baked goods


In a grand, sweeping, luxurious mood we went to the bakery on Saturday morning.
(Those small checkerboard cookies are the best ones.)


I chose a cherry danish and a palmierre.
Later, while I was out, Middle ate the palmierre. It's a good thing I like him.
The cherry danish at our bakery has pastry cream underneath the cherries. The cream plays well with the sour cherries and there's a sweet glaze on top. It's just about perfect.
But that's not what I like best about going to the bakery -


I like to look at the special orders at the bakery.


I like to see whose birthday it is and who is getting married and who is celebrating a baby.


I can't help feeling happy when I leave - it was Bob's birthday, Francis Patrick was blessed, and the Ernestos had a beautiful wedding cake.


eurolush said…
Now THIS is my kind of post.
Anonymous said…
OH yeah...aren't we ALL happy when we enter a bakery. Except for spoiled Eurolush up there who has the bakery go to HER.
The Mazel Tov cake looks pretty fine to me too.
Anonymous said…
I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful cakes!
smalltownmom said…
Oh, that all looks so good.
Wow. I've looked for black & white cookies for 30 years and never see them ANYWHERE around here. Clearly I need to move. Your bakery far exceeds anything in Wisconsin.
Anonymous said…
Oh my god, I just had the best cookies in the world. They are so good that a box of 27 small cookies costs $14.99. They are made with whole wheat flour and everything organic and are incredibly delicious.

I am glad they are spendy because otherwise I would be eating them nonstop.

Jen said…
You're a nice Mommy--either that or you're just less territorial about your pastry. Pity the child who dares steal something marked as a Mommy Treat in my house!
Eleanor said…
I knew Eurolush would get to this comment box first.

I was actually first in line, but she pushed ahead of me and then pretended not to see my death stare.

barbra said…
I totally have nothing to say but clicked on the comments to see what Eurolush said! Pastries? I'm sure Eurolush liked this one! And she was first!!

But I do have something to say: I love that the cake shop finally opened in our little town (the sign has been up for MONTHS...)! I love looking at cakes!
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, who was the lucky recipient of the Mazel Tov cake? It is stunning!

MsCellania said…
Wow! If I ever visit Tuvalu, we are straightaway to the Bakery!
Jennifer said…
Oh the bakery is a very very dangerous place for me to go!

Much safer viewing this way though :)
scarlettm said…
Am loving that birthday cake wrapped like a present.
Dude. SO not fair to those of us trying to diet!

Anonymous said…
It is clear to me that nothing from your bakery will ever be seen at
Dani said…
Sure. As I sit here eating Chips Ahoy you taunt me with real baked goods. Heh.
alice c said…
MasterM has asked me to tell you that it is your fault that he had to make a late night dash to the garage to buy chocolate.
Miz S said…
Such artistry at the Tuvalu bakery!

I wish I could see the Mazel Tov cake better. Those sunflowers are so pretty.

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