stumbling around

Chocolate cake in five minutes! Really? It doesn't look too good to me - one of you can try it and report back.

Here's a 36 week collaborative book project. Fascinating and beautiful. I'd love to be involved with something like this.

Jack and Friends has retro and vintage home decor items. I have a crush on enamelware. Old looking jars and bottles are a close second.

I love love love exactitudes. Photos of people who are the same - but different. Go might be there a while.

Halloween is right around the corner. Need inspiration for a costume? Look here.

A new way to make flowers with paper. Well, new to me anyway.

I've always wanted to know how to say neither have you in Japanese. Now I can.


Anonymous said…
Step away from the recipe! It is truly vile and not even teenage boys will eat it.
Eliane said…
93 is my son.
Anonymous said…
Links! Links! Links!

Methinks me likes links!
Anonymous said…
Stumble is so amazing.
After 104 pages of exactitudes I've decided my favorites are #17 (mohawks) and #45 (Girls From Ipanema). But I had to look up the definition of Bundaboys. Now I know!
MsCellania said…
Oh, that book!
Much linky goodness today.
Eleanor said…
Oh, I simply adore that collaborative book project. Such a great idea...but you know, bb, I think your blogging community is creating a similar collaborative virtual book. With links and comments and memes, we are all collaborating artists.

I also can't stop thinking about your previous post's comment in which you wonder whether blogging anonymously was the right choice. Much to think about there, because if you do think of your blogging as a precious, unique writing form and style, then it IS disappointing not to be able to be known for it. Your writing is all that, I think!

That's all. Philosophy 101 is finished. I'm quite the serious thinker today aren't I?