Here we are. It's September 1st.
I am aching for fall. I want to put away the summer clothes, send the boys to school and get a job.
Yes, I've brought my thinking around from "thinking about a job" to "getting a job," and this is the month to do it. I await news from earlier interviews and invite you to wring your hands with me.

Youngest attended an orientation meeting and was given his locker assignment, schedule and a dozen donuts. They don't give donuts to all incoming freshmen - he won them in a contest. His notebooks are ready and he seems mildly excited about the new school. I'm sure he'd be more excited but he's 14.

Middle has his schedule too. I'm not sure why he'd even bother going in on "E" days as he has three classes and four periods off, but he's not the type to cut class so I'm not worried about it.
He's been working on the essays required for his college application, and is on his second week of a dairy free diet (no small feat in my house) to help his insides heal from what may have been Salmonella. Remember that fish tank? It was actually an iguana tank and Middle cleaned it and has been quite unwell. He appears to be on the mend.

K is doing a small editing job which we hope signifies the end of a long dry summer. He dug the hole I mentioned last week, on the side of our house, in an attempt to keep his office floor from getting wet during monsoon season. He dug down about eight feet in a trench three feet wide and tarred the foundation which was cracked. Of course, the presence of this hole inspired a film. Middle and Youngest spent a couple of hours in the dark, in the hole, shooting.
It's cute to watch them work together, those two. Middle will come running out of his room with light sabers or odd hats or some other interesting props - he'll shout for Youngest, they'll discuss the plot and costumes and then rush off gathering extension cords and lights and all manner of strange household items.

I made them go food shopping with me the other day. I wanted Middle to choose some milk-free things that he might find appealing and Youngest needed hair gel. They had a good time wandering the aisles, Middle spent a lot of time reading ingredients (milk is in a lot of things!) and were delighted to see an aisle of small toys. They fell in love with and purchased "army" knives. Big plastic things with a toy compass, sheath and little cardboard map. They spent a couple of hours pulling fake knife pranks on each other and showed up at dinner with them clenched in their teeth.
Isn't there something poetic I could say here, about clenching a knife in my teeth? You know, to wrap things up?
Well, that's that then.


Anonymous said…
I think I love your kids. They rock.
Anonymous said…
I'm with Pepperminpatcher: I adore your boys.

As for the rest, everything will be fine, I feel sure of it.
Duyvken said…
They sound like such delightful boys. I hope Middle is back to full health soon. We use soy milk and I would recommend getting the stuff that is stored in the fridge rather than the long-life milk. It's much more palatable for people who are used to cow's milk. And, I'll wring my hands for you when I have a chance!
Duyvken said…
Now I am intrigued - the only things I really like that have dairy in them are baked goods (cakes, etc) and that's pretty easy to substitute. You'll have to do a dairy surprises post sometime now that Middle has had to really contemplate what he does and doesn't like to eat. People in Sydney need to know these things :-)
My nephews were allergic to dairy when they were toddlers. My sister-in-law got a list from a nutritionist that was about 18 pages long. It's not just the milk, it's also the milk proteins.

I also love how your boys get excited about their great ideas.
Anonymous said…
what's funny is that my sons did the EXACT SAME THING when we last went to the grocery store--bought the same plastic toys and came home to play war. Only they had to come along because I didn't want to get a babysitter for an errand and they picked out donuts instead of dairy-free and hair gel.
Dani said…
Well, hell.... The yellow woke me right up! :)

When I hear things about your boys like lightsabers, hats, and props, it gives me insight to my future as a mom of 3 boys. At 13, 9, & 8 that's what mine are like now. It's almost comforting to know ahead of time that it's probably not going to stop any time soon. You're kinda' like my Crystal Ball.

Two more days... and we ship 'em off!
Anonymous said…
I too love your boys, their projects and their working/playing together. Such a wonderful and creative family you have raised!
Anonymous said…
Salmonella? Treat it carefully...those darn tropical animals...I'll never cease to wonder why people keep them in their homes.
What else can I say hat's not been said and can't avoid anyhow?
I LOVE your boys. I guess everyone wishes to have children like yours.
PS my word verifications is UCHAH
he he he
islaygirl said…
i went dairy-free for awhile, and had better luck with almond milk than soy. (don't even ask me how almonds have milk, there are some things i don't ask)

i'm so sorry middle was ill. and thanks for explaining the big hole, i was wondering what that was all about.

alice c said…
I wish I could attend an orientation meeting and get a locker assignment. Then I would know where I was going and where to put my coat when I get there.

Children these days are so lucky... and I haven't even mentioned the doughnuts.

Anonymous said…
Now that just makes me smile...the hole, the props, the spontaneous creativity, the mutual excitement, the seized opportunity. Kind of like seeing the kids have more fun with the boxes the presents came IN.

I shall wring along with you, bb. I'll wring, but not worry, because I believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Anonymous said…
Middle should watch out for whey: it's concentrated milk proteins, and it appears in unlikely places like frozen waffles and vitamins.
Mary said…
Keeping all of your family (who have become precious to me) in my thoughts in this strange old time of waiting and new beginnings...
Jennifer said…
I am patiently waiting for the days to come that I will actually want to bring my kids shopping with me. lol

School starts tomorrow! Good luck to your boys this school year!

September is a great month to start a job. Will send all good vibes your way

Hope Middle feels better soon.
KPB said…
buttercup yellow is such a shiny happy colour isn't it?
Anonymous said…
I'm with alice c, I think I want a locker. And maybe some fall.

But I'm glad you cleared that up, cuz I was gonna say- if they're giving donuts to everyone, a dozen is kind of overkill, isn't it?

Um... not sure how I feel about the real labels. I LOVE your labels.
Susie Sunshine said…
This makes me miss you, him, them, EVERYTHING.

Summer was really good, but it is time for it move on. We'll always have the memories and the sand wedgies......

Real labels among her funny ones are good, people. (ASK ME HOW I FUCKING KNOW!)
barbra said…
I cannot hear enough about those boys and their schemes!
Miz S said…
Group hand-wringing is an important problem solving strategy. I wring, you wring, we all wring together.
Anonymous said…
September will be a good month.
Anonymous said…
Oh my god. I didn't even mention the yellow.


What does this mean?
Anonymous said…
Oh, why the yellow??
My eyes! My eyes!