a stumble post

No room for a garden? I'm thinking of sending one of these to our friends in Japan.

Hat boxes can be fun to decorate with...this place is a great source for vintage ones.

Wander through The Museum Of Bad Art.

Gaze upon a portrait.

Debate the merits of Halloween decorating.

Uppercase accessories.

25 unique wedding cake toppers! 25!

Have we strolled through the Cyber Toaster Museum before? We can again.

Listen to the musical road, via MAKE blog. It's pretty groovy. Heh. (I've encountered a problem with this link...)
so here's another fun place.


Anonymous said…
Thanks, you have given me a very interesting start to my day!
Marsha from Mass
Anonymous said…
Lots to look at and ponder today. I can't believe some (most) of those cakes.
Anonymous said…
It's Thursday already!
Unknown said…
The Museum of Bad Art is in the next town over, and I highly recommend going. It is hilarious. I mean, knock your socks off hilarious.
barbra said…
The cake site is my favorite of those. Some of them are really quite pretty!
Anonymous said…
"Shut up, shut up--you had me at hat boxes." (can you reference the misquote?) Thanks so much for the link, bb. I am DYING to get rid of the tattered Ikea boxes in my elegant new bathroom, and vintage hat boxes for my open shelving will be just the ticket.

Anonymous said…
Do you think theres a real Toaster Museum somewhere?

I just can't seem to get enough.
Anonymous said…
The musical road was very cool. I love stumble.
Anonymous said…
I love toast!
great finds :)
Anonymous said…
the cake toppers in number 23 (the one that also says free ballard) are at a store called archie mcphee in washington. i was just there for the first time today and saw them, i thought they were hilarious.

you can find some of them at their online store: http://www.mcphee.com/

they have some really great, really random stuff. check it out.

- cristina