I'm a beauty hacker

...and I just posted about turtlenecks.


Badger said…
But I thought we busty gals were not supposed to wear them? Because they make it look like we could tuck our boobs into our pants? Please advise.
Anonymous said…
I've been in turtlenecks for WEEKS already. Weeks, I tell you.

However, one can never have enough turtlenecks. We've established that. It's fact.

There are jewel tones and wool blends to purchase! There are ones with ruching at the neck! Ones in heavelnly rich colors! Work horse turtlenecks! Longer cut turtlenecks! Aiiiiii!

And, let us not forget luxurious... J. Crew Cashmere! J. Crew Cashmere! I love you, J. Crew Cashmere! I want to marry you! I want to have your soft cashmere turtleneck children, in all the colors of the rainbow!

PS-I did not know you were a beauty hacker. I thought you were just a computer hacker.

Did you think I wouldn't notice that all that stuff purchased with my stolen credit card info. ended up in Tuvalu?
Anonymous said…
I am so glad Badger left that comment. I need to know that same information. I enjoy turtlenecks, just not how they make my 5'2" big busted body look.

I'm so glad things are going well for you with the new job and the family while you work.