Yesterday was the second annual Basket Auction to fund research for APS Type 1, a very rare medical condition that our nephew M has been diagnosed with.
M is a sparkly bright little boy who brings enthusiasm and exuberance to everything he does and our family's life. Although his health must be diligently monitored, medicated and checked, his parents (K's sister and her husband) work tirelessly to solicit donations, put together extraordinary gift baskets and organize this event.
It is a wonderful way for each member of the family to pitch in - to feel like they can make a difference. A fairly substantial amount of money was generated by this auction last year but, of course, we will always strive to raise more.
You can read about last year's auction here, more about The National Organization For Rare Diseases and their work to fund research here, and learn how to make a donation here. Feel free to email me if you would like to donate any amount at all in M's full name.

We thank you...and hope you have a beautiful Sunday.