a meme of sorts

- from RW...

outside my window: it's early, gray, warm and damp.

daily rhythm: I'm up first, nudge Middle and Youngest, make their lunches, drive them up the road to school, hop on the scooter and am off on the train. It's all new.

I am thankful for finding a job that I think I'm going to love, for having K bring me a cup of coffee each morning, for my children adjusting to this change.

In the kitchen there are two pots on the stove from last night.

Breakfast - I'm not sure yet. I have been skipping meals and it's starting to catch up with me.
I haven't found the perfect breakfast near work yet.

Lunch - ditto, though there are some fabulous aromas coming from one particular street vendor near my office. My boss professes to be the expert on the cheap lunch, I need to pick his brain.

Supper - well, that's the big question, isn't it? We are still working on what kinds of suppers fall into our new rhythm.

I am wearing jeans (unusual, I know, but I am doing some office cleaning and I am very well accessorized) and a black tee shirt.

I am creating myself all over again.

Bringing beauty to my home
by putting some mums in the wagon on the lawn.

I am reading the newspaper on the train! Next to my husband!

I am hoping I'm not too tired at the end of each day.

Around the house it's very quiet.

Making plans ALL THE TIME.


Anonymous said…
Bb in jeans. Shock.
This whole new rhythm brings you close to K for longer than before, isn't that sweet?
Don't skip meals, it's NOT healthy.
Your momma Paola
Ps It's already Friday,
Wendy said…
"I am creating myself all over again".

I think I want to put that on a note on my mirror so I see it each morning.
Dani said…
I didn't think you owned jeans. Seriously.

I'm loving each daily post watching you grow into, what seems to be, your 3rd life. It's very exciting to follow along.

Oh, and I'm stealing this meme. :)
barbra said…
Wow, yours is very different from what mine would be.
Anonymous said…
That was nice. I like that you seem to be allowing yourself and your family time to adjust, and that you seem calm about it. Dinners not quite worked out yet? That's okay. Not sure about what to do about breakfast during your first full week of work? That's okay too. It will happen.

Anonymous said…
Yes, the job is wonderful. The house is quiet. The jeans are on. The self is being created. Question. Have you visited Eurolush lately? Come on over. I'll give you something to eat, you skinny thing.
Anonymous said…
You write with such a Zen-like calm.

You must be very soothing to be around.
Anonymous said…
Jeans and a black T? Wow, BB, you are reinventing yourself!
Mary said…
You almost make me want to find some paid employment.

I might just stick to the gardens for a while longer though!
Jennifer said…
It could be a "that time of year" thing with the not knowing what to have for meals. Well that's what I'm blaming for myself anyway ;)

Do mums need lots of sunlight? Because I planted some in our front garden and they are not doing so well. :(
Anonymous said…
How fun that you get to ride the train in with K! I have fond memories of LB and I commuting together on BART, many years and cildren ago.
Geggie said…
You sound so happy! And I'm glad for you.

(I swiped your meme.)
Unknown said…
It sounds like you are having fun. How terrific! (I mean if it were me it this would be fun).