live blogging from lunch

I've got a bowl of carrot ginger soup, some iced tea and a hunk of bread.
I'm downstairs from my office at a cafe.
This is really the first time I've left the office and sat down with some food - I haven't felt comfortable doing it before now...and I MAY have to put on my headphones as I am sitting next to a group of loud talkers who are discussing how much they hate their jobs. I don't recognize them though, so they don't work with me, and it looks like they may leave soon.
Oh GOD, they've just started talking about Producers - now I have to pay attention in case they are people K might of them has a tag on. They aren't film people. WHEW.

Anyway. I think I'm on top of the giant spreadsheet/calendar project and I *think* it's accurate. Fortunately, another assistant has been helpful and spotted two tiny errors which were easily corrected.

This cafe is funky and bright and has a continuous loop of surfing video which is relaxing. It's French, which is no shock as many of the dining establishments around here are either French or fancy or stands on the street. The lady behind the counter wears a scarf on her head and a dress every day and everything is clean and white and I just might have to become a regular as I am liking this soup.
Ladies at the next table? Now complaining about co-workers. Headphones? Upstairs, I've just realized.

I'm starting to learn which co-workers are good to turn to if I need help with something and I'm also starting to be able to figure out more and more on my own. I still have occasional moments of panic - I haven't been conditioned to think in terms of schedules and meetings and half hour increments and it's taking a while to convert my thought process. I was going to say that you could ask me what is on the calendar for the afternoon and I wouldn't know, but IN FACT, I do!
There is something at 2:00 and something at 3:00. I know this doesn't seem like a major accomplishment, but combine it with learning 100 new faces and locations of offices and who works for who and what their job is and it feels like a lot.

The Tuvalu schools are closed today, as they will be for many more days between now and Christmas and it's making me a little crazy. My kids don't necessarily need to be supervised all day but I'm not completely comfortable with them being un-supervised for so many days.
I may actually take a day sometime next month when they are home. K was given today off which worked out well. Of course, because I am working full time, he has been working six or seven days a week. When it rains, it pours and it's been raining and pouring.

Loud-talkers, done and gone.

It's Survivor night tonight and my mom is bringing over a brisket.
If I can manage it I will post the recap in the morning.

The best couple just arrived at the table next to me...they have a teeny baby and the dad is wearing a wonderful black skinny suit - but not so skinny that it connotes Thom Browne (a difficult look to pull off) and the mom is adorable and edgy.
I'd love to report on them further - but it's just about time to go upstairs.

Eurolush can breathe again.


Allison said…
OK, I would love to be referred to as adorable and edgy! Loud talkers can really put a damper on an otherwise nice lunch. Over 100 faces to get to know and coordinate their schedules? Sheesh!! GOOD LUCK! (I'm sure you can do it, and with a smile, no less!)
Badger said…
I want to have lunch with you every day.
Anonymous said…
TGITH. And TGYP (or, Thank God You Posted). Now we can relax.

Your lunchtime tale was a very nice slice of life. And your selections sounded delicious.

tut-tut said…
I can see you fitting right in with the edgies at the next table.

I understand you conundrum. Teens are hard let completely loose, aren't they? A worry. Why can't they just hole up at the library?
Amy A. said…
I would like to cultivate the adorable and edgy look. How does an almost 40 year old do that? It sounds like it might take years of practice and I WANT IT NOW!

Projects are the key to unsupervised children. Set them to bread baking and movie making and expect results. Also, if you let them sleep in, half the day is gone that you don't have to worry about. :P
Anonymous said…
Ah, I love this post. It's just like a hello ma and dad from camp post.

You make sure you don't skip lunch and try to make friends, k?

Cause we all know how hard it is for you to make friends....
Mary said…
Could this become a regular feature?
Jennifer said…
It's so interesting to hear of the surroundings of ones time to sit and just observe.
Anonymous said…
I'd like to think if I was your co-worker, you could always turn to me for help with anything.

But the reality is, I don't know shit!

I'm just here for the carrot ginger soup is all.
Anonymous said…
If I close my eyes I can breathe the big town air, the thrill of it all, I can see those edgy funky people and there, I see you too, beautiful as usual.
(you will excuse my small paranoia about your town...)
Jess said…
Love your description of the cafe - wish I were there. Isn't it such a relief at a new job when you know which coworkers you can chat with/interrupt/ask for help and they'll be happy to help you? Glad you're reaching that point.

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