yearbook quotes, an exploration

One day last week, Middle dragged his butt out of bed, pulled on one of his pairs of ratty jeans, buttoned up his dressy blue shirt, tied his tie and donned his prom blazer.
Yes, it was Senior Portrait Day. And Middle's portrait was shot at eight in the morning. I don't have especially high hopes for the quality of the photo - but when was the last time you saw a good yearbook picture?
Anyway, it's done, and now he has to focus on a quote to run below the photo.
We were discussing possibilities last night and I thought I'd run some of them by you....

Kill the body and the head will die.
Hunter S. Thompson

Too negative? Maybe his quote shouldn't be about killing and dying? I don't know - maybe it's just me.

Black as your soul, I'd rather die than give you control.
Trent Reznor

Again with the death? I'm not sure this is the kind of quote one looks back on fondly.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.
Darth Vadar

This one doesn't really read as good as it sounds - with the voice.

What's that smell?
Tyler Durden

The whole quote thing? A work in progress.


Mary said…
When Middle is famous I am not convinced these are the sort of quotes he will want dragged up and out of his yearbook.


Trust me Middle.


An Aussie Aunt
Julia said…
I don't know if you read David Foster Wallace's Kenyon commencement address, but if you did, "Good morning boys, how's the water?" springs to mind as the sort of understated quote that Middle might like.

Here's the transcript for the full version.
Badger said…
I can think of WAY better Tyler Durden quotes than that, yo. But now that I think of it, most of them contain words they probably won't allow in the yearbook.
My daughter chose a song lyric along the lines of....searching the world and never really knowing what you already have.

My son found one that said something about being excellent in one thing rather than dabbling in many things.

I'm sure Middle will find one that suits him perfectly.
Anonymous said…
Would really have to see the picture in order to be able to match a quote. It's hard like this.
I'm sure you'll end up with something slightly less deadly and dark than this, all the while being witty and cool, no?
have a great "real" first day
Amy A. said…
My favorite manly-man quote is from a detective novelist.

"Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid."

Very noir, but a little wordy for the yearbook.

Good luck finding the perfect eight or so words!

And, happy first day at your desk all by yourself. :)
MsCellania said…
Whatever he says, don't let him forget the "Finger Quotes".
In fact
" "
could be an option. Kind of like saying "Who gives a Rat's Ass?"
Oh, wait; he's probably very serious about this.
Never Mind.
Whew! My kids' yearbooks did not have quotes... I shudder to think what they might have said, especially the year Eldest Son had blue hair...
That One said…
I'm sure he'll pick a good one. You'll let us know what he chooses?
Anonymous said…
You get the Darth Vader voice when you read it. I'd go with that one.

As a fan of Nine Inch Nails myself, I wouldn't quote him. He mocks his own performances when he's interviewed, saying he's just having fun.
Gill said…
Have you found ?

Nearly fell off my chair when I saw my one and only's new portrait on Facebook! He'd decided to go for a 1970's look even though he was born in 1985.

alice c said…
MasterM had a whole page in which to convey his personality to the wider world in his Leavers Album. I hope that future employers do not have access to it.
Allison said…
These are all so dark. Is he that much of a brooder? I agree, we need to see the pic to help us.
Anonymous said…
Shortman will pick something from Lord of the Rings. Or possibly GuildWars - the PC edition. (Where PC = Personal Computer and not Politically Correct.)
Pretty Things said…
I can't think of anything for Middle but my personal fav is "That which doesn't kill us had better run pretty damned fast."

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