the Survivor recap, yes, even though I'm working

My mom picked me up at the station and brought us a nice brisket with gravy. K was home and had vacuumed and made mashed potatoes, and the plumber came and cleared the drains in our showers! A banner evening.
After our yummy meal we settled in our places in the living room and WHILE I MELTED FROM EXHAUSTION I took notes.

Remember how Sugar surprised us last week? Remember how I think Ace is okay? Remember, too, that Paloma was sent home.

15 players are left - it's night 9 and we are at the Kota camp.
Kelly is sad that Paloma went home. Kelly feels left out. Kelly feels vulnerable. Kelly is a whiner.
She doesn't like Ace either.
Ace hated tribal council and likens it to having his wisdom teeth pulled.
Bob looks terrible.

Randy is talking, again, about rationing food. No one on his team seems to care about the rice supply and there is some discussion about gathering fruit and lines are drawn and alliances made. The team splits and Randy, Susie, Dan and Matty bond.

On day 10 there is what we think will be a challenge but it turns out to be the re-forming of teams. First, each team ranks their players in order of importance and then the two most important players - Marcus and Matty (what do I know?) start the choosing.
The new teams are:
Kota - Marcus, Dan, Charlie (who is SO happy to be with Marcus again!), Randy, Corinne, Susie and Bob.
Fang - Matty, Ace, Crystal, Jacqui,Ken,Kelly and GC.

Sugar is not chosen by either team and therefore sent to Exile until one of the teams loses a player.
We think it's a little early in the game for this kind of change-up but it's just the kind of thing that keeps the show fresh - which is saying something.

Kota return to camp with some excitement. They have four original members and Randy believes they will stick together. Susie is very happy to be there and tells us she will work hard to be kept on board.

On Exile, Sugar has the opportunity to choose comfort over a clue, as she has the idol and snuggles into a hammock with lots of fresh fruit. It doesn't look to bad - she takes a swim and hopes that she'll end up with her buddy, Ace.

At Fang, GC is happy. He feels like he's in a better position on his new team. Fang, it turns out, has fresh ginger and watercress with THEIR rice. Crystal feels Kelly may belong there.Kelly bonds with Ken who says he will use her for her vote.

The Immunity Challenge is TOUGH.
It's Water Lacrosse, played in tubes which much be paddled around with the lacrosse sticks.
After some exciting play (tough I tell you) it is RANDY WHO WE CAN'T STAND who makes the only three goals and wins the game for Kota.

Jeff tells Fang that it was one of the worst challenge performances he's ever seen and we might agree with him.
Fang feel terrible and are pretty bummed by the time they get to camp and Kelly and Jacqui get started pleading their cases quickly.
If Sugar returns with the hidden idol the politics in the game could change.

At Tribal there is lots of talk about trust and then Youngest came home and I missed some dialogue. Kelly says there are weaker members on her team and Crystal defends herself.
Jackie (or Jacquie, or Jacquee, or Jackee) gets sent home and Sugar will join the team next week.

I'm off to the train!
It's Friday and I was offered the opportunity to leave early and I JUST MIGHT DO IT.



Go home early!! Ha!

Happy blogoversary!
Saoirse said…

When offered the opportunity to do so, ALWAYS JUMP AT THE CHANCE to leave early!!

Mary Beth said…
AUGH! Fang deserves to lose every challenge from now on because they are so STUPID! I can't believe they voted off Jackie so they could keep that blob, Kelly. And I'm sorry, but Crystal doesn't pull her own weight regardless of what she says. Either that or the producers hate her because all you see is her lying around. Bleah! I'm so over that tribe. I can't wait for the merge - I just hope Ace and Sugar make it through.
Badger said…
But is it CASUAL Friday? And if so, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?

Is it just me or is Jeff extra douchey this season? He is on my last nerve, yo.

I am not loving ANYONE so far. Except maybe Bob.
Dani said…
Agreed: LEAVE. If you don't they may think you aren't the leavin' early type and not offer again.

(I tagged you for Twitter meme. Go see today's blog post or check your Twitter replies!)