Middle's new coat

It's been at least two years.
Middle needed a new coat.
He did some research and chose this:

the Quantum Jacket!

new coat

It's not just any black jacket. Oh no.


And, if that wasn't enough, it has the following features:



I like the "versatile clip."

The website provides this handy x-ray:

<span class=

and this inside-out photo:

inside out

and the jacket came with 28 color coded cards describing each and every function of each and every pocket.

many pockets

Middle is very very pleased with it,

PAN system

and his PAN is all wired up.


Anonymous said…
Well thank goodness the zipper pulls are ergonomic! :-)

It's a handsome coat and I'm sure he looks wonderful in it.
Anonymous said…
Well, I am having trouble even reading the features, forget about understanding what they are.
Looks smashing though.
Angela said…
I could not have this coat, because I would have to laminate those color coded cards and keep them in the pockets to help me remember each pocket's name. "Hey! Wait! Don't put your socks in my (fumbles for laminated card) PubPocket! That's for my leftover bangers and mash! Socks are clearly intended for the (fumbling some more) No-Bulge Pockets! (Or even the ZIP-PIP, I suppose. Would socks fit in a ZIP-PIP?)"
Anonymous said…
....now where did i put my keys?......

Jennifer said…
That's one sweet coat!
Jennifer said…
P.S... I tagged you
That One said…
Holy cow! I have serious pocket envy.

I don't know what it is, but I want a PubPocket.

KPB said…
Drats, those no-bulge pockets mean I'll never be able to ask inappropriate questions like 'is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?'

So relieved the zipper pulls are ergonomic.
Allison said…
Hmmm. Does the "My Memory" function help him remember into which pocket he placed his

mini video camera

Stephanie said…
awesome. truly awesome.

Dani said…
I feel like I would need to take a weekend course on what to do with each pocket.

I'm also afraid that my boys would never find their lunch money, lol!

Cool looking coat, though! :)
Jen said…
I can hardly believe coats even come without a stylus pocket! I mean, where do people put their styluses (styli, styla?) if they don't have one?

Love the jacket - very James Bond, it's not an SeV Quantum jacket, it's Quantum of Solace jacket.
Anonymous said…
I would very much like a jacket with a "weight management system." I might even wear it in the summer.
barbra said…
Holy Moly, these kids today!

My word verification is "talint." BB, you've got talint! (As in "talent," not "the lint" - snort.)
Anonymous said…
I love that he picked that coat out and that he was able to get it.

Remind him for me not to accidentally leave it anywhere. I fear it would never make its way back to him. And we would be crushed.

Geggie said…
I need a new coat, but this is a little too gadgety for me! Great for middle though.
Anonymous said…
Even our clothing multi-tasks. Gee.
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha - boys and men the world over are the same!

Here TKMaxx has been made to remove from sale a jacket with integral knife!!!!
Nice coat, but will he be electrocuted if he gets caught in the rain?
Kathy Rogers said…
Eyeglass chamois?!

Does it have it's own pocket?
Duyvken said…
I need a photo of the water hydration system pocket... priceless.
Middle is all set for when the secret service come calling :-) Makes me wonder if he enjoyed the Alex Rider books when he was younger? Now I have to try to keep this info away from my darling gadget happy husband because I know he will want one of these.
Anonymous said…
Right ON! I own a ScottEVest jacket and its one of the best skiing accessories I've ever paid(Top dollar) for. Lasts for years. Not terribly warm on really cold days but also fits well over fleece or powder jackets. Tell Middle-to keep the sleeve velcro from hooking onto the mesh liner, buy anout 2" of velcro per sleeve to cap off the tab ends. It really helps keep the frustration level down, also helps you to keep from accidentally hookong on to knits, lacey things, cats, smell children w/ curly hair, etc.
A most excellent treasure!
Anonymous said…
Good grief! My typing sucks tonight. Sorry 'bout that, you know the reason....
Anonymous said…
Ha, that was a laugh. The jacket is great, right now it's got my ipod, gloves, a bandana, sunglasses (and case), school ID, a few bucks, a book, a headlamp, my headphones, some index cards for something I'm working on, and my house key.

oh, and the "stylus" pocket, is a good place to hang sunglasses.

Anonymous said…
I admire Middle's research skills, truly. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and all that. That Quantum of Solace Jacket, by which title it shall from this day be known as, couldn't be matched with anyone else so perfectly. Well done, Middle. And a high five to the guider for a most excellent naming.
Jen said…
Velma said…
I love this coat. The possibilities are endless! My imagination reels at the options!
jordi said…
I had to send the link to this post to my adult son. He will love, desire, lust after this coat. D.despite being years older than Middle they are twins separated at birth. It does not evoke lust in me, but I don't have things to put in those pockets and where do the dog poop bags go?
Sending positive vibes.. and just leave the sweaters somewhere that I can pick them up, along with the armlength specifics....