baked goods


In a grand, sweeping, luxurious mood we went to the bakery on Saturday morning.
(Those small checkerboard cookies are the best ones.)


I chose a cherry danish and a palmierre.
Later, while I was out, Middle ate the palmierre. It's a good thing I like him.
The cherry danish at our bakery has pastry cream underneath the cherries. The cream plays well with the sour cherries and there's a sweet glaze on top. It's just about perfect.
But that's not what I like best about going to the bakery -


I like to look at the special orders at the bakery.


I like to see whose birthday it is and who is getting married and who is celebrating a baby.


I can't help feeling happy when I leave - it was Bob's birthday, Francis Patrick was blessed, and the Ernestos had a beautiful wedding cake.


Anonymous said…
Now THIS is my kind of post.
Anonymous said…
OH yeah...aren't we ALL happy when we enter a bakery. Except for spoiled Eurolush up there who has the bakery go to HER.
The Mazel Tov cake looks pretty fine to me too.
Anonymous said…
I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful cakes!
smalltownme said…
Oh, that all looks so good.
Anonymous said…
Wow. I've looked for black & white cookies for 30 years and never see them ANYWHERE around here. Clearly I need to move. Your bakery far exceeds anything in Wisconsin.
Anonymous said…
Oh my god, I just had the best cookies in the world. They are so good that a box of 27 small cookies costs $14.99. They are made with whole wheat flour and everything organic and are incredibly delicious.

I am glad they are spendy because otherwise I would be eating them nonstop.

Anonymous said…
You're a nice Mommy--either that or you're just less territorial about your pastry. Pity the child who dares steal something marked as a Mommy Treat in my house!
Eleanor said…
I knew Eurolush would get to this comment box first.

I was actually first in line, but she pushed ahead of me and then pretended not to see my death stare.

barbra said…
I totally have nothing to say but clicked on the comments to see what Eurolush said! Pastries? I'm sure Eurolush liked this one! And she was first!!

But I do have something to say: I love that the cake shop finally opened in our little town (the sign has been up for MONTHS...)! I love looking at cakes!
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, who was the lucky recipient of the Mazel Tov cake? It is stunning!

MsCellania said…
Wow! If I ever visit Tuvalu, we are straightaway to the Bakery!
Jennifer said…
Oh the bakery is a very very dangerous place for me to go!

Much safer viewing this way though :)
scarlettm said…
Am loving that birthday cake wrapped like a present.
Pretty Things said…
Dude. SO not fair to those of us trying to diet!

Anonymous said…
It is clear to me that nothing from your bakery will ever be seen at
Dani said…
Sure. As I sit here eating Chips Ahoy you taunt me with real baked goods. Heh.
alice c said…
MasterM has asked me to tell you that it is your fault that he had to make a late night dash to the garage to buy chocolate.
Miz S said…
Such artistry at the Tuvalu bakery!

I wish I could see the Mazel Tov cake better. Those sunflowers are so pretty.