an unexpected evening

I didn't see Survivor last night - one of you fill me in! (I'd be happy to post a guest re-cap if anyone volunteers.)
Things are humming along here in my little nest but we've had some bumps in our road this week and I had to be somewhere other than my couch last night. (Don't worry, we are all fine! FINE I TELL YOU.)

So, instead of telling you about last night's episode I will tell you:

That I see countless wonderful outfits every day and I don't have my camera with me! But I'm due for a new cell phone and hoping that what with all this new moderne technology my new phone will have a camera. Because the clothes I've seen on people in town are worth showing you. Yesterday? I saw a woman in baggy pants with hand sewn appliqued illustrations of people all over them. Then I saw a big giant man in a red leopard cowboy hat! And after that, I saw a lady in a gorgeous paisley skirt and beautiful high heeled boots. Oh, the shame of not having a camera to document these things for you....

I love my job! I love it. I sit in meetings smiling and nodding, like an idiot. Everything is falling into place and, and, and, I may even be able to parlay some of my mad internet skills into my job description. Some staff members have been told that I am a blogger and want to pick my brain. Very exciting. How to do this and remain anonymous? I DON'T KNOW. But I'll figure it out.

There's been a cold snap here and I have been driving the boys to school and then parking the car at the station, so my wardrobe has changed again! I don't have to dress for the cold scooter ride at 7:45 am.

They have learned my order at the coffee shop downstairs: small cafe au lait, decaf, whole milk. Two dollars and seventeen cents. I've been leaving fifty cents in the tip jar on the counter. Is that too much?

Yesterday I forced myself to eat half a tuna sandwich at lunchtime. This is a breakthrough. I haven't been eating and discovered, when I did, that I felt better in the afternoon. (I know what you are thinking: what a jerk!)

I've been put in charge of arranging the holiday party at the office. Not my favorite thing but, when I put out a company-wide email asking for people to help me, over a dozen people sprang to my assistance. There needs to be a theme and decorations and I've heard that past parties have been knock-outs. It's a lot of pressure but I have lots of help.

My house is filthy! Really! Some of you would be so proud. I've let everything but the necessities go. We all have underwear and socks and the boys have had hot food every night. I'm sighing as I write this.

On Monday I am attending a "gala" with fellow employees. I'll get a chance to see people I worked with many years ago. I am nervous and excited and need to remember to do my eyebrows - because I'm sure that people who haven't seen me in 15 years will notice my eyebrows first, right?

The boys want to make candy apples this weekend. I think we all remember how that went last time. Wish me luck!

Okay? It better be!


Anonymous said…
I'm glad everything is falling into place.

How about recruiting some of those strapping young men in your house to help with cleaning?
Dani said…
I'm in the middle of writing a post about "blogging on the sly". I'm curious to see how/if you pull off the brain-picking without outing yourself!

My blog is, unfortunately, already known to my most-likely future employer (will know in a day or two if I'm hired) due to my last post. It's making me uncomfortable.
alice c said…
Have they been told the truth? That you are a Famous Blogger with a worldwide audience?

p.s. the underwear/socks combo may need supplementing when the weather gets colder. Perhaps you could do a tutorial on how to wear a blanket and still look stylish.
RW said…
I am pleased to "hear" that you enjoy your job. Your enthusiasm is inspiring. I look forward to hearing your party prep stories.

My corporation has cancelled their company wide party this year. Departments can hold smaller low-key versions if they choose.

I don't really care as I haven't attended the big function very often.
That One said…
I would love to see the pictures of the awesome outfits you're seeing. Totally lacking in style over her in Tuliland and I need to change that. Hope you get that new camera phone soon!

I'm also very glad you're happy with your new job. I hate my job with the burning passion of a thousand suns and I am miserable every morning when the alarm goes off. (Am hoping for a new position upon graduation next April.)
Anonymous said…
Well, a sandwich can do miracles. Told you so (I am amazed nobody said this to you and felt compelled to!)
$ 2,17 for a coffee???? Wow. And you tip too.
Pictures would be just great, thank you.
I am glad everything was FINE.
Grandma Cebe said…
Survivor was predictable and pathetic.

Fang lost the reward challenge. Sugar was sent to Exile. Fang had only 6 days worth of rice. Kota filled up on their reward plus made a gumbo from a sea turtle they caught. Fat and happy, they were.

There was a bright glimmer of hope on the immunity challenge, but due to Ace's ego, Fang threw it away. Fang should just be put out of their misery and every one sent home. Instead, it was Kelly that got the boot. Surprise, surprise.

You didn't miss much.
Anonymous said…
Good Lawd.

Have two years really passed since last we read of the candy apples?

Allison said…
It is so nice to walk into a place and they know your order. Kudos to you for the nice tips, esp. in these times. I am sure they appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you and the job are meshing so well. Looking forward to photos of astonishing garb seen on the street.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I don't know why I even watch Survivor, so no, you didn't miss much and the comment from Motocycle Grandma pretty much sums it up. At least they didn't show them killing the turtle for the soup. It was HUGE!

Love that you are loving the job! I have a suggestion for the party theme. Stylish Sustainability. There.

Have a lovely weekend, bb. I can't wait for mine to start.

Sarah said…
Holy cats, you've got a lot going on. Sounds like you're living on adrenaline.

Also, it looks like it's time to teach Middle and Youngest how to do laundry. Also, it's time for me to teach my kids, the same ages as your two younger ones, the same. May be more trouble than it's worth.
tut-tut said…
a gala! my god.
StLmom said…
Well, obviously you'll have to confess that you're Dooce.
MsCellania said…
Hmmm, forego the LG washer/dryer and get an every-other-week cleaning crew in there. I LOVE our ladies - teams of 2 of a four-sister cleaning company who faithfully show up and I am not kidding -- FIND stuff to clean. When they tell me what they did as they're leaving, I think "WOW! I bow at your Altar of Clean, ladies!" It forces us to organize and pick up the house every two weeks, and it stays clean for a long time. Or hire someone to just come in and vacuum and clean the bathrooms and all floors! I bet you guys keep your kitchen pretty clean...
But the best thing - YOU LOVE YOUR JOB!
Mary said…
i agree with mscellania - maybe every fortnight get someone on to do floors and BATHROOMS (the joy) - a luxury but good for the soul.

I am so so so proud of you - I am not sure that you have a sister but I feel like an Aussie sister of yours who would just love to give you a proud hug.

Consider it done!
Jennifer said…
Your work sounds fun and inspiring :)

I do find that .50 is a bit much of a tip every day. Maybe once a week? Considering the high price of the drink.

You know what... I DO notice peoples eyebrows... sorry.. It's the cosmotology freak in me I suppose :)

I don't even need to click over to the old candy apple. I REMEMBER all too well, and still remember never to try to make them. Although..... I did see such a yummy looking one in a magazine the other day. CARMEL and CHOCOLATE candied apples. Mmmmmmmm
Amy A. said…
You need a small camera just for your hand bag.

Be sure to show us your gala outfit.

Have a well-rested weekend. You've earned it.
Anonymous said…
Okay? Marvelous. Exhilarating, even. I'm excited for you!

Have a great weekend, bb.

KPB said…
I'm so pleased your house is filthy.

But you know, I was thinking of you last night, as I am want to do, and it came to me that your wonderful boys should be putting a load of washing on, cleaning a bathroom, vacuuming a lounge room ... and so on and so forth.
Anonymous said…
Do you think you could talk them into caramel apples instead? Personally, I think making caramel is easier than making hard candy. This recipe looked good:

So glad you're having fun at work!

You are not alone on the home front - my house is a low-level disaster all the time right now. If I could afford to hire back my cleaning lady, I would, but alas -- my children need child care. Sigh!
Elan Morgan said…
Yes! Street photographs!
Susie Sunshine said…
I would pay admission to be able to attend this holiday party! I have no doubt it will be lovely and memorable and completely Xerox buttcheek-free!