yes, I'm still writing the Survivor recap, and I'm still working

New tribes!
Pot pie!
14 contestants remain!
Jaqui (spelling? who cares?!) went home last week and Sugar returns from another trip to Exile Island. (Is it really an island?) She's disappointed to see that her new team includes Kelly.
Crystal has a lot of attitude and wants to get rid of Sugar. I want to get rid of Crystal. So negative!

The Kotas have caught electric fish. No, I don't understand that either. Randy seems happy - crazy, but happy.
An elephant is very close to the Fang camp and they sit and admire it - and then a couple of them get into the canoe to be closer to it. We are lead to believe that this is dangerous but it doesn't seem too dangerous to us.

But there's no time to admire the wildlife as it's time for the first immunity challenge of the evening as team members must toss fruit through a large hole in a larger net while opposing members attempt to deflect the fruit with bats. I know it sounds a little crazy but it seemed to make sense in context, as did the reward which was more fruit, herb plants and some salt and oil. Great effort is expended on both sides but Kota win and Sugar gets sent back to her Sugar Shack on Exile Island.

Kota now have fruit and herbs. They are excited. Dan wants to "light a fire under people!"
Marcus is wary of Dan's fiesty attitude.
Susie is too quiet - clearly she is going to be one of those players who comes into their own late in the game, if she lasts that long.
Randy goes for a swim.
Meanwhile Sugar is very happy on Exile Island - she's got the idol and all the comforts of camping.

The Fang team is rationing rice and being cranky. GC and Crystal are the most outspoken members of the tribe and the rest of the team is cracking under the strain of so many losses while Ace sits back and loves the discord. GC has had enough and wants to leave and Ace is happy to oblige him.

For the Immunity Challenge teams must roll a large ball down a hill where blindfolded opponents try to keep it from reaching a goal area by being directed by fellow tribe members.
Kota win.

After a commercial and some random elephant shots it is day 15. 15 days and the Fangs are crankier still. GC complains some more, Matty pounces on the opportunity to have him sent home, Crystal doesn't want to hear about it and pretty much everyone agrees that it is time for him to leave. But, while Ace and Sugar are out in the boat, the rest of the team go through her bag and find the idol. There is a last minute scramble to convince people to vote her out - to blindside her.

At Tribal Council, Jeff talks about the wear and tear on the team.
Ace discusses how they are doing.
GC talks about how hard his life has been, how he wants to go home.
Sugar gets weepy.
Sugar doesn't play the idol.
They vote for GC anyway - he leaves and I'm dead tired.

Grab your torches and head back to camp.
That's all I've got for ya.


Anonymous said…
I am the first to comment. I am the ultimate survivor. I win.
Anonymous said…
It's Friday, Survivor recap. But I tip my hat to you
Dani said…
It's Friday. :)
jenny said…
I'm watching them ondemand a week behind and I thought I could resist your recaps...


Am pleased to see that GC gets the boot though.
Grandma Cebe said…
Fang is such a pathetic tribe. They should all be sent home.
Anonymous said…
all they had to do was have someone whisper to sugar that "they are going to vote you out, play the idol, they are voting for you". She would have gotten nervous, played the idol, and they could still have all voted for GC. that way you get the idol out of play, AND get rid of GC. stupid.
Anonymous said…
Oh how I loved that ball rolling challenge. "Freeze, Ace!" And he did. Loved, loved, loved it. I was too sick with a cold to REALLY enjoy Survivor with my Thursday friends, but it was still fun. And I had a grilled Beecher's cheddar cheese sandwich with red onion confit. Almost as nummy as pot pie.

Lifeofkaylen said…
You missed the part where GC tells us all that he didn't realize it was going to be so hard and that he would only be eating rice and living so poorly and having to lie to other people and use strategy to plot against each if he had never seen the show before. It's actually even in the title:
Outwit, Outlast, OutOutOut with comfort. There was something just not right with him...I guess I'll be leader, wait you guys forced me to be leader, I'm gonna wake up at 5am and make noise, don't tell me what to do, I won't eat rice if you tell me to eat rice, etc.
I'm sooo glad he is gone-he was really obnoxious.
Anonymous said…
I am suprised how much Ace has grown on me.
Anonymous said…
That Crystal is really hungry. I think that's why she's so cranky. I'm already imagining her full and happy at the finale. Because that's just so much easier to watch.