blouses from the wine store

I went to the wine store AND THEN I went shopping for blouses. When was that? Ten days ago? Two weeks ago?

Looking at them now, I realize they aren't really blouses per se.
I don't think blouses are knits.

cowl neck

These are knits.

with a bow

And I bought them.

This one -

<span class=

is good with my eyes. A little neck-y though.

see through

I did not buy this gray one as it was transparent.

I'm just keeping you up to speed. I expect my readership is dropping precipitously.

Things are humming along at work and at home.
At work, I've been preparing a huge spreadsheet for a business trip - it covers five people's appointments for four days in half hour increments AND I may have mastered answering the phone and transferring the call. Go ahead and laugh. My predecessor never answered the other line and transferred the call and, therefore, could not show me how to do it. The trial and error has been humbling.
At home, the boys have risen to the occasion. I won't bore you with details but the dishwasher has been unloaded, laundry has been schlepped, rides have been procured and school has been walked home from. They've been very patient fielding my phone calls too as I like to check in with them late in the afternoon.
I need to mention my mom too...she lives nearby and has made herself available to get me from the train, shuttle the kids back and forth, and has brought dinner. It's pretty terrific knowing she can fetch a sick kid if I need her to or will be there to drive them home in the pouring rain.

Anyway. Humming. Humming along.


Anonymous said…
Someone's up early...
Anonymous said…
See, all is falling into place, as I would normally have excpected.
Mary said…
Thank goodness for your mother.

So not bored. So not dropping off.

So wishing I had the body to wear those knits/blouses.

So wanting to know what you think of typepad versus blogger versus wordpress for the purposes of presenting more gardens next year.

So know you are incredibly busy!
Duyvken said…
I love virtual shopping. Now that I am laden with a double stroller and a 3 year old with inexplicably sticky fingers it's the only shopping I get to do! I always used to hold my breath when I was transferring calls... I wonder if I'll break that habit when I go back to work.
afc said…
i'm enjoying your revamped material! but i got hungry for the baked potato place ... and vowed to stop in for one next time i'm in that area.
Eliane said…
I never dropped from your readership, I just am as professionally successful as you, and have therefore little time for commenting though. But I did want to say that I love necky, and feel claustrophobic in turtlenecks. And they make me look fat. Turtlenecks require thin necks and no boobs.
Dani said…
Bored? Pshaw.

Swear to God... I had a dream a about shirt/blouse shopping last night because I need some in a bad way. (It's amazing what a 12 pound loss will do to your boobs and therefore the way your shirts fit.) My fave is the second one you have up and I don't normally do bows.

Your mother is the bomb. :)
Anonymous said…
Humming along is good. Humming along is life.
RW said…
I am glad to hear that things are transitioning smoothly.
I want #2 and #3.

Turtlenecks make my neck itch. Luckily I now live where it's too warm to wear turtlenecks.

My boss wrote a profound fashion memo the other day. "Color does NOT mean casual. You are still required to dress business professional."
I bought a yellow blouse. It will live under my black cardigan.
smalltownme said…
And how was the wine store?
I do like that 2nd one. Isn't it a grand feeling to watch your family pull together and pitch in? I think that's one of the huge benefits of working parents--everyone bearing & sharing the household responsibilities.
Anonymous said…
oooh I love that short sleeved grey blouse with the neck bow. Certainly a blouse can be knit. It makes it all the more blousy. :)
barbra said…
Blouse #2, I love you and want to ask you an important question.


Will you come live at my house, in my closet? I will pamper you and love you all the days of your life.
Allison said…
I like #2. Can you make a spreadsheet for me detailing the feeding increments for my newborn? Yay for your Mom helping you--I wish my Mom was closer!
Anonymous said…
I could not picture you in "blouses." So I am glad that you have these lovely knits instead. (You could do the transparent one with a camisole under it, yes?) And thanks for clarifying the syntax about shopping for blouses at the wine store.

The spreadsheet sounds intimidating. Transferring calls is fun. Just make sure you give the caller the line they need to reach in case the call is dropped. Next up: Conference calls! You can do it.

Shelly Kang said…
I love all those shirts! Too bad the one was transparent - I wouldn't have bought it either. Actually, I love some of them so much that I would like to buy one for myself, price permitting. Would you mind sharing with us where you got them?

Oh, and I personally am in love with this new stage of your blog. I'm livin' vicariously!
Alice said…
Wait so what makes a blouse? I've always wondered about the particulars...
Fannie said…
How lovely to have your mother there to help ease the transition!
That One said…
I like all the tops - even the transparent one, even though I wouldn't wear it. :)

I used to have to do travel itineraries for my boss. I hated it because I would schedule EVERY ASPECT of his day - from wake-up time to bed time. GAH! Drove me nuts, it did.
alice c said…
I need you to make a spreadsheet of MY day - please schedule in lots of time for lying on the sofa, eating chocolate biscuits and read archive Say La Vee until my eyes go square. It is my ultimate dream.
Anonymous said…
And now for a different point of view...
Judging from the amount of comments here today, I seriously doubt that your readership is dropping off. If you're worried, go back and buy that transparent shirt....I'll pass the word around! :o)

I had a baked potato from Wendy's today. It was awful. Made one yesterday but fell asleep during the debate, totally forgot about until I was at work, ordering lunch today. Seriously bad smell in the microwave! Ugh.
Jennifer said…
Sounds like it's all working out. I'm happy for you. Now you can help me once again and send any good vibes our way. Yes the job that seemed too good to be true turned out to be just that. And now it's searching and worrying and searching. ugh.
Unknown said…
I, too, am wondering from which shop you procured the beautiful knit tops. You probably could've guessed I'd ask.

Inquiring minds with similar fashion sense want to know!!

Glad the new gig is going so swimmingly. You sound very happy, and it makes me vicariously happy to read about it.

I'm hoping the good new job juju will somehow rub off... off you (with plenty left) and onto me, that is. These days, I need all the help I can get.
Stephanie said…
This JUST NOW showed up on my bloglines. how odd.

Anyways, love the blouses, especially the necky one.
Kathy Rogers said…
Verrrry cute. I like the necky one, but that bubble hem would make me look like the Hindenburg.
Rae said…
I love turtlenecks but fall and winter have exited my life for now. Right now it is so hot and humid that I can barely look at the photos. They should include snow in the garment shots.

I love the cute one with the bow. You must look lovely in it.

(I'm not going anywhere...)
Anonymous said…
You have excellent taste..! These blouses are simply gorgeous.

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