as promised

Yesterday whirled out of control and before I knew it we were eating cake late at night and I hadn't posted.
I took the boys out for sushi.

checking the menu

We did a little of this.

We had some of this -


and some of this -

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and some of this.

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K ordered so much sashimi that we saw them loading it on to one of those wooden boats that they bring to the table...K really hates when people order the boat of sashimi and requested that they NOT bring him his dinner in a boat. So he had it on two giant slabs of wood instead.

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two wooden slabs

It's not a fancy place, but the food is fresh and good and we spent a lot of time laughing. Middle was humming the theme from Godzilla, and we were all making suggestions for his yearbook quote. It still looks like he may go with something from Fight Club.

The boys picked out a giant pannini press/griddle for K for his birthday and we had a quiet evening, but we met in the kitchen later for some of this -

saint <span class=

the creamy, custardy, cream-puff, creme brulleed terrificness that is a Saint Honore.
After a tough week, for a special birthday, with boys you love, I highly recommend it.

middle cake

Happy birthday to my dear dear K, without whom I could never have done All These Things That I Have Done.


Eliane said…
Happy Birthday, K! Don't eat too much.
Dani said…
Aw, what sweet words you have to say to your husband!

The cake looked pretty sweet, too. :)

It looks like a great time was had.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to K!

What a gorgeous cake.
Badger said…
The happiest of happy birthdays to K! That is a hell of a lot of sashimi, yo.
Anonymous said…
...and I am late AGAIN...
We went to a birthday party last night (your afternoon) After that we went to a club and danced the night away until 4AM so I could make sure to REALLY party in your honour.
Anonymous said…
...we shifted our clocks an hour backwords last night! Did you? I don't think so...
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, K!
RW said…
Very happy birthday greetings to your K!

Is the centre filled entirely with cream? That is a lot of cream!
smalltownme said…
Happy birthday to K! That looks like a great dinner and scrumptuous dessert.
Anonymous said…
A belated happiest of birthdays to your K.

In addition, I'm still waiting for my piece o' cake.
Happy Birthday K!

You know we'll need to see pictures of the fabulous panini he'll be making with the new gift!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, K! Guard that sashimi -- I covet it.
Sinda said…
Happy birthday, K!
Elan Morgan said…
Happy belated birthday, K!
Amy A. said…
That is one special looking birthday dessert.

Many happy returns, K.
Anonymous said…
Happy Happy birthday, K! Your dessert looks delicious. Now I'm off to google it and see what it is.
Robin said…
Happy Birthday K.

MsCellania said…
How about Buckaroo Bonzai for the quote:
"No matter where you go, there you are."
Too Done?
Happy birthday, K!
I like your sashami style. Why go with a boat when you can have the entire slab?
tut-tut said…
Happy birthday to your K; and I'm in awe of all the transitioning going on there.
Susie Sunshine said…
Happy birthday, K! I'm so sorry the gaggle wasn't there to help you celebrate/eat your cooking. You just say the word and we're there, sunshine!
Eleanor said…
Happy days to all!!
Miz S said…
I'm late, as usual, but as sincere as all get out. Happy birthday to your K. Hugs to you and yours.
Anonymous said…
Happy one K. And many, many more.
KPB said…
Mmmm sashimi.

Although I've never been able to come at it with the same voracity I could pre-children. Weird.

I need some of that cake.

And I love your family.

And Happy Birthday K!
islaygirl said…
how is it that i've gotten to the age of 38 without discovering a St. honore?

and i love that Killers song, bb.


(my word verification is 'subleto' - is that an italian rental? paola?)
Duyvken said…
I hope you didn't mind me finishing off the St Honore leftovers when you weren't looking. So delish! Happy birthday to K.
Mrs. G. said…
Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!
Pretty Things said…
I love sushi, but I love cake even more.

Happy Birthday, K!