the six things meme

Dani tagged me for this. Dani is the most tenacious twitterer in all the land. And, if you are in her neighborhood and need volunteers for any kind of event, you should call her. I've met her for coffee a couple of times and I can vouch for her dedication of spirit. Plus, she's funny as hell.

Anyway, this particular meme is six things you wouldn't know about me from my blog.
As you read last week, I've been blogging for four years now - so it's kind of hard for me to imagine that there ARE six things you don't know about me...but I'll give it a shot.
(Whilst feeling kind of stumped I asked Middle for advice. He suggested that I tell you my name, our address, our phone number and the story of our vast inheritance. Isn't he funny?)

1. I've never seen Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, Apocalypse Now, or The Deer Hunter. But I've seen plenty of old black and white war movies.

2. I have no mechanical sense at all. Without shows like Mythbusters or How It's Made I wouldn't have any idea how things like toasters or televisions work.

3. I have never been water skiing.

4. Frogs skeeve me out.

5. Sometimes I hate mushrooms, sometimes I like mushrooms.

6. I'm a lot sillier than anyone realizes.


Anonymous said…
Dear Middle, while you never cease to amuse me you must think of something else. I know all of that already (except for the vast inheritance, mmmh that's interesting)
Allison said…
Nice Tag! I think we can tell you might be pretty silly; I see it in your posts. I'm with you on not having a mechanical sensibility--my husband has tried on several occasions to explain to me how the toilet works. I'm still unclear!
Amy A. said…
I think I realized you were sillier than we all suspected when you made your little kitchen movie. You did a twirl or stretch or something that made me laugh.
Anonymous said…
Frogs skeeve me out too, although I try to pretend they don't. I even attempt to pick them up and then jump back when they move. And when looking at them? I get close then can be seen jerking around like I'm being shocked because I'm afraid they will jump in my face.

BUt the worst for me?? Is MICE. I am DEATHLY afraid and I lived in a house that was INFESTED. I lived on the verge of a panic attack for a year, medicated!
Dani said…
Oh, suuure. You link to me when I have up a post with a broken image link. Nice. I'll remember that. ;)

Thanks for playing along. :) Who'd you tag?

Oh, and I need some damn book fair volunteers for tomorrow. Any takers? lol
MsCellania said…
Duly Noted.
alice c said…
skeeve...Great Word...

(note to self - must use in appropriate situations all evening.)
Anonymous said…
The silly part surprised me, as did the no mechanical sense thing. Don't people with no mechanical sense tend to also have no interest in TV shows about mechanical things?
Anonymous said…
Yes, but how do the mushrooms feel about YOU?
Miz S said…
Aren't you afraid you're going to start that whole "movies blackbird hasn't seen" conversation again?
Caterina said…
My fav old black & white war movie - All Quiet on the Western Front. Gives me chills thinking about it.
Anonymous said…
LOVE the Deer Hunter, I wasn't crazy about the other three.
Mrs. G. said…
I have a similar relationship with mushrooms.
Anonymous said…
I have not seen any of the movies that you list either.

I like frogs when they are over there and I am over here.

I have never heard the word skeeve, but am very pleased to add it to my vocabulary.
Anonymous said…
I love that you can be silly. Sometimes that is the only thing that can save one's sanity.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Middle, you slay me every time.

Really? Frogs?

Have you seen The Longest Day? I've seen it 15 times. Can quote long sections.
KPB said…
SPR and Platoon are awesome. But then again, I do love Will Ferrell, so what would I know.

You know my stance on Mythbusters.

My dad once kept me in the water for four hours trying to teach me to waterski, incredulous that I couldn't.

Men in berets skeeve me out.

Mmmm mushrooms.

Oh no, we all know you're silly.