four more years

Teena in Toronto wished me a happy Blogaversary today!
I didn't even realize - I've been posting here for four years.
I've never gotten a comment from Teena before, I dont' think, and was all smiley when I got hers this morning.
Four years. It sounds like a long time - and so much has happened.

Then I went to work and got an awfully nice note from my boss (who was out today) and I just turned into a bowl of mush. It took me a while to get myself together and settle into work. I finished the big spread sheet thing I was doing (which, now that it's done, is so trivial that I can barely believe how daunting it seemed earlier in the week) and I dealt with some emails and spent some time with a couple of assistants I like.
My next task was to order some flowers.
One of the only other people in my office who lives near Tuvalu has a birthday next week. My job? Order flowers to be delivered to her desk. Those of you who know me know that this is a perfect little job for me. After perusing the internet for a few minutes I went downstairs and over one block to the florist that K had send my lavender. I spent some time choosing flowers that I thought my fellow Tuvaluan would like and was very pleased. This particular co-worker has been especially good to me this past week - she has answered questions and made me feel at home and never once played into my insecurities at my new job, in short: she's a gem. We finished up the order, to be delivered Tuesday morning, and the florist handed me a rose.
Once again, I felt pretty mushy.

I was busy for the rest of the late morning and early afternoon and then I hit the wall. People I needed to see were out for the day or on extended lunch breaks...and then I remembered that M (who I work for) had suggested I leave early. SO I DID.
I put some things in order for a Monday morning meeting and took the 3:25 train home.

The exciting thing about the 3:25 is that one rides with school kids. I haven't seen city school kids in a long time and there was plenty to see.
I also managed to overhear a fellow commuter's American Express card number with its security code and expiration date - and I would LOVE to place a hefty order with it just to spite today's Rider Of Shame. Good god. Who has a cell phone convo on the train and gives their credit card number? I'll tell you who - the lady sitting in front of me. So, Deborah D.? You are lucky I am a nice person...and you'd better hope everyone else in our train car is nice too or you are going to have HELL TO PAY.

I got home at about 4:30.
Oldest had several tales of woe to tell me and we had a good talk. It's not easy being too old to live with your parents and too broke to move out. This too shall pass.

So, that's it. Four years blogging. Two weeks working.
An audience I love.
A boss who appreciates me.
Nice co-workers.
Good kids.

And my dear husband is about to arrive home.
I'm hoping to go apple picking tomorrow...and I'll probably tell you all about it.

It's great being here.


littlemissme said…
Happy anniversary! I have been following you for...two years now, possibly? and I enjoy your 'voice' thoroughly. It's gentle, and content. Your boys seem so lovely and your family dynamic balanced. Blackbird, can I be you when I grow up?
Mrs. G. said…
Jeez! Four years? You're an old timer. Congrats.
Fannie said…
Happy Four Years! And your boss sounds like a gem too!
smalltownmom said…
It's so nice, refreshing even, to hear of someone who's in a happy place right now. Congratulations, on both the 4 years, and on your new job.
Amy A. said…
This makes me feel mushy.

Thanks for sharing bits of your life with us. And happy Blogoversary!
Wendy said…
Four years! I feel like I've been reading you forever though.

My blogoversary quietly passed this week too. One year. Hard to believe.
kt said…
Happy 4th!

Glad you're liking (and sharing) the new routine. Enjoy your apples.
Tina said…
Happy Anniversary! Glad you had such a wonderful day. Hope your weekend is just as good or better...
alice c said…
I am so glad that you are here, writing.
And that you are happy, there in Tuvalu.
You have earned it.
Dani said…
I love this post! It's so full of... *everything*. All positive stuff, too. Love it. :)

Happy Blogaversary!
Anonymous said…
This brought me through your archives looking for "that" shot which attracted me to reading your blog every single day since. It was June 2006 so I realize nwo that I have to go read 2 years worth of blog because I've missed the previous 2.
I say alleluja to the day you decided to go back to work. You sound so mighty fine it make sme happy.
Buon blogeanno!
Anonymous said…
Miz S said…
Ah. I feel for Oldest. Sasha is in much the same position.

4 years, huh? I'm glad I know you, even if it's just through your blog.
Eleanor said…
Eurolush is in Paris and therefore temporarily out of the comment box,so I am going to take the liberty of wishing you a happy Blogaversary from both of us - two women from different backgrounds and countries who were brought together by a little blackbird and have been having SO MUCH FUN ever since.

Thanks bb.
The happiness was just shining all over this post.
I'm so glad I found you. You are #1 on my blogroll every morning with my coffee.

Happy Blogaversary!
Julia said…
Happy Anniversary!!
Badger said…
Dude! Happy bloggiversary! I missed my fourth. I think it was this past July. Or maybe June? I dunno. You were one of my first commenters, yo.
Lauri said…
Let me just say that you inspire me to really look hard and find the small wonderful things that go on around me every day. I haven't been reading for the entire 4 years, but boy do I look forward to looking at life through your eyes....thank you, thank you, thank you for encouraging us all to appreciate what life has to offer - your thoughts will be going through my head all day....It is great being here....
Wendy said…
Happy Blog Anniversary, Blackbird.
I love your wisdom and insight. I only skip your Survivor entries because I don't watch the show...I do like the scripted drama on Project Runway.
Carol said…
I'm so happy that you're so happy.
Anonymous said…
Happy blogaversary! Four years is a lot of posts, especially for someone who posts as regularly as you. Bravo! I have been reading you for about 2 years. It was your series of posts about wine that caught me -- some knitblogger linked to you, and I have been checking out say la vee ever since. Good times, yo. (I learned to say that from Badger.)
Sarah O. said…
Happy blogaversary! And you totally deserve all the kudos and niceness that come your way.
laura said…
Happy Anniversary!
Your happiness shines through in your post and it is wonderful to feel it.

You are my first read every morning. I don't have as much time to comment anymore, but my day would not be the same without my daily bb. Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully with all of us.

Have a fabulous weekend. We're going apple picking too. Can you believe this gorgeous weather!
Jennifer said…
WOW has it really been four years already! I believe I have been around for all of them!

I can't remember the last time some one made me feel mushy like that.
Anonymous said…
We went apple picking today, thanks for saving me from two bridges and a ride upstate. The apples are great, there's an apple crisp baking in the oven as we speak, from a fantastic cookbook comprised of a family members favorite collection. ahem.

And for the first time since april, things a pretty good here too.
Tuli said…
Dearest bb,
Happy 4th blogiversary! Here's wishing you many more.


PS - SO GLAD you are enjoying your new job. Love hearing about the goings-on from someone who is happy to be where they are. :)
Happy blogoversary :)

Four years! Wow!
Just Plain Jane said…
You do very fine blog work. Not only is it fun to read, but I admire beyond words to tell it, your clever photography, in contrast to mine in which I spill it all and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

So happy anniversary, your contentment with life is a well deserved reflection of YOU. Thanks for sharing your outlook on things.
Schmutzie said…
My, my, how time flies, hey? Congratulations.
MsCellania said…
I started reading right before your niece got married. I still thought you really lived in Tuvalu and I thought "Holy crikeys; Tuvalu has alot of nice houses and churches and stuff that are all going to be under water..." and then a day later I said AHA - can't be the same place! Well,it could with global warming in the extreme...
OF COURSE you are emotional about your days these days. I'm emotional about your days these days.
You deserve all these good things that are happening for you. You really, truly do.
Annagrace said…
Wow--4 years. I'm finally catching up on Tuvuluan life after weeks away... So glad you're here on this big crazy Web. All good things to you this next year (and not just so I can hear all about it:))
Alice said…
What a nice mushy day!


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