My Dana Buchman trousers don't fit me.
I was looking forward to having them be my "office pants" but they are in danger of being my "office anklets."
I may or may not take them to the tailor - I might not always be this thin and I'm not sure I want to mess with them.
Anyway, I did the big wardrobe switcheroo (put away all the summer things) and unearthed about 5 outfits that I could sort of wear to work if I wrangle my accessories correctly. I think.
But I was hoping those black trousers would be the backbone, as it were, of my closet.
So I went shopping.
I got:


one of these, reduced and then marked down 25%.

skirt front

This skirt - full price, sadly, but I'm planning on wearing it twice a week for the rest of my life (I always figure Cost Per Wear in my head).

Oh! Here's the best part of the skirt -

skirt back


These are called something like Gallery Trousers. What's up with the names?
Nice pants, someone might say to me and I will respond, with finger quotes, oh, thanks, they are Gallery Trousers! So, yeah, the GT's are about 15 inches TOO LONG on me and now I am going to angst over how much to have them shortened. They were reduced 25%.

white shirt

I bought one of these, but in this fabric

but in gray stripes like this

I'm pretty sure it's the only blouse I own, and it was on sale.


I bought these, though mine don't look so shiny. I've been wearing them around the house. I don't think they hurt my feet but they may make my legs ache. We'll see.

Finally, I got these -

two boots

Back off boot-lickers - favorite this photo and I'LL TAKE IT DOWN, I TELL YOU, I WILL TAKE IT DOWN.

I've been eating this frou-frou yogurt too -

grown-up yogurt

because it's all part of that mature new package I'm putting together. You know, the package which includes lunch that is more than two black olives and a slice of American cheese and then maybe some Peanut M&M's. I don't think people who sit at desks all day being Executive Assistants eat Skittles for lunch, so I'm working on that whole thing too. That's probably why the Dana Buchmans don't fit me anymore - no lunches.

Yep. I've got it all settled.
Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to throw my leg over the scooter in that skirt. Twice a week.


Julia said…
Perfect office clothes, and I particularly like the boots. (I hasten to add that I am not a boot licker, just a boot fan!)
KPB said…
You are just one hot mamma aren't you.

Those boots are hot.

But I'm not the kind to lick them.
Anonymous said…
Side saddle baby...SIDE SADDLE, and with the boots.
I'm jealous. Wish I could wear those boots.
Stomper Girl said…
All right I promise not to lick the boots, but I am salivating slightly about the shoes.
Poppy Buxom said…
Jo beat me to it. Side saddle, and if your weight throws off the balance, use cases of Skittles as ballast.

OK, cases of yogurt.
tut-tut said…
I think you'll look divine.
Anonymous said…
Your new wardrobe is just perfect. Chic, sophisticated, and classic, but not too pretentious or (I hope) uncomfortable.

Don't sweat having the pants altered. Good tailoring is the key and you know you'll get years of wear out of those pants.
RW said…
The detail on the skirt is lovely - I wear my boots to work almost every day as we had temperature issues - it is freezing most days.
Nora :) said…
I love the boots, and the shoes. Great choices!
Anonymous said…
Me likey all that.
Got the same detail on a skirt of mine.
As per scooter rides, Jo and Poppy got it right, side saddle. That's what I do when rifing in the back of the scooter with a tight skirt. So 50's chic.
Anonymous said…
I commend your fashion choices.

But I'm still not ready for you to go back to work.
Amy A. said…
Everything is just wonderful. I love it all.
Anonymous said…
You made such classic, perfect choices. I love the oxfords, I love the boots. You are going to look so sharp, so modern, so like you've been doing this for years!

Now tell us about your accessories.

Oh, the boots *sigh*
Could you throw on some comfy pants to ride the scooter and bring the skirt to change into?

And what's wrong with Peanut M&M's for lunch?
barbra said…
The skirt is my fave!
Unknown said…
Where exactly did you shop? I love, love, LOVE that skirt!! And the trousers, too.

Very chic. As one always expects with bb.
Grandma Cebe said…
Hey, don't worry about riding the scooter in that skirt. Just add stilettos and you'll be just like the many gals I saw riding around Paris with even shorter skirts. Totally acceptable - well, at least in Paris.
alice c said…
I. have. that. skirt.
I think I just achieved fashion nirvana.
Anonymous said…
I own 4 or 5 blouses and never, ever wear them.

So what did I do Saturday? Buy another.
Anonymous said…
ohh the boots. sit side saddle on the scooter, it'll be easier for me to steal your boots. We enjoyed the sticky note experiment at my house. Now I'm going to show it to my work buddies. see, that's what you do at work all day....
Anonymous said…
I lurve your choices.

You made me buy the J Crew boots - in short length.

You know about muffin tops? When your belly roll sticks over the jeans in that oh so flattering way?

You ain't seen nothing until you see my calf muffin tops hanging over the boots.

Sniff - guess no matter how much weight I lose, Sicilians just can't wear boots!
Magpie said…
I love that black sweater thing.
Caset said…
very very chic.

and that is wonderful yoghurt, though i can only afford it when its majorly on sale sadly...
Anonymous said…
Very sexy skirt, woman. Your work clothes make me a wee bit envious. A wee bit.
I could totally eat the yogurt in my sweats, though.
kt said…
How to throw the leg, she queries?

Simple.....with panache!

(And we know you can do it, too!)
Anonymous said…
Very well done, bb! Those ARE wonderful boots.
Anonymous said…
I am sitting here crying because only ONE of your photos appeared, and I so want to know what blackbird bought for work. Because, you know, she has that exquisite good taste that I totally lack. So I will try to remember to check back when I am on a different, less fussy computer.
Mary said…
What Eurolush said!!


I know that is selfish!
Sarah said…
Why am I drooling over the most matronly shoes evah? Fashion is such a curious thing.
Caterina said…
That skirt...oh that skirt! And those boots...oh those boots!

Beeyootiful :)