not with a blind man - on the cell phone

This -

is one of my favorite scenes in Amelie (though I have many) and exactly how I felt, yesterday, rushing around during my lunch hour whilst on the phone with K...

I had, the day before, spied a dry cleaner/tailor just down the street from my office building. I went back with two pairs of pants which needed to be shortened and was amused to see that the entire facade of the store had been removed.


With the store completely open to the street, I was ushered into a curtained area, I changed into the too-long pants and the tailor measured for new hems. Even more astonishing: they were ready four hours later and it cost the same amount as having it done near my home where the sewing would have taken a week.


I like to take a deep sniff when I pass these flowers. I bought red and purple ones for the woman I have replaced. She has been very patient with my questions. My many questions.

nice jars

I am admiring those jars in the window across from my building. I have two big window sills in my office - but what would I put in those jars? Fake snow I'm thinking.

<span class=

I must remember to get a report on the cupcakes at this cafe. They don't look that good but I could be wrong.


I was hoping I could find someone to cut my hair near my job as the woman who does it near my house is okay, but someone in town might be better...but not at these prices. Haircuts start at $98.

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Is this the falafel cart my boss mentioned? It smells great but my appetite is so small I could never finish one of their sandwiches.

hot plates

I was walking too fast to see what it was like inside - but I love this sign.


Someone is always digging/inspecting/working in a hole.


The weather was good. The nannies were out in force.

thrift shop

I'd need an entire hour for this thrift shop - it's very large. The window displays are terrific, those vases are suspended with fishing line. Very clever.

Five dollar <span class=

The five-dollar-pashmina-man has messenger bags and backpacks at the moment. I wish I had known that before I bought my small black leather bag.

Potato restaurant

The baked potato place sells only baked potatoes! Heaven. There are, probably, twenty toppings available and the potatoes come in a sturdy brown paper box with a smaller box of salad within. I could live on baked potatoes.

What did I miss showing you?
The fabulous old store front with the sign over the door that reads: HARD TO FIND ITEMS.
The ice cream trucks which are on every corner.
The paper store. Yes! A paper store.
The long line of people who wait, nearly every day, to be let into sample sales.

But it's only my second week!


Mary said…
I adore Amalie.

I LOVE these photos of your life.

I find them deeply satisfying!
Anonymous said…
I love seeing the city through your eyes.
Duyvken said…
Thanks for taking us to work with you, I am enjoying seeing your town this way!
And I also love Amelie, so much so that when my supermarket mispelt my name on my loyalty card I didn't correct them. I like being Amelie in Franklins and Amelia everywhere else :-) If only I looked like Audrey Tautou with a blunt cut fringe, sadly it just makes me look like one of those androgynous Ikea designers they feature in all their catalogues.
Badger said…
I wonder how many takes it took for that kiss.

And look at you, so cosmopolitan in your cute coat and bag! You're going to make it, after all.
Anonymous said…
Ahhh, what I wouldn't give to live over there.
Thank you for lettign me live it through your beautiful self.
Amy A. said…
Wow. You sure pack a lot into your lunch hour.

Maybe you could find a barber shop. They probably know just what to do for your cute pixie cut and would be way less expensive.
I LOVE going on these walks with you.
For the second morning in a row, I'm sitting here drooling over cake.
smalltownme said…
That was nice.

I need to watch Amelie again.
Mrs. G. said…
I adore all your photographs. I can just feel the energy on the streets. You fill those cool jars with Hersheys kisses and jelly beans and you will be the most popular employee in the joint.
Wendy said…
I want to check out that thrift shop. But how to get the stuff home?
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing your new life. It is so exhilarating!!

Anonymous said…
I am pea green with envy. Your new day life is simply exhilarating. Please keep those photos coming.

I want one of those jars too. I would put all of my used post-its in it instead of tossing them in the recycling bin. How pretty all of the pastel post-it colors would look together in that cavernous jar on my desk.

barbra said…
I loved, loved, LOVED this glimpse into your new world!

So much to ponder... a thrift store with beautiful window displays, a baked potato place ... wow.
MsCellania said…
Ah, so satisfying, this new life of yours!
Yes, I love Amelie ... and you know what, your attitude about life reminds me of that movie ... it's a fit.
JJ said…
i adore amelie. and you! thanks for taking us with you as you explore and wander.
Anonymous said…
That's a thrift store? My house should look so thrifty. Absolutely love the photo of you taking the photo. You look simply smashing, bb.
Can you believe I've only seen that movie one puny time?
Pas, mon ami, celui n'est pas assez.
Thank you for the walk-about.
MizMell said…
Lucky you! After a walk like that you're bound to return to work rejuvenated. How nice of you to share the photos.
KPB said…
I'd doonk my head on those vases every single time. Although, I KNOW, they're just a display ... as opposed to a design idea. Aren't they?

I'm back!

So much catching up. I may just have to kill you with a tray.
Annagrace said…
Baked potatoes and Amelie...perfect.