sunset on the couch

My neighbors got a new couch for their family room and put the old one, torn and sad, out at the curb.
They just missed the garbage collection that day so the couch sat for a few days.
At first it was a little jarring to see a couch sitting out there facing our house, but we got used to it and, on Sunday evening, I called them and invited them to meet us on the couch.


We sat for a while.
We watched the sun setting and chatted and re-capped the explosion.
Neighbors drove past and waved - one jokingly offered the wine bottle he had run out to pick up....

We had a pretty view of our own house.

our house

I might miss the couch when it gets taken away.


Dani said…
Aww. What a sweet neighborly moment you had! :)

(Maybe you should put a park bench out there!)
ingrid said…
lovely. :)
Anonymous said…
You're even a wonderful neighbour. Do you have ANY flaws, woman?
Amy A. said…
I'm surprised that it lasted that long. I'd have thought someone would pick up a free peice of furniture. I, myself, am always looking for shelves by the curb!
Last night I was wandering through your flickr pictures.
I stared at this one! Hmmm, it's a couch, but it's outside?
Thanks for clearing up the mystery!
smalltownmom said…
What a nice evening.
But a fitting farewell to that couch.
Robin said…
Never mind that they should prob CList the couch or something other than dumping it in the landfill... but it looks to be in 100% better condition than my own couch so... maybe send it over here? lol. Seriously.
Fannie Mae said…
Love the picture of your house. Interesting how at night, in the dark, we can view our own home the way a stranger would.
Sharing moments - seems as if you do this more often than most...

I would love to think of things like that. I am not so creative.
Pretty much what Tornado said - I have loved your summer of experiments and spur of the moment creativity!
Scot said…
This poped up today while I was reading your post!

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Would you like to participate in the survey? This survey is being conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings, an independent market research company. Nielsen//NetRatings is a member of the following professional organisations: AMSRS, MRS, ESOMAR, AMRO and abides by their codes of conduct. Privacy policy.

I told them I thought you were a terrible person because you don't like jelly donuts!
Actually, They asked very few questions about your blog. It was mostly about my shopping, reading, movie and computer uasge.
Ree said…
That's so cool. When we lived in a little furnished duplex right before and right after Shortman was born, we moved the couch that was there out to put OUR couch in.

The old couch was on our porch and we LOVED to sit comfortably on the couch. Mr. Hot's ex-wife drove by one night and called us afterwards to tell us that we WERE white trash. ;-)
Jennifer said…
It's odd isn't it... sitting over at your neighbours house looking at what they see everyday of your house. Everything sort of takes on a whole new perspective and just feels weird....

or is it just me?
eurolush said…
How nice that you enjoy spending time with your neighbors.

We shun ours.
Miz S said…
I wouldn't sit on an outside couch. Dogs have been peeing on it, y'know.
Anonymous said…
It would be cool to do a side story with random people like your neighbors. It is neat not to see their faces and imagine the rest. Thanks for sharing!

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