.
Anonymous said…
I have always had those problems wit dishes....that is why we ONLY buy dishes and things from Ross or Target. We spend way less and don' feel bad about replacing them when needed.

I love yor blog and will soon be back
islaygirl said…
you were at ABC carpet and home, weren't you? the first place i go whenever i'm in that part of the world. LOVE IT.
Anonymous said…
So much to comment on!

The hands are weird, especially the one with the mutant grown-together fingers.

I did a double take at the mittens -- two weeks ago I knitted a pair of mittens EXACTLY like the pink ones. How did they get into that store that must be at least a thousand miles away?

We have the same gray streaking issue with our white dishes, but they are are Mal-Wart and were cheapcheapcheap. I am thinking it is about time to replace them, but the cereal bowls are PERFECT SIZE. I'll have to check out Williams Sonoma.

I love going on an outing with you!
Wendy said…
I loved the dishes they carried that were from old hotels and inns. I already have far more dishes than I have room to store, so I didn't even consider stopping in there this summer. Those porcelain glove molds are oddly appealing to me.
Maggie May said…
lovely pictures, i'm so glad you decided to post all these. love hte magical/cream/foresty look of the last picture.
Paula said…
You sound like me in your choices for Christmas gifts, but I wouldn't say no to that beautiful bracelet up there that looks like sea glass.

Hmm...gives me an idea.
Miz S said…
The hands are weird.

I love new dishes. As I type that, I realize that I have never bought a BRAND-new set of dishes. Hmmmm. Since I am very grown up these days, perhaps I shall treat myself.
Ali said…
Oooh - I know exactly where you were! How cosmopolitain I feel...

And the right size bowl really does matter a lot, doesn't it?
Anonymous said…
LOVE those white hands! Wendy called them porcelain glove molds, is that what they are? How does one use a glove mold, what are they for? Are they sturdy? I would like to epoxy them to a piece of wood, hang them on a wall and use them as a coat rack! Too Cool.
Where I can get them.
I'll probebly be sent to the corner for this but those "Heros of the Torah" look kinda like my next door neighbor's lawn gnomes.
Too funny!
I never thought of keeping pet rocks in a fish tank - assuming crystals are just the DIVAs of the rock family. Do they get away if you don't keep them corraled?
Love going shopping with you guys!

WOW! Have you ever tried the audio word verication feature? TOTALLY STRANGE!!!!! Sounds like the voices I hear in my head when I don't take my medication -- KIDDING, JUST KIDDING!!!
Anonymous said…
WERE YOU AT FISH'S EDDYS??? I am insane with jealousy. Truly I am. I only know them from online, but I know I'd spend all of my money there if I could get there in person.
I think PB is overrated. My rummage sale china is still in fabulous shape and I know for a fact that it is over 60 years old!

Happy that Christmas is seeping into you.
Anonymous said…
Those slipper boots!
Now I have to go and search for them...
Carol said…
We have a set of Heros of the Torah glasses! I think those serious, hairy old HOTT guys make great juice glasses. Are those matching coasters next to the creepy white hands? I think I need those too.
Unknown said…
How can I get a set of those Heroes of the Torah glasses. And no, I'm NOT kidding. We need them desperately here at Casa Broken Glasses.

My knowledge of white plates is fairly extensive and I've never found pure white plates that don't get those silver scratches from your utensils. I buy a LOT of white plates (my son breaks them constantly, don't ask) and I've discovered that the ones that last the best are from restaurant supply houses. Fortunately we have one right around the corner and when they get down to a weird amount, the owner let's me know and gives them to me for a song. So I have 5 of one set, and 3 of another. They're all white. What do I care?
Duyvken said…
You can pick up that beach glass bracelet for me next time you're there! Happy new dishes to you, BB.
Mary said…
Those photos made me very happy - even the white hands!!
Anonymous said…
What lovely browsing. Thank you.

I like my plain white Fiestware dishes that I pick up at Macy's. Plain, but good. And usually on sale. I'm glad you have new dishes now.
Gill said…
Oh me too, me too...reading your blog and thinking I know where you are!!!

We love ABC and Fishs Eddy thanks to our mutual friend who resides Above the GWB. Thank you for sharing those lovely Christmas windows with me, too.
Burgh Baby said…
The next time the Saltwater Fishtank of Horrors decides to explode, I'm absolutely turning it into a crystal house. It's going to ROCK.
Anonymous said…
I googled PB Sophia dinnerware and came to this blog. I was curious what has been written about PB dinnerware. I registered for PB Sophia dinnerware for my wedding over 5 years ago and hate my dinnerware, it has cracked in the microwave and one plate exploded the other day. The mugs, when heating up water I can not touch the handle on most of the mugs but can on a few. I was telling my mother the issues I have had and she suggested I try and return the dinnerware. I called PB and they said no since they do not sell that style anymore and their return policy has changed. I will never buy anything to eat off of at PB that is for sure.

Anonymous said…
I have 2 sets of PB Sausalito dinnerware and love them! I received them as Christmas gifts to match the theme to the new home we had purchased and so they sat in their original packaging for over 3 months. When I was unpacking them, one plate was cracked and so I took it to PB and without question replaced it for me! I love them! They are ceramic, so yes, they chip easier than Corelle, but you should have known that purchasing CERAMIC dinnerware. I heat coffee in my mugs all the time and never have a problem with it! I also have no problems putting my plated into the microwave....so you must have a tiny micro! I also have no problems getting the dinner plated in my cupboards; they are only 12 inches!! If you were having problems with them, you should have taken them back to PB immediately and they would have made it right!!! 5 years is a long time to hate your dinnerware and not do anything about it! I absolutely love mine and wouldn't trade it for anything!!!
Anonymous said…
About those sausalito blanca. I also purchased a set of blanca (white) and celery (green) about 5 years ago. The grey marks on the blanca are terrible! With my husband on business trip, I decided to make a mess and scrub the dinner plates with Barkeep's Friend. About 95% of the grey marks disappeared!
We, too cannot microwave the plates or cups because they become scalding hot; hotter than the food or drink they hold!
I can't help but wonder if pottery barn realized back then that they had issues and changed something...
homenhoney said…
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