photos from lunch time, again


Isn't this a great building? It's around the corner from where I work and some lucky devils have a view of the top of it from their offices, down the hall from me. I'll show you my view later.

fruit man

This is the fruit man at the end of my block. He's there all day. Bananas are thirty five cents each. I think that's a pretty good deal and sometimes buy one to take to the office with me. I'm pretty sure if I brought a banana from home that it would get squishy in my bag.

Here's where I ordered those flowers for my co-worker.

florist 1

The rose the florist gave me lasted for week.

fast food

It sure smells good near this truck, but I haven't been brave enough to try anything yet.

<span class=

Perhaps you'd like to peruse some vintage LV luggage during lunch hour? It's right downstairs.
Not for me. I wandered into the restaurant, got a bowl of minestrone and caught up on some blogs.

And I read some of this:

terrible book

But it's okay - I've mastered the program I'm using - though I will still have to deal with the dreaded POWER POINT. Ack.


Anonymous said…
Oh I so enjoy these lunchtime strolls with you. And gee, you are way ahead of us here at my job. We just finished upgrading to Office 2007--and you are already on 2008. But I'd stab my eyes out if I had to read about it. Anyway, don't worry, bb. Power Point isn't so bad.

Badger said…
Both of my kids are proficient in Power Point. Apparently they teach it in the schools these days. I've never even used it, myself.
That One said…
I knew PowerPoint enough to get by before they went and changed it. Now I can't figure out how to do anything.
Blackbird, I haven't commented in such a very long time here, but I have to tell ya, Powerpoint can be your friend...I used to hate it until I realized how to manipulate it to do what you want it to do, now I can create many very unique things in Powerpoint. But, I'm a techie geek. BUT, what I'm gonna tell you is EASY.

Customize your backgrounds ... this is so much fun.... Pick a picture, any picture, add it to your powerpoint slide - modify the picture properties so the picture is in the background, change the contract and the brightness - so that it's more like a watermark (think it's something like brightness 75/contrast 35 but play with the numbers) now make all of your slides ... I can get into many more details and send more specifics if you are interested.

If you need help, I'm only an email away. Promise.

I can help you to like powerpoint.
Allison said…
What a fabulous building. I really appreciate these snapshots from your lunchbreaks!
Allison said…
OH! And where is your old blackbird avatar / drawing??!! I am a creature of habit and I miss it!
tut-tut said…
BB: if a bird could shed a chrysalis, I think you're doing it.
Duyvken said…
I adore bananas but we're all about mangoes right now. I love city fruit stands, there's something so vibrant and 'living' about them.
Sarah said…
Thank you for your daily shots and anecdotes of The Big, um, City.

WV: lnbbherp -- The sound one makes soon after dining at The Brothers L&C Latin Fast Food.
Stephanie said…
Try the latin fast food...I bet it's awesome. :)
Anonymous said…
I'm with Badger in that my children are very proficient with PowerPoint, and alas, I am not.

I have stolen that great tip from i am a tornado, though, and will dazzle the socks of those superior children of mine. Thanks, tornado!

Minestrone is the only soup I truly love. Excellent choice.

ErinH (word ver=bbyhn) heh.
Anonymous said…
Your lunchtime makes for interesting reading. Mine makes for voluminous eating.
Mary said…
That tornado is a good woman.

And I just love these glimpses into your world atm.

That florist looks the business!
sara said…
I think you're probably going to like Powerpoint once you get used to it. Trust me, if you can figure out Blogger, Powerpoint will be a snap.
Anonymous said…
Anybody for vintage Vuitton? Anyone?
Well, I'll go by myself...I couldn't see much in the pic and Bb was so kind as to show us the way
Saoirse said…
Ditto on the Powerpoint comments above--it's easy peasy once you get the hang of it. You'll be blowing their socks off in no time. If you can do THIS (blog), PPT will really be a piece of cake for you!

LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the pictures around where you work.
I am drooling over the vintage LV!
I would be signing over my weekly paycheck to that store-JUST SAYING!
Lifeofkaylen said…
Love the fruit guy--how very convenient, cause I'm with you-bananas get mushy when put in a bag with other things so I rarely eat them away from home.