week three? or: things I've learned at work, a list

1. My boss, who is a joy to work for, travels a lot. My job entails arranging for his travel and, almost literally, getting him out the door. I am very busy when he is in the office but things tend to grind to a halt when he is out. So far, I have been able to find work for myself in his absence but it may become a problem in the future. It has also been made clear to me that I can make whatever I like of my position and I am considering my options as I move forward. There is nothing wrong with being able to leave at 5:00 as my head is still somewhat torn between work and home but this will undoubtedly change in time.

2. A fellow employee, who sits about 30 feet away from me, has an awful cough. It's the kind of cough that has me jump to attention and wonder where the Maxair/Pulmacort/Proventil is as I am the mother of a person with Serious Chronic Asthma.

3. I have made friends with dozens of people, but especially one particular assistant who is scarcely older than Oldest. He has been absolutely delightful and assisted me with tasks that would bore many people and I am thrilled to see him each day.

4. The baked potatoes across the street are three times larger than the baked potatoes at the fancy baked potato store and much less expensive.

5. I've had a couple of lunches with the woman who had my job before me and I like her. She is young, French, adorable, and has lots and lots of good information for me. After speaking with her for extended periods, she with her French accent and me with my Tuvaluan accent, I have found that I no longer say my H's. So, for example, hours after a lunch with her, I find myself asking if the otel in Amburg is osting a cocktail party for undreds of appy travelers.

6. It is very very quiet and sometimes lonely where my office is. I am happy, when I notice this, to walk a very long distance to the mailroom to pick up envelopes or pens.

7. Because my boss is Very Important, I could ask for all sorts of things. But I don't. And I don't expect I will. I am very conscious of the way I am perceived.

8. The best way to deal with people who are condescending is to remember to say good morning to them. This rule probably works in Real Life as well.

9. Most people don't seem to mind that I am Much Older and, if I mention it, they seem non-plussed. I have stopped mentioning it.

10. Cranky people are best left alone. If someone else can be asked the same question, I ask the other person, if not, I am polite and don't take it personally. Cranky people are often just cranky and their mood has nothing to do with me...I've realized.


Miz S said…
I wish you were my assistant. But if you were, your job would never be quiet or slow.
Anonymous said…
I wish I worked with you, as you keep everything in perspective, which is a nice change from people who freak out on occasion.

And, unlike my boss, I know you would admit if you made the rare mistake, as opposed to always including me in the blame.
Congratulations on finding your balance so quickly! I think the advantage to being older than 25 is not taking it all so personally.
Dani said…
#1 - Finding something to do is a job within itself. I've been dealing with that problem for a while since business has slowed down. (You'll be Twittering from your desk before you know it, lol.)

#5 - You made me snort. :)

#7 - Of course. I wouldn't expect anything less.

#8 - My sentiments EXACTLY.

#9 - People don't seem to mind that I was working in the job that they have since before they were born, or at least in diapers. I still mention it.

Love your list!
I am beginning to want your job. And, I too, avoid the cranky person. Too often you get caught up in a cranky diatribe which, even when aimed at someone else, is tedious at best.
eurolush said…
Good morning.
RW said…
These are excellent observations - the big one for me is not taking situations personally - usually there is a lot of other things going on and they rarely involve me.
Julia said…
A wise list. I especially like the good morning idea, perhaps with a slight nod of the head following?
Jen said…
That's the beauty of being Older--realizing that other people's crank is about them and not you.
telfair said…
I hate that feeling of not having enough to do. I actually quit a job once because I was so bored that I worried I was slipping into a clinical depression.

But it sounds like there are so many other awesome things about your job that you can balance it. And having nice busy periods to look forward to really helps. I'm sure as they see your skills sets and efficiency, you will soon have way more than you wanted and won't even notice the lonely office times or the guy with whooping cough across the way.
Amy A. said…
Your number 10 is a very healthy outlook. I'll have to rememer that one.
smalltownmom said…
Only 3 weeks in, and you are getting along very nicely. Congrats! I'm sure you will be able to find something to do during those down periods. There's always something that no one else wants to tackle.
Anonymous said…
What a nice list.
Robin said…
Office life can be full of pitfalls that are dictated by the ever-changing dynamics of the office. Your astute and mature perspective is a big help to those of us who succumb to office drama.

Poppy Buxom said…
All I know is your Week 3 beats Badger's Day 3 by a mile!
Mrs. G. said…
Only in Tuvalu is there a fancy baked potato STORE.
MsCellania said…
Ha! Our fancy baked potato store is called WENDY'S.
Other than dying of envy, I love your new life!
Loretta said…
Sounds like you have a good handle on office politics. I have found that it is 75% of the job.
Anonymous said…
Wise words. The details are essential in know how the world works and you seem to have the details covered.
barbra said…
You have made some wise realizations at work, which is no surprise, because it is your way.
jenny said…
I had no idea what I was going to comment but Mscellania totally cracked me up.

And then I thought "well, at least she HAS a Wendy's."
Anne said…
Neat. This is a good idea.

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