I watched ten minutes of Survivor...

but it was a "previously unseen footage" episode, and I was really really full from dinner and tired and I had to work with Middle on the last and exhausting piece of his college essay and I still have a cough and tomorrow I have to make the house pretty for Paola. So I didn't write a recap.

As you were.


Dani said…
Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

You aren't alone with the sore feet. And legs. And back. And... oh, never mind. It was worth it, right? :)
Anonymous said…
And the house is VERY pretty, cozy, familiar and warm just like yourself and K.
And should I mention the little birds? They are AWESOME, more so in person.
Anonymous said…
I detest those episodes, so am glad that I was too full and sleepy to watch it too.

When is she coming? So exciting. Have a wonderful visit.